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The 11th of November returns to AliExpress with the best sales in history

Alright, at this stage you will already know the truth about the AliExpress coupons. Today we have a very special article dealing with the amazing offers provided by AliExpress.

October has come to an end, and in AliExpress everyone is only talking about two things, the upcoming 11 11 AliExpress Shopping Festival, or, the fact that some of the biggest discounts in the world are going to take place, and unlimited amounts of offers are going to be available… Are you ready?

What is the AliExpress global shopping festival?

In China, the 11 th November is known as the ‘Day of the Bachelors’ (also referred to as the Chinese anti-saint valentine), this is due to the four ‘1’s that formulate the date (11 – 11) and that, according to popular belief in China, resemble leafless trees. The Chinese consumerists celebrate this day enjoying a great number of promotions and sales provided by major e-commerce corporations.

For these e-commerce companies, this is the biggest party of the year on an international level. Big companies such as Alibaba, Group China, Jingdong or Dangdang become the main protagonists when dealing with online transactions. Just looking at last years 11 11 Shopping Festival, the Alibaba group made no less then 5,7 billion dollars in 24h, beating all global online sales records.

AliExpress, one of the largest online sales platforms of Chinese origin, always offers discounts and coupons and every year beats online sales record. During 11.11 you will find millions of products with discounts of up to 70%, coupons, promotions and express offers.

The 11 – 11 AliExpress Shopping Festival – How do the offers/coupons work and how to take advantage of the bargains

The way the festival works is similar to other years, but there are some new things you should know so you don’t miss any discount. The festival is held on November 11th, but to get discount coupons you have to be alert from October 28th! AliExpress has prepared several surprises to save money:

  • October 20th to November 10th: Reserve your favourite products and you will get an extra discount. In this section you will be able to find all the products that admit booking with additional discount.
  • October 28th to November 7th: You can get discount coupons in Gameland. Every time you visit a store through this game, you’ll get a $2 selection coupon that you can use for participating stores. Every 5 visits, you’ll get an AliExpress coupon. Click here to play.
  • October 28th to November 10th: Every time you add items to your shopping cart, you’ll get 5 coins, with a maximum of 100 coins per day. These coins can be exchanged for coupons. More information here.
  • 4th November to November 12th: Get AliExpress coupons in the “Coupon rain”. They are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry up! In this link you will find all the details on how it works.
  • And 11th November… 11.11 World Shopping Day finally begins! Great discounts, amazing offers and lots of surprises, don’t miss out!

