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Find cheap Nike Air Jordan and other cheap basketball sneakers in AliExpress

It seems like Nike Air Jordan sneakers have been around forever. In fact, they have been around for almost three decades and are the best selling basketball sneakers in history.

Everything started in 1984, when a young Micheal Jordan started playing for the Chicago Bulls and signed a million dollar contract with Nike. The famous brand decided to create a sneaker and clothing line inspired specifically by Jordan, before they even knew he was going to become best player in the history of the NBA. As you may already know, the star product of this line were the first ever Nike Air Jordan. It’s been a while since then, but the brand is still going strong with more than 28 Air Jordan models.

No matter how you look at it, Air Jordan are a part of our history. Who hasn’t had them or wanted to have them at some point of their life?

No surprises here: AliExpress has a wide catalogue of Nike Air Jordan, both original and cheaper white brand ones. You can even find well known models such as the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 6 and even the sought after Air Jordan Eclipse.

In today’s post we are going to show you some tricks and give you some advice on finding cheap Nike Air Jordan in AliExpress, let’s get right to it!

How to find original Nike Air Jordan in AliExpress

If your at all familiar with AliExpress you might already know about it’s recent changes. Instead of only being able to find cheap white label sneakers, you can now find original products by famous occidental brands (not Chinese) with guaranteed authenticity.

The problem with this recent change is that up until recently AliExpress was known for replicas, so as a countermeasure they set blocks on their search tab to make finding these replicas harder in an effort to deter their sale. Because of this, whenever you try looking for “Nike Air Jordan” you will end up with something like this:

Despite this banner, you can find Nike Air Jordan sneakers in AliExpress. However, to find them, you going to have to use expressions such as these ones:

Or whatever model you are looking for without the name of the brand (in this case “Nike”). By using these key words or acronyms you will be able to find original Nike Air Jordan sneakers like these ones:

Identifying original products

Its pretty easy to tell a replica from an original: just check the price (if it’s too low, it’s probably a replica), the description (if it uses the complete name of the brand or includes words such as “original” or “100% original” you can be sure it isn’t a replica) and the “Guaranteed Authenticity” icon (the method used by AliExpress to guarantee the originality of a product). The icon looks like this:

You can also contact the seller directly, or better yet, check comments left by previous customers.

The best shops in AliExpress to purchase original Air Jordan sneakers

  • Olympic Sports Flagship Store (5 medals): in this well rated shop, you can find original Nike Air Jordan with “Guaranteed Authenticity” icon.
  • best Sports stores (3 diamonds): this shop also has 100% original Nike Air Jordan sneakers (with a “Guaranteed Authenticity” icon) in various models and colors.

Chinese brands: a cheap alternative to basketball sneaker replicas

If you don’t have the money for originals or don’t want to spend as much, you can also find some Chinese brands making their own basketball sneakers inspired by Nike Air Jordan at a much cheaper price.

The best known ones are the Qiaodan, which usually go for 50€ and look fairly similar to the Jordan sneakers (the basketball player logo is a clear homage to Michael Jordan):

I’ve been reading some of the ratings and, truth is, customers couldn’t be happier. They known they aren’t getting original Air Jordan, but considering the quality and their price, they are definitely worth it.

Other basketball sneaker brands: Adidas, Li-ning, Mizuno…

To find other Chinese versions of Air Jordan try looking for “Jordan Shoes” or “Basketball Shoes”. You’ll find a few of them, but just in case, here are a few others:

Most of them go for about 35 to 60€.

Final advice on getting basketball sneakers in AliExpress

Before you make any purchase on AliExpress, make sure you find a good seller. To do this, just check these things:

  • The shop’s reputation
  • Rating and comments left by other customers
  • The number of sales

That’s about it for Nike Air Jordan in AliExpress, but if you still having doubts, leave us a comment, we’ll help you any way we can. 🙂

Алиэкспресс buy jordan’s online

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Алиэкспресс buy jordan’s online

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Видео Посылка из Китая Кроссовки JORDAN AliExpress канала Лучший Китай VK

Jordan Sneaker

In 1984 Michael Jordan signed a 2,5 million dollar deal with Nike. However, Nike was not his first choice. MJ was actually more interested in signing a deal with Adidas or Converse, but neither one of the two very successful brands wanted to offer him a better deal.

In 1985 Nike released the Air Jordan l, the only Jordan that had the Wings logo and the Swoosh. The shoe featured a very unconventional red/black upper and was immediately banned by the NBA. The league fined Michael $5000 for each game that he played in his first signature shoe. Nike paid all fines with big smiles on their faces, because the ban in combination with the legendary commercial created a massive hype.

Jordan Hype

A major part of the Air Jordan Series was designed by Tinker Hatfield, who was also responsible for the Air Jordan III. The shoe came out in 1988 and was the first AJ to feature the legendary Jumpman instead of the former Wings logo. Another big reason for the big success of the Air Jordan Series is Spike Lee. The film director and actor integrated the shoe in his movies like «Do the right thing» and «He got Game» and became a legend himself as Mars Blackmon in the Air Jordan Commercials.

Jordan Brand

In 1996 Jordan Brand became an independent sub-brand of Nike and released the Air Jordan XII, which was the first AJ without any Nike branding.

