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AliExpress PayPal “Updated October 2018” – Can You Use Paypal on Aliexpress?

In 2010, PayPal partnered with AliBaba & AliExpress to provide an instant payment gateway for a billion dollar market based in Europe & North America. Historically buyers on AliExpress paying with PayPal would enjoy all the benefits while sellers suffered. Hence, the marriage would not last more than a year.

In August 2011, AliExpress removed PayPal from its payment processing options. The reason of AliExpress PayPal dispute; a very stern 7% processing fee demanded by PayPal for transactions on AliExpress. Since then, there has been no news of the two giants partnering once again. To curb payment problems, AliExpress payment options include some great alternative processors including its signature AliPay service.

So for all of you wondering ‘can i use PayPal on Ali Express’, below are some awesome AliExpress PayPal alternatives you can use on your online store.

For all the PayPal fanatics who do still consider it their favorite or only option, no need to fret. It not the end of the world if AliExpress doesn’t accept the widely used payment gateway. AliExpress offers a wide range of payment options for buyers to pay through including:

  1. Credit Cards & Debit Cards
  2. Visa
  3. MasterCard
  4. QIWI
  5. Western Union
  6. Bank Transfers

Along with these popular AliExpress PayPal alternative payment options, AliExpress also offers both buyers and sellers proper payment protection services. In my personal experience, I feel AliPay is an equally good AliExpress PayPal alternative payment option.

The generous answer to the questions “how to use PayPal on AliExpress?” and “can you pay with PayPal on AliExpress?” is simple, YES YOU CAN, but only on limited suppliers. Considering the conflict between the two platforms it has been established 7 years back that the two will not be joining hands together and nothing has been announced.

Do be careful, if you receive any emails or messages regarding shopping through your PayPal account on AliExpress, it’s a scam. Neither service partners with the other in anyway, so PayPal cannot be used over AliExpress in anyway. There was also the issue of European and North American sellers to manage Paypal Chargeback issues.

AliExpress offers buyers its own buyer protection service, which automatically kicks in when you buy something from the eCommerce giant or one of its partnering dropshipping e-stores. AliExpress purchase protection offers the following benefits:

1. Privacy Protection

AliExpress keeps all your information including, but not limited to financial data, personal data, and other information completely safe and secure.

Only details like your shipping address, name, etc. are shared with the sellers when you buy something else. Everything else is entirely private.

Your privacy is the first and foremost concern of the retailer in all cases.

2. Payment Protection

AliExpress keeps your payment protected all the way throughout the transaction. Your payment is held in a secure escrow account and only released to the seller when you are satisfied with the products.

Should anything go wrong with your transaction then you are safe since your payment is secure with AliExpress and you will not lose your money.

3. Delivery Protection

You are guaranteed delivery of your products otherwise your money is refunded without any issues.

This means that whenever you make an order on AliExpress, your money is protected until your products are delivered to you safely.

You then choose to release the payment if your delivered items are as described, in case of an issue, you can dispute the transaction and ask for a refund.

4. Guaranteed Genuine Products

Since your payment and delivery are both protected by AliExpress, it means that you are guaranteed to receive genuine products.

By genuine, it means that you will receive precisely what the product page describes. If you are buying a particular watch, then you will get that exact watch and not some cheap knock-off or low-quality substitute.

5. Refund Protection

If you haven’t already figured it out, then let us tell you that you are guaranteed a refund in case anything goes wrong with your order at any point.

If you don’t receive your items, items are not as depicted in the description, items are damaged, etc. should anything goes wrong with your order, AliExpress will give you a full refund.

AliExpress will always have you covered in case:

  • Ordered item(s) don’t arrive.
  • The ordered item(s) is/are not as described.
  • When you receive fake item(s)

Among its excellent benefits, AliExpress Buyer Protection ensures that disputes are settled with sellers in minimal time. AliExpress management also steps in the conflict if both parties cannot resolve the matter quickly. You should definitely read through AliExpress Transaction Service Agreement on the official website too. If you are worried about scams and quality issues, AliExpress payment protection is the ideal way to secure your orders just like PayPal.

