£1 STILA DUPE! Liquid Eyeshadow from Aliexpress


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£1 STILA DUPE! Liquid Eyeshadow from Aliexpress

★★ EXPAND!! ★★
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Hey Girlies!
So everytime i do a review on Aliexpress products i get asked about any reactions i may have had, so just to clarify i did not have any reaction/irritation to my eyes and it is so lightweight i even forgot i had it on throughout the day. LOVE this product!
I hope you enjoy!

WHATS ON MY LIPS: NYX liquid suede ‘Club Hopper’

Use Code Lovable10 For 10% OFF!

S N A P C H A T: TammiLeanne

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Disclaimer: THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED. Sometimes i am lucky enough to receive products from brands as PR or to review but the opinions will always be my own and i never make videos i don’t believe in . Also some links may be affiliate links, I appreciate your support x

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Tammi Clarke

💬 Комментарии к видео

just the ring light looks good sis, I use just the ring light but when I’m with people or for outfit vids I’ll add the other lights in x

Please tell Makeup Revolution to dupe stilla liquid shadows

i think either or is fine, also you can try playing with your camera settings so that the lights will not wash you out

You are bomb! The setting you have looks great!
I found Stila dupes on a site called IkateHouse. They were CHEAP! The brand is NickaK. I bought all 10 colors.

oh my godd you are stunning😍😍please do a makeup collection Xx

you’re 😍😍😍😍 and you look great in both scenarios but yes the improved version does indeed wash out the colouring of your videos. I’ve noticed that with most big name Youtubers. I suggest that you stick with Version No 1 for makeup looks and tutorials and try on reviews. stick with Version No 2 for hair reviews and Q&As and other content that we don’t need to see minute colour detail for

I think what you need is a background change. The lighting with the lightbox is beautiful but i think if you add something on the background eg. a glittery curtain/fairy lights or just something so that it wont look too plain. I your contents but i feel like it needs a bit more details on the settings to bring more shazamm on your videos! love you tammi Nina Zaidi

some videos needs the bright lights like haul, collection, top 10 but when you do a tutorial or first impression the ring light is better

Just order me a few colors! They were aprox $1.50 each for USA. Thanks for a great video!

Hi Tammi ! I didn’t know where to leave the comment. just hope that you will read it. I ordered those eyeshadows and I was very excited once after a month of waiting I got them in the mail. I switched them and smell was awful, like nail varnish. I decided to do an allergy test with them, meanwhile I watched the PopLux video about The unhealthy truth and fake and real makeup. It put me off from trying the cheap and smelly dupe. I read the ingredients list and it wasn’t very promising. I was just wondering, is it only me having concerns ? I also tried Technic Metalix eyeshadow cream for £ 2.5 and that’s beautiful. Can you compare them to Stila eyeshadows ? I love your videos, watch every single one.

I think it looks great with the soft box lights and there’s no shadow behind you like with the ring light but the ring light definitely does allow colors to show up better and more vibrant. I love either and I’m pretty sure I’m just biased because I love everything you do regardless🖤 I think I’ll give these stila dupes a try

Have a look at a shop called Hang Feng on AliExpress. They do a great glittery liquid eyeshadow too. They’re light, not sticky and I’ve had no bad reactions to them 😀

I love the soft box look but the ring light has the more genuine colours so I prefer it. Also great video love u so much xxxx

Just the ring light is good. If you turn on all the other ones, the light reflecting in your eyes is too much.

Ordered 3 straight away also ordered the hengfang one for £1 .56 let’s see aswell. Thanks for you vid .Love them keep it up

actually the ringlight alone is great!!

please review the iconic division palette from makeup revolution

i don’t know why but how about you put a backdrops

it’s just a suggestion🌚

Both lights look good Tammi but Oh My Freakin’ Goddess — that eye shadow.

Yes but I ain’t putting aliexpress on my eyelids. I’m really looking for a dupe 😩😩😩

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