The Top 20 Brands that will be on Offer during the 11 11 Shopping Festival

  1. Telecast: If you are looking for a mid range tablet at a low price, don’t miss out on the discounts offered by Telecast during the 11.11. This tablet has great features, a slick design and comes with Windows 10. The Teclast X98 Pro will sell for 209$, 70$ less than usual (more information here). If they run out of stock before you get to buy one, take a look at the other pc tablet offers by clicking on this link and searching for the the category “Tablets”.
  2. Tablet Cube i7 Stylus: If the Telecast tablet is not exactly what you are looking for because you in search of pure processing power, during the 11.11 the Cube i7 Styles will be on sale for only 285.9$. More information here.
  3. Meizu: If buying a Chinese mobile phone has been crossing your mind for a while, don´t miss out on the superb offers. In terms of their star product, the Meizu M2 Mini, we have to say that there are not many units on sale, so it is quite possible they run out of stock before you can get your hands on one, however, here you have some information. In any case, during the 11 of the 11 there will be many more offers and discounts in mobile phones and technology, you can see them here.
  4. Xiaomi RedMi Note FDD: If you make it in time (not too much in stock) you can buy one of the cell phones of the year, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 FDD, for just 154$. More information here. If you compare it to it’s price in Amazon, it is 50$ cheaper.
  5. TronsMart (discounts up to 40%): Windows Tv Boxes are less popular than Android’s, however, more and more people are converting their televisions in some genuine PC’s. TronsMart are also famous for there ultra fast chargers, these charge your phone way faster than normal chargers (don’t worry they won’t burn out your battery). Here you can find more information.
  6. Vinsic (Discounts up to 40%): Vinsic is a brand specialized in electronic accessories for cell phones. Amongst their most famous products you will find their wide range of external batteries and chargers (solar powered ones are really cool and of course eco-friendly). Find more information here.
  7. Bluedio: How about trying out these headphones instead of the Dr Dre replicas. This brand has high quality speakers and headphones for very good prices. Check their products out here.
  8. Intelligent routers Xiaomi (discounts up to 30%): A side from the intelligent wrist band and their cell phones and tablets, this brand also has some very potent routers, during the 11 11 shopping festival they will be way cheaper then usual. For more information click here.
  9. Lemfo: Lemfo is a Chinese company specialized in smartwatches. These rather elegant watches are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Take a look here.
  10. Fashion clothing for Men, Women and Kids (up to 25% discounts): More information here. By the way the 11th of November is a good day to take a look at our acronym table to find brands in AliExpress.
  11. ICEbear: As good old Jon Snow would say, WINTER IS COMING, and what better way to keep warm than with a heavy duty ICEbear jacket (from 35$). As always, more information here.
  12. RockBros (up to 70% discounts): For all you cyclist out there, on the 11 you will be able to find all sorts of accessories for your bicycle here.
  13. Bmai: This is a brand that sells sports gear and apparel at incredible prices.
  14. Li-ning: Another sneaker and sport gear store. More information here.
  15. Sheinside: (up to 75% discount and world wide free shipping). Sheinside is one of the most popular fashion brands in AliExpress due to their competitive prices and their talent in inspiring their clothing designs in famous brands :). Take a look for yourself here.
  16. TOUCHBeauty, KIKI y POVOS: These stores specilize in beauty and well-being products for both men and women. You will be able to find electric shavers, face brushes, massage machines, waxing utensils… You can find products with up to 50% discount here.
  17. Shark: High quality watches up to 50% off.
  18. Everpretty: Cocktail dresses, prom dresses, night dresses, short dresses, long dresses ALL TYPES OF DRESSES 20% OFF right here.
  19. Sjcam: We can call these the better priced sisters of the GoPro. Don’t think that these are bad quality though. Thousands of sales and happy customers demonstrate that these are a high quality products (the only thing missing is a big brand name backing them up). You can find these here for 20% off.
  20. KBL, Berrys, Sleek, Hot Hair, LadyStar: If you are looking for hair extensions don’t miss out on the 55% discounts that you will be able to find during the 11 11 shopping festival. More information here.

Watch out AlixBlogger: Some sellers are playing dirty and are jacking up their prices and leaving the original ones as if they were a offer. Make sure to do a little bit of research before buying just to make sure you and not being fooled. We ask you not to buy anything from these sellers so we can teach them a lesson between all of us (they are messing with the wrong people ;)).

Here are some of our favorites categories where you will be able to find awesome deals

These categories contain top brands with great discounts that can also be combined with seller and AliExpress coupons, making it a good opportunity to buy quality products at great prices.

Smartphones and accessories:

The most valued are the Xiaomi mobiles, but we will also find good discounts on Meizu, Huawei, Asus and Ulefone phones… As well as thousands of accessories, ranging from cases to car mounts. You can find them all here.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet is the star of these sales, as you can see in this section. But you will also find projectors, TV Boxes, DJI drones and accessories, Zhiyun image stabilizers and other very interesting offers.

Home and garden:

My favorite section of discounts because you can find great bargains in products that you need in your daily life but you never decide to buy. Plus, you’ll find lots of Christmas decorations, organizers for your home, plates, pet accessories and much more, you’ve got it all here.

If you like crafts and having a perfect home, this category will interest you as it brings together all kinds of products, from SNDWAY laser distance meters to Livolo switches, all types of lights, taps and tools for your home.

Women’s Fashion:

If you want to renew your wardrobe for little money, these discounts are a good occasion, as you will find a wide variety of quality brands and all kinds of garments at very low prices. You can access them by clicking here.

Sports and leisure:

This category is ideal for the more athletic, AliExpress has a wide variety of cheap and quality sports equipment. You will find cycling accessories, Nike and Converse shoes (amongst others) fishing products, hiking clothes and much more in this section.

If you are looking for spare parts we recommend that you stop by and see what AliExpress has to offer in these discounts for your car or motorbike. You can find lights, motorcycle helmets and protections, multimedia players and much more by clicking here.