After the PayPal saga AliExpress introduced its own authorized & secure online payment processing service, AliPay. Quite similar to PayPal in many ways, AliPay boasts a massive 520+ million users across the world. What makes AliPay way better than PayPal? The number of services that you can use to pay through:

  1. VISA
  2. MasterCard
  3. Maestro
  4. American Express
  5. QIWI Wallet
  6. WebMoney
  7. Western Union
  8. Boleto
  9. GiroPay
  10. Plus, 7 more global payment services.

Read more about AliPay on their official website and start buying on AliExpress now.

There’s one way you can use PayPal on AliExpress. However, it requires that you “Ship to the USA/UK.”
Once, you select these countries; you will see that the PayPal option will appear in the Payment methods tab. (there may be other countries that support PayPal payments, so do some testing).

You cannot officially used PayPal when buying or selling products from AliExpress. The only way to use PayPal on AliExpress is if you contact the seller directly, request a receipt outside AliExpress, and pay through your PayPal account. There aren’t many sellers who will be willing to receive payment through PayPal.

Most Chinese sellers will refuse transacting through PayPal due to its transaction fees and chance of experiencing a scam from buyers.

AliExpress Payment Problems

There are 4 major AliExpress payment problems that the platform identifies. These include:

  • Card Security Code Failure – The 3 digit card code is entered wrong by the customer.
  • Insufficient Funds – There are not enough funds in the customer’s account.
  • Exceed Limit – The buyer has exceeded the limit of their card/account.
  • 2 & 3 Step Verification Failure – The customer has entered erroneous information in the 3 step verification check.
  • Verification Failure – In some cases AliExpress will verify card payments and requires manual verification by the buyer.

AliExpress payment problems are not limited to the ones mentioned above. There can be specific problems that can arise due to unseen system errors, in that case simply contact AliExpress support who will be able to handle the issue better

See You Again Soon

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AliExpress Shopper 30 Jul 2018

Good day! Mounted module is different from which You sent. Don’t will it affect the operation of the camera? No it’s hard to be explain the differences? Best regards

AliExpress & Paypal – All You Need to Know

At first, AliExpress allowed its clients to make credit card payments through Paypal. However, due to the high commissions imposed by Paypal, AliExpress no longer offers this payment system. By contrast, AliExpress has reinvented itself and now it has its own credit card payment system, which resembles Paypal in may ways and offers the same security. So, how does the AliExpress Paypal system work?

We recommend you click on the Buyer Protection section, found at the upper side of their homepage. This will give you an idea of AliExpress’ payment policies.

When you make a payment in AliExpress (AliPay) with your credit card or debit card, they (like Paypal) act as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer. AliExpress holds your money until you receive the product and check its in perfect condition. AliExpress pays the seller only after this requirement is met. This way, you’ll be able to use your card without risks, as you are making a payment to a company with authority and reputation. We think that this type of “Escrow” system AliExpress uses is reliable; by retaining your money, AliExpress can safely protect the client in case of dissatisfaction with the product and/or dispute with the seller. This way if you are not satisfied you will get a refund. In addition when we use this card payment method, your personal data is protected by VeriSign SSL encryption.

Aside from the “Escrow” system (similar to Paypal), AliExpress offers other payment methods, such as Qiwi Wallet, Webmoney and bank slip. If you are still afraid of buying in the Internet, worry not, there are still even more payment methods. For example, there are banks that emit virtual cards that you can add credit to when you want to make a purchase.

Although AliExpress and Paypal don’t have a mutual agreement, AliExpress offers a credit card payment service very similar to Paypal and very reliable. Our advice is that you always pay through AliExpress and not directly to the seller. This way, you’ll avoid possible problems with the seller and you’ll make sure your money is in good hands until you get your product and qualify it.

If you are searching for specific brands and are having trouble finding them, we recommend you read our article on How to Find Brands on AliExpress.

Алиэкспресс buy now pay

Still have a question? Ask your own!

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Paypal is a top online payment gateway of choice for most international buyers. However, when you shop in AliExpress or any Alibaba-owned shopping sites, Paypal is not being offered as payment method. The reason for this is Alibaba Group has its own payment system which is actually similar to Paypal.