Алиэкспресс buy jordan’s online

It is true that a bad workman blames his tools but as any good sports player will tell you; having a set of right equipment can be the difference between winning and losing a game, regardless of talent. If you are wearing ill-fitted clothes, uncomfortable shoes, then this will translate on to your game. It is this very cause that pushes sporting equipment manufacturers, designers, and brands to come up with cutting edge technology, great designs and new inventions regularly for our sports players. The Air Jordan range of sports shoes by Nike is almost synonymous with the best in the business. A symbol of both comfort and luxury, the Air Jordan shoes’ price in India is extremely competitive. There have been a series of Air Jordan shoes released since its inception, each with more improved features and its own USPs.

The Legacy of Nike and Air Jordan shoes

A number of people underestimate the importance of investing in good shoes. If the shoe is too tight, then your feet are likely to cramp quickly and too loose, you will not be able to maintain your balance well. To ensure nobody has to ever go through this struggle; Nike introduced Jordans into the market in 1984. The original Air Jordan I sneaker was created solely for Mike Jordan, and it was released for public use later that year. Nike is an American multinational company which specialises in producing footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services related to sports. It is the world’s largest supplier of athletic equipment including but not limited to sports shoes.

Myntra has a vast collection of Air Jordan shoes in India which are attractive, snugly-fitted, provide excellent cushioning and are all-around fantastic. The collection of Air Jordan shoes online has a variety of different finishes and styles to suit your taste. The inclusivity of the range ensures you do not need to settle for anything less than perfect shoes. Ideally created for basketball, these sneakers can be worn while playing other sports too. When you are picking the right pair of sports shoes, there are some factors you must keep in mind such as these:

If you are going to use your Air Jordan sneakers for walking, then one of the essential things to look at is the grip of the shoe and that it has around half a centimetre between your big toe and the shoe border.

If you play labour intensive sports such as basketball, then opt for thick-soled, high-top shoes which provide excellent protection against foot injuries caused by jumping.

Sizes vary from brand to brand; so what will be a size eight in Adidas shoes, maybe a size six in Woodland shoes and a size ten in Nike. So, make sure you go through the size chart onf Air Jordan shoes on Myntra before making a purchase decision.

Buy Nike Air Jordan shoes on Myntra

When buying a pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes, keep in mind what exactly are you going to use them for the most, and then look at its features and basic structure before zeroing in. A good shoe is not only something to flaunt, but it is something that will take care of your feet. Myntra gets you the best Air Jordan shoes in India at amazing prices and with an easy exchange or return policies. Buy now!

Where to Buy Chanel-inspired Don Jordan 2 Sneakers Online?

Recent collaboration of Just Don x Air Jordan 2 has swept away many feet from both the sportswear and fashion communities. The beautifully crafted sneakers are designed with quilted stitch pattern, inspired by no other but the famous Chanel lambskin handbag bearing the same signature pattern.

Named the Don Jordan 2, the sneakers are made from butter-soft lambskin, for both its exterior and interior linings, even including its insole. Since its first launch in 2015, Don Jordan 2 are now available in three gorgeous colours: blue “Royal”, tan “Beach”, and most recently, dust pink “Arctic Orange”. The latest launched colour of the sneakers is specifically curated for the ladies and children (and also babies!), with a more romantic, feminine colour scheme.

Don Jordan 2 in “Royal”

Don Jordan 2 in “Beach”

Don Jordan 2 in “Arctic Orange”

Even though they are priced at a premium (not surprising at all, given it’s a baby born from the hands of Don C, a luxury sportswear designer), these exclusive sneakers have proven to be rather difficult to get one’s hands on since many shoes collectors and sneakers fanatics from all over the world are trying to a pair for themselves. It also does not help that (rumours say) there are only 1,200 pairs available for purchase globally!

If you have been desperately thirsting for a pair of Don Jordan 2, depress no more! We are here to show you how you can purchase a pair of these beautiful sneakers from suppliers online!

First and foremost, the first channel is none other but Taobao. If you simply search for “Don Jordan 2” on the website, you will arrive at about 12 items of the sneakers, with their prices ranging between RMB 3000 and RMB 9000:

On the other hand, if you are to search for “just don aj2” instead, your search results will show you a lot more entries of sellers carrying the item, with prices ranging from RMB 200 to RMB 10,000 (some of the results even include the baby sized shoes!):

Now you’re asking: what about the other Chinese giant online retailer platform, AliExpress? Unfortunately, as of today, we could not find any seller on that platform that is carrying the Don Jordan 2. But don’t worry, here we have another online source for you to find the shoes: Prime Stuff!

Prime Stuff (www.primestuff.ru) is an online wholesaler that carries many sportswear brands, as well as high-end luxurious fashion brands like Balenciaga and Louboutin. No surprise but of course it also carries Don C’s Just Don. You can search for “Air Jordan 2 Just Don” in the website’s search bar to find the Don Jordan 2 sneakers. Just a tip: if you’re a fan of Just Don, you can also find many other Just Don’s items on Prime Stuff (such as caps and jackets)!

Signing off with more eye candies from the Don Jordan 2 series, and hope you’ll be able to find a pair that you can call yours soon!

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