Computers and office:

A very interesting category, as you can find Huion graphics tablets with a 30% discount, SSD disks, Samsung memory cards, USB sticks, 3D printers … If you are interested, just enter from this link.

Games and toys:

The little ones of the house also have their own category in these sales. It is a great occasion to buy Christmas gifts, as you will find cuddly toys, Marvel dolls, drones, remote-controlled cars and many others, you have them all here.

Beauty, jewelry, watches and accessories:

During these sales it is always a good occasion to look for accessories and treat yourself. In this section you will find all kinds of beauty products (face masks, makeup, hairdressing equipment…). You will also be able to find jewellery and accessories (men’s and women’s watches, rings, earrings…) you can find it all here.

Finally, this section is dedicated to handbags and footwear, also worth a visit to find possible Christmas gifts. You can find bags from 5 euros, as well as backpacks, purses and all kinds of footwear.

Now you know why the AliExpress 11 11 promotions are such a big deal around the world

So, now you might understand why 11 – 11 has turned into such a great phenomenon worldwide. Obviously, AliExpress could not miss this huge party. Throughout the 11 th of November AliExpress will be offering millions of products up to 70% discount, incredible lighting offers (you have to be very alert if you don’t want to miss these), coupons and an endless array of promotions.. It is, without a doubt, the best opportunity for you to get started on all your Christmas gifts, so don’t let the opportunity slip away from your fingers or you will have to wait another 12 months!

Only a few days left for the most anticipated event of the year to take place (at least for all us AliExpress fans). Make sure you pay close attention and hurry when buying during the 11 – 11, seeing as offers and promotions change on an hourly basis.

Alibaba, Aliexpress & Alibaba Wholesale – EVERYTHING You Need To Know

The popular online trading platform Alibaba has three incarnations — Alibaba, Alibaba Wholesale and Aliexpress. Today, we’ll walk you through the features of each platform and help you to identify which one you should be using.

11 October 2017 | By Mia Middleditch

If you’re an importer considering sourcing goods in China, you would have to be living under a rock to not know of Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the largest wholesale business to business marketplaces in the world – and you can access it from the comfort of your own home.

Something lesser known, however is that the company that runs Alibaba also offers two sister sites – Aliexpress and Alibaba Wholesale. For some importers, their needs may be better met by one of Alibaba’s sister sites – so we’ve created this blog post comparing the three to help you out.

Alibaba is one of the world’s largest marketplaces; it’s a worldwide trading platform for B2B opportunities. Mainly populated by Chinese factories and manufacturers, Alibaba offers importers a platform in which to reach out to and communicate to their potential suppliers.

As it is a business to business platform, Alibaba does not cater to regular consumers. This means that there are incredibly high minimum order requirements (typically in the thousands) – however, this means that the price per unit is much lower.

When engaging suppliers on Alibaba, you must email and communicate with them before being able to order. Often, you’ll have to negotiate a price – unlike typical online portals, you do not simply add to bag and checkout. This can add a lot of time to the process – and frustration. Often, people will approach Chinese suppliers with the wrong demeanor and get ignored, or may have a sub-par buying experience.

There a lot of reasons that this can occur, but here a few common reasons:

  • Suppliers are not the ones fighting for your business; if anything, you’re fighting for theirs.
  • You’re making yourself sound too small and unprofessional; all of which leads to you being an unreliable buyer and a waste of their time.
  • Your request was too vague; it’s actually a lot harder to provide a quote than people often assume – requests that are too vague don’t encourage response.

We’ve written a post explaining why your relationship with your supplier is such a critical part of your business and helping you understand how best to build one: Building A Relationship With Your Chinese Supplier And Why It’s Important.

The positive side to this, however, is that there is much more opportunity to converse with your supplier and often customize or alter your product. This negotiation period allows for you to drive the price down, or find economically suitable options for you. Cultivating a business relationship with your supplier can actually be incredibly beneficial for you as an importer because a lot of your final product depends on your relationship with your supplier.


Aliexpress is the retail branch to the Alibaba umbrella. You can find the same manufacturers on both platforms usually, but Aliexpress is open for and targeted at consumers. It functions like any other online e-commerce store and is where many factories sell their goods at market rate.

Due to this, there are no minimum order requirements – but the prices are much higher.