However, International shoppers can buy stuff at Aliexpress.com using Paypal thru AliExpress Agent . AliExpress Agent is a reliable buying agent from China that offers Paypal for shoppers who wants to buy quality and affordable goods from the popular online shopping site. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use your card to pay for AliExpress Agent service. AliExpress Agent shall send you a Paypal invoice with dedicated pay button function where you can pay directly using your card, even without a Paypal account. Thus, your payment is still processed via Paypal service, as the intermediary payment system.

AliExpress Agent serves as the intermediary between the buyer and seller. AliExpress Agent makes sure all specifications are clear and then buys your requested products from AliExpress seller. Inclusive services are inspection, consolidation, packing, storage, shipping services, etc. AliExpress Agent checks each product to ensure it is in good condition and conforms to order specifications. If there is an issue with the product, AliExpress Agent proactively resolves it for you, and handles return, exchange, and communications with the seller.

Due to the dispute between them, Paypal and Aliexpress will not work together. It is easier for aliexpress to store transaction funds and then distribute them among the sellers. The seller receives the payment once his order is received.

You can ask the sellers to pay by PayPal, and they can agree. But you will not be protected by Aliexpress if you choose to do so. The money will go directly to the seller, and Aliexpress will not be able to return it if there is a problem.

I usually avoid PayPal, I think it’s too risky.

sponsored by Vance Software, LLC

The liberal response to the inquiries «how to utilize PayPal on AliExpress?» and «would you be able to pay with PayPal on AliExpress?» is straightforward, YES YOU CAN, however just on restricted providers. Considering the contention between the two stages it has been set up 7 years back that the two won’t hold hands together and nothing has been reported.

Do be watchful, on the off chance that you get any messages or messages in regards to shopping through your PayPal account on AliExpress, it’s a trick. Neither one of the services accomplices with the other in any case, so PayPal can’t be utilized over AliExpress in any case. There was additionally the issue of European and North American dealers to oversee Paypal Chargeback issues.

What is Buy Security in AliExpress?

AliExpress offers purchasers its own particular purchaser insurance benefit, which consequently kicks in when you purchase something from the Internet business goliath or one of its collaborating dropshipping e-stores. AliExpress buy assurance offers the accompanying advantages:

1. Security Insurance

AliExpress keeps all your data including, however not restricted to monetary information, individual information, and other data totally sheltered and secure.

Just subtle elements like your delivery address, name, and so on are imparted to the venders when you purchase something unique. Everything else is totally private.

Your security is the as a matter of first importance worry of the retailer in all cases.

2. Installment Insurance

AliExpress keeps your installment ensured the distance all through the exchange. Your installment is held in a protected escrow account and just discharged to the dealer when you are happy with the items.

Should anything turn out badly with your exchange then you are sheltered since your installment is secure with AliExpress and you won’t lose your cash.

3. Conveyance Insurance

You are ensured conveyance of your items generally your cash is discounted with no issues.

This implies at whatever point you make a request on AliExpress, your cash is secured until the point that your items are conveyed to you securely.

You at that point discharge the installment if your conveyed things are as depicted, if there should be an occurrence of an issue, you can debate the exchange and request a discount.

4. Ensured Veritable Items

Since your installment and conveyance are both secured by AliExpress, it implies that you are ensured to get authentic items.

By veritable, it implies that you will get exactly what the item page depicts. In the event that you are purchasing a specific watch, at that point you will understand that correct watch and not some modest knock-off or low-quality substitute.

5. Discount Assurance

On the off chance that you haven’t officially made sense of it, at that point let us disclose to you that you are ensured a discount on the off chance that anything turns out badly with your request anytime.

In the event that you don’t get your things, things are not as delineated in the depiction, things are harmed, and so forth should anything turns out badly with your request, AliExpress will give you a full discount.

What is Buy Security in AliExpress

  • AliExpress will dependably have you canvassed on the off chance that:
  • Requested item(s) don’t arrive.
  • The arranged item(s) is/are not as portrayed.
  • When you get phony item(s)

Among its magnificent advantages, AliExpress Purchaser Assurance guarantees that debate are settled with dealers in insignificant time. AliExpress administration additionally ventures in the contention if the two gatherings can’t resolve the issue rapidly. You should read through AliExpress Exchange Administration Concurrence on the official site as well. On the off chance that you are stressed over tricks and quality issues, AliExpress installment assurance is the perfect method to anchor your requests simply like PayPal.