However, the interface of Aliexpress is much more familiar and issue free. As it’s a platform built for consumers, it functions like a regular shop – you add your goods to your cart and buy them. This is a great way to get samples of your manufacturer’s work before you commit to buying from them.

Features of Aliexpress:

  • No minimum order quantity – you can buy one item. Like a normal online store, you can buy individual items and there’s no minimum quantity. If you’re ordering a small amount of stock, or just buying a product to conduct market research, Aliexpress could be better.
  • Low unit price compared to our market – but higher price than wholesale. Aliexpress prices are, a vast majority of the time, a lot cheaper than what you’d find on Amazon, but compared to wholesale they’re massively higher.
  • Free shipping is usually on offer. Most products being sold on Aliexpress come with complimentary free shipping – which can be a massive cost when you import from overseas usually.
  • Easy shopping interface; very familiar. Shopping on Aliexpress is as simple as shopping on Amazon!
  • Long shipping time. While the shipping may be free, shipping from Aliexpress can take a very long time – up to 60 days!
  • No need to talk to suppliers. As with normal online shopping, when you buy on Aliexpress you don’t have to interact with the manufacturer before your goods are shipped out to you; no negotiating or emails back and forth, just a “Buy Now” button!
  • Alibaba Wholesale

    Alibaba Wholesale is the middle ground between the two. While still operating on a wholesale model, the minimum order requirements are lower than Alibaba, but higher than Aliexpress – and the prices are higher than Alibaba, but less than Aliexpress. It’s almost like the dip-your-toes-in-the-water version.

    Alibaba Wholesale, however, comes with some pretty cool features of its own. One is the predicted retail price and the “High Profit Margin” marker.

    These are great metrics for importers to look at and are really good indicators of what products are profitable and how much you can expect to make. Shippo; alibaba wholesale, alibaba uk, aliexpress vs alibaba, trends

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    Buyer Protection

    Returns accepted if product not as described, buyer pays return shipping fee; or keep the product & agree refund with seller.

    On-time Delivery 60 days

    Full refund if product isn’t received in 60 days

    Алиэкспресс buy one take

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    The answer is simple. Go to DHgate and start shopping for fake New Balance shoes instead. If you are familiar with Aliexpress, DHgate will be easy to use. The portal is almost like Aliexpress and you can find tons of reliable sellers, selling cheap NB shoes. Quality is the same as shops used to have at Aliexpress. This is because it is the exact same shops who have moved their business to the DHgate platform instead.

    How to find replica New Balance shoes at DHgate.com?

    Like Aliexpress you have to search for the model name and leave out the trademark name. However, this does not count for New Balance shoes. Here you can just use the trademark name and tons of sellers will show up – check them out HERE

    New Balance replicas quality review

    By first glance the NB shoes from Aliexpress look quite genuine. Well the box they came in was not a very good knock-off. It was made of thin cardboard and was pretty damaged by the long trip from China.

    Anyways, the shoe quality is what is important and it seems to be good. Don’t know how genuine New Balance shoes feel to wear but these replicas feel comfy. I’m pretty impressed that you can buy a pair of good shoes including shipping, for as little as 20 bucks. I am not sure if the color combination I bought actually exists. I certainly can’t find it on any of the New Balance retail sites. But who cares anyway?

    Trusted DHgate seller of NB shoes

    Finding New Balance at Aliexpress

    If you want to search for replica New Balance shoes at Aliexpress. Try search for “famous brand shoes” and look through the results. Terms like NB shoes does unfortunately not work anymore.. But it is very difficult finding any at all. It seems like a waste of time. Instead go back up and read the DHgate section of this post again and click the link.

    Replica New Balance Aliexpress shoe size

    I bought a size 10,5 US which was the biggest they have. Normally I’m a size 10 (US) and that was okay for me. I would buy a size 11 next time if that was possible. Point is that I would regard my readers to buy one size bigger if possible. Always buy one see bigger from Aliexpress and DHgate than your normal size. Read more about Aliexpress shoe size.

    AliExpress Promo Codes & Coupons

    Updated Tuesday, November 27, 20180 verified promo codes | 5 total coupons

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    Would you recommend AliExpress to friends & family?

    AliExpress competes in the China Wholesale Stores industry and offers promo codes and coupons for discounts on its website. The company last offered a coupon on November 27, 2018 and currently has 5 active promo codes and coupons on its website. AliExpress may offer additional promotional codes and discount offers on its Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, or via its own homepage.

    Expert Savings Tips

    • AliExpress offers free shipping all the time on their website. This means you can get a free shipping discount at aliexpress.com without a promo code. See their shipping policies page for more details on shipping rates and discounts.
    • AliExpress maintains its own sales and clearance page. You can find current sales and clearance items for AliExpress on their own website at their clearance and discounts page.

    Similar stores

    Where to enter your AliExpress code

    You’ve come this far to get your AliExpress discount, but how do you actually redeem your code?


    Best AliExpress Finds & Deals: Gadgets, Electronics, Geeky and Under $1

    Can I use gift cards on AliExpress?

    Gift cards are a common present among relatives with bad imagination. If you have one laying around, and if you are anything like me, a though of using this card to buy something very useful (as always) on AliExpress may have crossed your mind.


    Can I use my gift card on AliExpress?

    A quick answer: yes. You most certainly can use gift cards on AliExpress.

    There are no special cards that are explicitly prohibited from processing. E-Commerce websites like AliExpress are in the business of making money, so anything preventing them from making more money is counter-productive.

    If you are a first-time buyer, you may feel compelled to buy a git card for security reasons (there is a certain level of stress associated with putting your credit card on a new website). As I mentioned before, AliExpress is a safe website, so it may be an overkill; but if you are set on getting a gift card instead, note:

    The gift card that you are using must work for international orders.

    This is something you will want to check prior to buying the gift card. There are some cards that will not work online, there are cards that will not work outside of the country you buy it in. It would suck to get a card only to realize you can’t use it, so check first.

    If it is a new gift card, chances are you need to register it first before use (which normally can be done online). Also, stop wasting your time with trying to find the best deals. Because we already found all of them, and collected them all in one place – scroll below to see the latest finds.

    What Is Aliexpress A Scam Or A Really Good Platform To Buy Straight From The Manufacturer

    Name: Aliexpress
    Website: Aliexpress.com
    Price: Free to join as a buyer or seller (They only charge for gold distributor title and if you want to advertise)
    Owners: Jack Ma, Peng Lei
    Overall Rank: 60 out of 100 (score would have been higher if the buyer protection gets better)
    Verdict: Legit

    What Is Ali Express A Scam | Is Using Alibaba Express Still A Good Idea?

    Is AliExpress a scam or a great environment to buy items straight from the manufacturer?

    Alibaba Express or AliExpress is very similar to environments such as Ebay and Amazon but they are selling products from the manufacturer and not wholesaler selling to consumer, like with Ebay and Amazon.

    There are many AliExpress complaints out there claiming that sellers can do anything to the buyers and get away with it.

    Due to the fact that many different types of sellers are allowed to set up shop, it can be hard to police everyone.

    This is where being ready and knowing what to look for when using AliExpress is crucial.

    If you want to strike that great deal and resell products for a good profit, you want to be able to protect yourself.

    What is AliExpress all about?

    AliExpress was created to allow small business owners and individual people the unique opportunity to get in touch with the manufacturers that make products of all kinds, mainly from china.

    You can buy in these products in bulk quantities to sell for a profit or with AliExpress or you can get small orders all the way down to one item.

    If someone gets scammed by a seller that conducts business through AliExpress, the AliExpress team cannot do much at this time.

    It can cause many to think “is AliExpress safe?”

    The AliExpress selling platform can be safe if you know what to look for and how to conduct the right due diligence and background checks.

    The problem is that there is still a lot of AliExpress complaints floating around that are saying they do nothing for sellers.

    I’m sure that they’re just too big to handle a lot of the problems that come up now and are having a hard time controlling this monster.

    Looking For A Real Way To Start Selling Products Like With Ali-express But That You Control And Own?

    Run your e-commerce site without all the Ali Express fraudsters attached…

    Have you dreamed of working at home with no boss or company that tells you what to do?

    have you felt that a lot of the opportunities you have come across just don’t feel right…?

    …Well then you should start your very own blog and be in control of your business and not be controlled by the ebb and flow of Aliexpress!

    You can start as a beginner and learn to create an online business for yourself…. Earn money through affiliate marketing.