AliPay as a PayPal Elective on AliExpress

After the PayPal adventure AliExpress presented its own approved and secure online installment preparing administration, AliPay. Very like PayPal from multiple points of view, AliPay flaunts a monstrous 520+ million clients over the world. The quantity of administrations that you can use to pay through:

  1. VISA
  2. MasterCard
  3. Maestro
  4. American Express
  5. QIWI Wallet
  6. WebMoney
  7. Western Association
  8. Boleto
  9. GiroPay

PayPal now accepted on AliExpress

Received via a PayPal email:

Pay with PayPal on AliExpress

is a global marketplace where you can buy anything, from electronics to fashion and more. You can now pay with PayPal on AliExpress.

This only works with sellers who support this payment method (if you see the PayPal logo on their listing).

Ali express any good is it reliable like eBay?

It depends on the seller, it’s like a Chinese eBay.

All my orders have arrived within 2 weeks or less and this is with free AliExpress Standard Shipping or China Post Registered Mail.

Pick a seller with high feedback and you should be okay. It’s even safer this time with PayPal.

Also before opening anything received I record videos so i have evidence should I receive something else.

Shame it’s not everything — has been operating for a while, but unless … Shame it’s not everything — has been operating for a while, but unless things have changed only a very small handful accept it. I’ll look later on. Read less Read more

I only noticed PayPal was accepted today when I received an email. I didn’t see this option before. I always used a CC.

You getting that out your system now msk ?

PayPal has been offered on the Payment screen for a few months though … PayPal has been offered on the Payment screen for a few months though greyed out on most orders. That said I’ve have no issues paying with a card, I’ve had 3 items out of around 30 not showed up — 2 I suspect never sent due to the low quantity and value (same seller) and one genuinely AWOL, refunded in full in all cases. Read less Read more

Did you go through the entire dispute process?

Did you go through the entire dispute process?

I just opened a dispute through the link in my account, selected the reason and wrote item not received — that’s it and the payments went back onto my card within a week. Its a painless process and far easier and quicker than opening a PayPal dispute.

Ordered loads from them, only once did I have a missing item (ordered 3 got 2), got a refund very quick on the missing one.

As I understand it the seller only gets paid once the buyer confirms the item has been recieved (or a certain time period has gone by), so it is in the best interest of the seller to keep you happy.

I’ll never understand how they can sell stuff for 25p with free postage and it arrives with the normal mail. Can’t even send a postcard for that here!


Aliexpress is a Chinese wholesale marketplace provided by alibaba.com, one of the largest B2B online marketplaces. You can order wholesale products as low as 1 item with express delivery with full tracking to the whole world. Aliexpress uses Escrow which holds the payment until you confirm delivery which makes it safe as well!

AliExpress is cheaper than other similar sites

Many products sold on, for an example Ebay, are actually from AliExpress and alibaba. Stores on Ebay sell the goods directly via dropshipping. If you want the best bargains, start shopping at Aliexpress – It is safer and cheaper but still be aware of fraudsters as they look for victims everywhere. I have bought many miserable products on Aliexpress, especially in the beginning, but if you are aware you will end up being a satisfied buyer.

Things to be aware of:

  • If the price is too good to be true, it almost ALWAYS IS (always compare with other shops that sell the same items)
  • If the seller asked me to pay directly to his/her bank account, what should I do? Immediately stop the contact!
  • If they ask you to confirm delivery before receiving the order.

Since Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba.com I felt it is important to let my readers know if Aliexpress could be trusted or are they operating with some of the same unethical strategies that are giving Alibaba.com a bad reputation.

AliExpress founded in 2009 as a marketplace offering products at factory prices direct from China. Orders can be as small as a single item.

The Aliexpress.com website is featured on the Alibaba.com website. When signing up for free at AliExpress, you are actually registering with Alibaba.com at the same time.

Unlike Alibaba, payment for products purchased through AliExpress.com are held by Escrow Alipay system and is only released to the seller once the product is received by the purchaser. This system was put in place to overcome one of the biggest challenges Alibaba.com was experiencing, non delivery of products.

What Are The Main Differences Between AliExpress and Alibaba?

1: All vendors on AliExpress are from China where whereas Alibaba has international suppliers as well.

2: Aliexpress.com payments are made online when the order is placed and funds are held by Escrow. Buyers at Alibaba make payments offline via Western Union so no way to track your money.

3: Unlike Alibaba which address mostly to companies with large orders, AliExpress sells goods to both companies and individuals with no minimal order requirement.

What Do You Need To Be Aware Of Before Making A Purchase Through AliExpress?

The use of an Escrow-based Alipay system to manage payments between sellers and customers may help to prevent the non delivery of products – a concern of customers and one of the major stumbling blocks with Alibaba.com. However, there are problems that it won’t solve.

Buyers generally need to examine the shops very carefully, both at Alibaba and AliExpress, before making any purchases.

AliExpress and Alibaba are not a scams, but there are unethical sellers. So be careful and do some research before buying anything. Always consider testing the products by making a small order before investing any significant amount of money in huge orders.

Aliexpress reviews and prices in general

Most things are incredibly cheap in China compared to prices in Europe and America. The prices are even cheaper if you buy big bulk products directly from the factory produces. How big the price difference is from Western prices, depends on which products it is, but the price in China is somewhere between 1/5-1/10. That makes it quite profitable to buy or import from China.

For example, you can buy t-shirts for between 1-8$, you can buy jewelry for 1-10$, pashmina scarves 2-5$ , lego 1/2-1$, children’s shoes 3-6$, lamps 8-16$, bicycles 70-100$, wetsuit 30-50$ etc.

It is possible to import as a private person but most do impoort for resale, as part of a business or when starting up a webshop. On Aliexpress you can import individual products, as a private person. And just because the commodities are so much cheaper in China compared to Denmark, then it is ok to spend money on freight and customs clearance.

But if you want to avoid the hassle, there are companies that can take care of the entire process for you.

However, remember when you want to start importing from China, first check the price difference on what you want to buy, so you are sure that it pays off. Also check the quality, because sometimes the products are cheaper because the quality is similar “cheap”. For example Diesel pants for 60 kr, does not last as long as Diesel pants for 600 kr, because something inferior quality fabric is used. Be sure to get samples and talk with the factory about the desired quality, so you’re sure to get what you want and what you pay for.

You will often see some negative Aliexpress reviews because there are some unethical sellers who either send bad products or do not send anything at all. Therefore it is highly recommended to check if the seller has any bad reviews or feedback. Actually you should both check the product review / feedback and the seller rating. Go for anything above 97% positive seller feedback if possible. Many Aliexpress products also have lots of reviews if you google them.

Aliexpress offers free delivery to the UK, US and most other countries

One thing I love about Aliexpress is the free delivery that is almost always included in the price. I really cant understand how it is possible to buy items less than a dollar including free shipping. In Denmark shipping is always very expensive unless you buy in huge quantities. Bottom line is that I don’t get it, but I love it!

Купоны AliExpress

Пожалуйста, оцените пост:

В этом посте публикуются постоянно обновляемые скидочные купоны и промокоды для торговой площадки AliExpress.com. Активные купоны (или промокоды) позволяют вам получить скидку при покупке товаров. Скидки по купонам Aliexpress не суммируются, так что выбирайте наиболее выгодный для каждого конкретного заказа.

Где вводить код купона на Aliexpress:
Код купона вводится на странице оформления заказа, после нажатия кнопки «Buy now» в корзине. Если купон не активен (просрочен), то вы не сможете получить скидку. Пробуйте вводить другие купоны из списка на этой странице.

Как получить скидку по купону Aliexpress:
1. Залогиниться и положить товар в корзину.
2. В корзине нажать кнопку BuyNow.
3. Следовать инструкции на этой картинке:

Как сохранить или продлить купон Aliexpress:
Обычно купоны (промокоды) выдаются с ограниченным сроком действия. Если вы не готовы использовать купон для покупки прямо сейчас, вы можете попробовать сохранить его себе в аккаунт и использовать позже:
1. Находите любой дорогой товар, чтобы сумма покупки по соответствовала купону.
2. Нажимаете «Купить сейчас», в поле «Оставить комментарий для продавца» пишете любой набор русских букв, вводите код купона, жмёте «Применить». Если купон рабочий — нажимаете «Оформить заказ».
3. Система выдаст сообщение «К сожалению сейчас нет доступных единиц для заказа» и ваш купон появится в вашем аккаунте, со сроком действия 1 месяц.