    What Is Ali Express About | Alibaba Vs AliExpress?

    The value of AliExpress is, if you find the right manufacturer, you can start selling your products on Amazon and Ebay.

    You can get a company to make products for very cheap that you can then go and make money with selling on different selling platforms.

    AliExpress is neat because it enables the small business owners and people just looking for more money to have a product manufactured and sold on Amazon and not really have to handle it very much.

    So What Is The difference Between Alibaba Vs AliExpress?

    This is a little tricky as they seem like basically the same thing at first glance.


    • Has international suppliers
    • Buyers have to make payments offline with Western Union and there is no way to track.
    • They cater to companies with rather large orders
    • Does huge orders by sea and air

    Alibaba.com is the leading selling platform for global wholesale trade that serves millions of suppliers and buyers around the world. Many of the people who sell on Alibaba are big manufacturers or import trading companies or resellers who sell rather larger orders.


    • Has mainly suppliers from China
    • Payments can be made online and the funds can be held in Escrow.
    • Caters to smaller companies and people with no minimum order.
    • Shipping on AliExpress is by air


    AliExpress is also a global retailer targeting consumers from all over the globe. The main goal of AliExpress is to offer products straight from the manufacturer at factory prices that you can also buy in small quantities, as low as just one item.

    Also AliExpress is here to almost be more of a business to consumers in a way, as Alibaba is just a B2B or business to business. Now don’t get me wrong AliExpress is mainly business to business but can also be business to individual which is really nice.

    If you’re wanting to get started in the import, export type business for yourself and not have to make a gigantic purchase AliExpress is a great start. This can also be nice if you want to buy a case of something for yourself at a cheap price and then sell it at a flea market or garage sale etc.

    This enables ordinary people to make connections with manufacturers and get products made for cheap and sell them wherever they feel is a good place.

    Is Ali Express A Scam Or What | AliExpress Complaints?

    What is AliExpress about.

    AliExpress is a branch from Alibaba and its main focus is offering products straight from the manufacturer in China.

    You can get much smaller order all the way down to just one item and not getting it from Alibaba in a huge order.

    This makes this platform almost a business to consumer platform and not just gigantic business to business orders with Alibaba.

    AliExpress Is the Sister Of Alibaba

    When you sign up for a Free membership with AliExpress you actually are registering with Alibaba.com at the same time.

    One of the main differences between Alibaba vs AliExpress is Alibaba has no payment tracking as they use Western Union.

    Alibaba focuses mainly on bigger orders business to business, while AliExpress is trying to become more “business to individual” or “business to small business” type of thing, where you can also get much smaller orders.

    Alipay To Save The Day?

    AliExpress was supposed to have created a safer way to pay using the “Alipay Escrow system.”

    Using this Escrow system, the funds are only released to the seller after the product is said to be received by the purchaser.

    This system was put in place after seeing the growing problem of sellers on Alibaba not delivering their products or the correct product.

    Well as it turns out the Escrow system has not completely resolved the problem of products not getting delivered.

    I have seen a few AliExpress complaints suggesting that even though the money was in Escrow they didn’t receive the product or get a refund as they requested.

    Then after waiting 85 days they got a refund.

    There are many saying that AliPay and only protecting the sellers is the Achilles heel of AliExpress and that even Alipay Escrow seems to still only protect the seller.

    Looking For A Real Way To Start Selling Products Like With Ali-express But That You Control And Own?

    Run your e-commerce site without all the Ali Express fraudsters attached…

    Have you dreamed of working at home with no boss or company that tells you what to do?

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    …Well then you should start your very own blog and be in control of your business and not be controlled by the ebb and flow of Aliexpress!

    You can start as a beginner and learn to create an online business for yourself…. Earn money through affiliate marketing.

    Is AliExpress A Good Idea To Even Try Out?

    Being able to find products straight from a manufacturer and sell them on places such as Ebay or Amazon can be very lucrative and many out there have already made millions doing this same thing.

    The question may be is it right for you or are the manufacturers from china mainly scammers, like many of the Aliexpress complaints out there claim.

    Well if you are savvy enough to buy and sell on Ebay or Amazon, I would say that AliExpress can be a very good thing if done correctly.

    It can be valuable to have all the manufacturers in one place.

    The problem with having everyone conveniently in one place is… you guessed it scammers and con artists.