Действующие купоны/промокоды:

Проверьте, возможно у вас уже есть доступные купоны, которые перечислены в этом разделе:

• Купон можно использовать для покупки нескольких товаров, у нескольких продавцов. Скидка по купону равномерно распределится на все товары.

Код купона: не требуется
Получи купон до $19 добывая монеты
. Действителен 7 дней со дня получения.

Код купона: не требуется
Скидка до $20
. Срок действия неизвестен.

Код купона: не требуется
Можно получить купоны на старые, заброшенные аккаунты, с которых покупки не совершались в теч. 1-2 месяцев.
Дополнение от Rantau17:
«Расскажу о своих наблюдениях по получению купонов (многие уже получали такого рода купоны) — и дают их на аккаунт с которых было сделано несколько покупок, но потом на пару месяцев заброшенных
Проверял свои неиспользуемые последнее время аккаунты aliexpress и о чудо — наскрёб 3 купона 10 от 100. Таким образом можно специально использовать их как инкубатор»

Код купона: не требуется
На этой странице опубликованы купоны от $1 до $XX
, действующие только на конкретный магазин, а НЕ на всю площадку Алиэкспресс.

Бонус! Недокументированные возможности использования купонов Алиэкспресс, которые позволяют экономить ещё больше при покупках!

Например, как использовать несколько купонов для покупки одного товара, или как использовать большой купон для меньшей покупки или нескольких покупок:

Как использовать несколько купонов для покупки одного товара
• Этот способ является довольно сомнительным в плане легальности, и надёжности, но работает.
Допустим, есть желание купить товар за 500$, есть 5 купонов на скидку 10 от 100. В стандартной покупке можно применить только 1 купон, но:

Делаем так: допустим, товар стоит 230 баксов. Открываем магазин со всем товаром, который есть в наличии у селлера. Подбираем любой товар под запрос купона, т.е. по 30, 40, 70, 100 баксов, чтобы с максимальной выгодой их использовать. Подбиваем под нужную нам сумму в 230 баксов. Предварительно стоит договориться с селлером, чтобы он понял фишку и не отправил вам то, чего вы на самом деле не хотели заказывать. В те самые ордеры он впишет один и тот же трек и отправит нужный вам товар.
Совет такое проделывать с проверенными селлерами и понимающими, чтобы не возникло проблем или если возникнут, то легко их решить в последствии.

Умные селлеры охотно соглашаются, т.к. потом получат 3 позитива, и не станут слать плохой товар, дабы потом не получить 3 негатива от вас. И ему приятно, и вам дешево. В деталях можно написать, что товар разбит на 3 ордера. В каждый ордер один и тот же трек.
Спасибо пользователю Zhenya114 за подсказки по использованию купонов!

Как использовать большой купон для меньшей покупки
Например есть купон на 20/150$, а нужный товар стоит 100$. Кидаем его в корзину и еще какой-нибудь ненужный товар на 50$. Делаем общую покупку, применяем к ней купон, оформляем. Перезаходим в заказы, видим, что уже висят два отдельных заказа, ожидающих оплаты. И скидка по купону разделилась между ними пропорционально: 1 товар: 100-13= 87$, 2 товар: 50-7= 43$. Оплачиваем нужный нам первый заказ 87$, а от второго просто отказываемся.
В итоге мы купили товар со скидкой, использовав большой купон

Некоторые особенности использования купонов для покупок на Aliexpress
• Информация от пользователя «Axis»
Есть уникальная особенность мобильного приложения Алиэкспресс
(то ли баг, то ли специально так, но имеет место):
>> в мобильном приложении можно сгруппировать / оплатить разом товар различных селлеров (прям из корзины переходим на оплату, где нам пишут общий «ТОТАЛ», и нажимаем ОПЛАТИТЬ, но дальше ничего не делаем…)
(при это в личном кабинете из под браузера ПК у вас сформируются отдельные уникальные заказы для каждого продавца)
из этой маленькой мелочи вытекает две полезные фичи:
1. (попроще) вы можете использовать один большой купон для нескольких заказов у разных продавцов
(пример: купон 10/100, и три разных товара у разных продавца на $20 + $30 + $50 — нет проблем!)
2. (посложнее ) вы можете использовать большой купон для маленького заказа.
(пример: ку пон 10/100, а вас интересует покупка исключительно одного лота на $50 , конечно вы не получите скидку в 10$, но часть скидки будет! )
// поясню последний пример: через моб.приложение — добавляем в корзину два разных товара разных продавцов на общую сумму соответствующую нашему купону (пример, 50+50) там же кликаем «оплатить» и применяем общий купон, переходим к ПК и из под классического браузера видим два отдельных заказ… и скидку, примерно пропорциональную соотношению цен из расчета общего 10/100… -Вуаля! купон не пропал но использовали мы его по принципу 5/50 //
• Дополнение от пользователя «Artemiy»
Срываю покровы, но корзина общая и с обычного ПК. Внизу нажимаешь «Buy all», после чего переходишь на любую другую страницу не оплачивая. После захода снова в заказы — все они будут отдельными.
Это реальная возможность пропорционального разделения купона.

Хотите поделиться купоном? Оставьте комментарий!

Какие существуют купоны Алиэкспресс
Бывает два вида купонов, которые вы можете получить для экономии на покупках в Aliexpress.com:

1. Купоны от администрации сайта
Этот вид купонов можно применить к любому товару который доступен к покупке на сайте.

2. Купоны от продавца
Такие купоны выдаются продавцом для покупок товаров только в его магазине.

Возврат использованных купонов Алиэкспресс
Использованный купон можно вернуть, если за товар был сделан полный рефанд (возврат средств). При частичном рефанде купон не возвращается.
Купоны выданные продавцом не возвращаются никогда.

Что означают статус купонов в вашем аккаунте
1. Valid — Активный и доступный к использованию купон.
2. Inactive — Недоступный в данный момент купон (возможно не настала дата активации)
3. Expired — Просроченный купон, который уже нельзя использовать.
4. Used — Купон, который вы уже использовали в одном из прошлых заказов.


Best AliExpress Finds & Deals: Gadgets, Electronics, Geeky and Under $1

How to get AliExpress 2018 11.11 coupons?

The 11.11 sale is approaching!

There are several ways to get additional savings, most of which were outlined in the recent post called “How To Get The Best 11.11 Deals“. In this post here we will talk about the coupons for the 2017 sale specifically.

How to get AliExpress 11.11 coupons in 2018?

To get the 11.11 discount coupons follow these steps.

1. Go to the AliExpress coupon center.

Click “Get it now”. You can get a maximum of 5 $2 coupons per day (redeemable during the day of the sale).

2. Add products to the cart to get coins.

This works with any product. You can add however many products you want to get as many coins as you want. This year coins can be used as a partial payment for some sale products (as you can see on the image below).

3. Play coupon games in the app.

How to get the Best 11.11 deals on AliExpress in 2018?

Best 11.11 Deals of 2018 (electronics/gadgets mostly)

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how on earth do you manage to buy the hourly coupons? I don’t even have the time to update the page that they are all gone after 1 second!

Yeah I’ve been trying to get some myself to no avail. Seems that you need to be sitting there at the very moment hitting the refresh button. Reminds me of that Big Bang Theory episode.

Trust me, I am there refreshing the page over and over again but there’s nothing do do, maybe you can get the 1$ but forget the others, question is: can you try to win those even from pc or only through the app?

You normally buy them, but I tried buying one from the batch that came out at 3 pm today, I waited for the countdown, and the second it became available I hit “buy now”, then “pay now”, but they were already sold out.
Not even 10 seconds passed since they became available and all were sold out already. WTF!

there’s also the ones you can get for free exchanging the coins you earned in the previous days, they ones who are available every hour, but again is impossible to get them! 😡

I see, I didn’t even want to bother with those, seems like I was right to not do it 🙂

Yeah…I’ve tried at least a few dozen times (coin exchange and the advance purchase one) since it came out, and absolutely nothing…all gone in less than 1 second! I have a $1 coupon to show for it though? It’s pretty ridiculous. It was far better last year. I can only imagine what their upcoming March 29 sale would be like.