    There can be shady scammers on there but that is an unfortunate problem with places that allow people to create businesses inside of their platform, system or environment.

    AliExpress or any other platform like it cannot control everyone and it can be hard to Police everybody and make everyone happy.

    Think The Government and Google and how they make one rule or change and millions of people could potentially get mad all at once.

    For example you would not blame Google and call it a scam if you got a bad result every now and again.

    That is just an unfortunate result of processing billions of pages of information.

    If it came back with poor results every time then there is a problem and Google would be considered a sham.

    Once you get really big you’re going to step on a lot more people’s toes and break a lot more eggs to make that omelette.

    Aliexpress seems to protect the sellers more than the buyers

    There may be a reason that they do things the way they do or they’re just confused on how to fix it.

    Possibly Jack Ma sees something that others are not seeing.

    For example Ebay seems to protect mainly the buyers more than the sellers.

    When Ebay decided to switch and give all the power to the buyers and cut the power off they gave to the sellers.

    Many six figure or even million dollar seller accounts were shut down indefinitely without any warning.

    This was happening if the buyer was just mad that things did not go their way and complained.

    Many buyers on Ebay sometimes didn’t realize the impact of leaving a negative feedback.

    Mainly negative detailed seller ratings or (DSR).

    Too many negative DSR ratings and that can get your account terminated permanently without any course of action or options to fix it most of the time.

    Some people thought they would just leave a scathing review just to make you lose a few sales. When really that could ruin a persons business.

    So the problem with Ebay and having the rules in favor for the buyers is you start getting many who will just complain if their mad but not realize the repercussions.

    I feel that when someone refunds your money without hassle they’re at least legitimate, as you do not have to keep it and then worst case scenario is you get some free info.

    The problem sometimes with legitimate products is everybody has a different opinion about if a product is helpful or not.

    When you give people “without any skin in-game” such as the buyers the power, they tend to abuse it as sellers on Ebay are learning.

    You can refund a buyer and still have problems on Ebay with competitors just trying to make you look bad or just to be nasty trying to screw with your account standings.

    Now this does not happen most of the time but it can and contributes to getting an account you worked hard on, shut down.

    The reason I’m saying this is, I think that maybe AliExpress is trying to start with mainly seller protection to get it started…

    Then who knows maybe they will do the same thing as Ebay and make it much more focused on buyer protection in the future.

    All I’m saying is with an open seller platform both can be negative and have angry people complaining.

    The problem with giving buyers all the power is they have less to lose than the seller.

    They’re typically much less educated on what ramifications their actions are causing and more liberal with saying anything when mad.

    So this I believe creates more scamming just mainly to the sellers instead of the buyers.

    Either one is not necessarily good or bad, as if you piss off the buyers no one will buy products… You screw over the sellers there will be much worse vendors and then they will start to decline in quality and customer service.

    For now if you’re going to use AliExpress, do your homework just like if you were going to buy a more expensive item on Ebay.

    There’s a few ways to at least safeguard yourself and get the best chance at getting what you want.

    Things That You Should Just Avoid Doing On AliExpress Just To Be Safe

    Buying higher priced physical items and electronics: These be bought with extreme caution as when the product is electronics, there are many things that can go wrong. Then you have to send it back and then there is a lot of trickery on both ends that can happen.

    They can also trick you into changing your negative feedback to positive to receive a refund and then string you along and wait 30 days until you can not change the feedback. Then after 30 days you can’t change your feedback.

    Then they can just not answer or refund your money.

    Then AliExpress does not have much they can do at that point… which you can sort of understand as this can happen so many times a day, where it would be nearly impossible to catch everyone.

    This is similar to someone telling a Police man to catch-all the criminals for good or they’re running a scam, as I do agree the justice system is flawed in many ways but I just wanted to make a point of how you would not expect crime to disappear only reduce over time or at least keep it at bay.

    Is AliExpress A Scam? | Is AliExpress Safe?

    Can You Trust AliExpress To Protect You Or Are You On Your Own?

    AliExpress will do what they can to try to protect you but when it comes down to it you’re a business operating with other businesses and if you made a bad business decision at a convention, you would not blame the convention.