I’ve also played that flip card game on two accounts for the 10x/day (and a few coin pays) alloted plays, and have never gotten that $5 coupon either.

Wasted far more time on attempting to get these savings that could otherwise be made at work in a fraction of an hour, which is ridiculous.
Is this sale a hoax or something? Even coin exchange coupons on any old regular day goes in a few seconds as well…

I don’t usually bother with the seller coupons, because it’s too much work for little money. Of course, if there is one for, say, $5 off $100 purchase, and I’m buying something that is more expensive, then it would be stupid not to, but other than that I don’t chase them. I wasn’t able to get a single voucher coupon either, they sold out pretty much instantly.

Nevertheless, I am still going to be shopping tomorrow, there still are a lot of very good deals. If you haven’t yet, check out the 11.11 Sale Deals list that we have made, these are some of the best deals that I found.

Great article. Looking forward to this year’s edition.

When I exchange coin with coupen it doesn’t add to my account 😵 what to do

Not sure, I don’t even bother with the coins myself – I think they’re a waste of time, and last year many people had problems with them as well. I look for them in stores that have the things that I am interested in, and check if they have coupons. I hope you get your coupons exchange sorted out though!

Can u tell me any other way for free shipping

If the seller does not offer free shipping for the item you want, search for this product again from other sellers – there is a check mark in the search “free shipping”. Most products are sold by more than one seller. But sometimes even the price + shipping is cheaper than the “free shipping item” – they just include the shipping into the price.

How do you use the coupons? Have alot off the 2 $ nit can’t use them

You should be able to redeem them at the checkout (in the cart) at 3.00 PM PST, so in a little less than 1 hour

I have over 600$ in Coupons. So could I use that as 600$ to spend? I don’t under stand?

Some coupons require a minimum purchase, like $2 off $20, some of them can be used towards an individual order regardless of the amount (like the $2 coupons for 11.11). You can check the coupons that you have here: http://ali.ski/VFDfD

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08. Place and pay order on Aliexpress

This post currently has no responses.

(1,542 votes, average: 4.90 out of 5)

Adding product to shopping cart

First choose the color, size, shipping method and then click the Add to Cart .

A window appears, which informs you that the goods have been added to the Shopping Cart . It says how many pieces is in your cart. Furthermore, you have two options:

  • View shopping cart – look at your cart
  • Continue shopping – continue shopping

Product in shopping cart

If you click on View shopping cart you will see your shopping cart. It`s summary of your purchase. Selected color and size. And on the same line, you can see the number of units purchased, the price of product. On the right side are details of shipping and the price for the service, in this case it`s Free Shipping , Delivery Time (mostly between 15-39 or 60 days) and the time to process the order Processing Time . In most cases the product is sent within a few days from completing the order.

In addition, you can see the price for the product Subtotal price and Shipping . At the end there is Total price for all products in the cart. The system will automatically combine these products into one order for you. If you choose items from two different suppliers or select two different shipping methods, the order will be divided into two. After that, you can click the “ Buy all from this seller ” button to place order with one supplier. You can also click the “ Buy All ” button to place order for all the items in your shopping cart.

If you still wanna edit in your order, you can still go back to the shoppin cart. The order has not been processing yet. Check your Delivery Address or you can modify it by button Edit . You can also leave the message for seller here.

Payment method

After you check your address and shipping method click on Place order . The order is created and you will be automatically redirected to the secure Payment gateway of Aliexpress to enter the card details. Select your card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, …)

  • Cardholder name
  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Security Code

Check the entered data and confirm by clicking on Pay My Order .

Then you will see the window with Thank you for your payment. AliExpress has received your order . After that you will get confirmation email about your payment. Aliexpress also ask you if you want to open an AliPay account and save your payment information from the card. It means that your next payment you don`t have to type your card details again.

Store promotion

Please don`t miss Store promotion of the seller. You can get a discount in the form of coupon. Different sellers have different promotion. To get coupone just click on it. For example you will get discount $ 2 if you make purchase over $ 20. After that see the shopping cart and orange button Get Now . Just click on it and see the discount $ 2 on the purchase.