    Aliexpress trade assurance program does not work very well as Alibaba or the supplier are not as of yet fixing the problem. I’m sure they are working on it though.
    It seems like for the most part people order things from AliExpress and are happy with the product and can sell them and make money with them but This is only when everything is going good.

    The main complaint I hear is buyers not getting help once someone has scammed them. This reminds me of when Ebay changed their rules and made it really hard for sellers. Buyers on Ebay could almost say and do anything and scam the sellers and get away with it, really you can still get away with it today.

    This is a hard thing to take care of as when you have a platform that just creates an environment for sellers of many backgrounds.

    You will get a few people who do not follow the rules but that should be expected… The main thing is you just need to know what to look out for so that you can safe guard yourself.

    First step is to make sure that the seller you’re looking to buy from has not already scammed someone else.

    A Few Things To Look For To Avoid Being Scammed By Un Truthful Sellers On AliExpress

    Alibaba has a “onsite check filter” and you can go to company profile and you can see about their factory information and see the type of manufacturing they do.

    This “onsite check” is an extra badge on sellers listings to see companies that Alibaba has personally confirmed and checked out their factory by a third-party.

    The seller in the image below is an example of a manufacturer that looks like quality seller.

    This is not on AliExpress but I think it is because it’s not very effective as it has not stopped scams from happening on Alibaba.

    Still if you use only verified, onsite checked sellers, you have better chances of never getting scammed.

    With AliExpress you need to just make sure you get into contact with them and ask them lots of questions.

    Then if you trust them, get that first sample item.

    • So you are going to want to Check their reports
    • Make sure they have been verified as a real factory or manufacturer with “onsite check”
    • Also look to see if they have manufactured for a while and the length of time they have sold those products

    Then do a google search of their address, phone number or contact or business listing names, just to see if any scams attached to them.

    Here is a site dedicated to Alibaba scammers and exposing them you can find a list of some of the known scammer here.

    Don’t Use Western Union

    Never pay with Western Union and you really should not even pay with PayPal. If you really want to be safe. Always pay with secure payments such as Alibamu’s Escrow service.

    There is a problem with using PayPal as the suppliers that do not have Escrow under their listings will ask you to pay with PayPal. Watch out this can be a trick.

    Don’t Even Use PayPal At Least Until You Can Find A Seller You Trust.

    Using PayPal does not seem like a problem to most people as many do this on Ebay. When you pay with PayPal on Alibaba, the transaction is then away from AliExpress and therefore you can’t leave feedback, cause technically no transaction was recorded being made. Then you are not able to leave bad feedback if the product was not sent.

    This is what has happened to people who buy from AliExpress and Alibaba using PayPal, not all the time but is another thing that you can get scammed by.

    look through the list and then find those suppliers and see what they have in common. Find a bunch of good suppliers and see what good things they have in common.

    If you look at five scammers and five good sellers then you should have a good idea of some of the differences of the two. They change all the time as some scammers are good at faking but only certain parts as you can’t fake good customer service or answering questions up front etc.

    Don’t Automatically Trust The Gold Supplier Rating As They Are A Paid Rank

    People used to think that you could trust the gold suppliers but many are starting to find out that the Gold Supplier ranking does not mean anything and the person could be a con man for all they know.

    As long as someone pays the are Gold and that does not show realistic metrics or rank of any kind other than the fact that you have money to spend on the Gold Rating every year.

    If you are interested you can read more about the Gold Supplier Fraud here.

    sometimes you can see the sellers rating and feedback and still not know even if that is real.

    The Reason

    It is due to the fact that people have 30 days to edit their feedback and sellers will try to bribe buyers when the order goes wrong.

    How Can They Do This?

    The System is faulty as when you try for a refund most of the time you just have to show evidence of the faulty product and then they will refund your money. The problem is this is not always the case, as sometimes the seller will offer you a refund if you leave them a 5 star rating.

    They will try to do this many of the times when they have defective orders. So you are left having to say nice things about a company just so you can get a return.

    The reason you can’t just get a return is the seller has many ways to be unethical and the buyer is usually left without any other options but to either give positive feedback or just not get a refund.

    Then you have a last resort option of using AliExpress Arbitration but that basically just leads to the seller keeping your money and for some reason or another Alibaba at the moment is not able to do much about it. Again this is only transactions with a scammer as typically they will work fine.

    Most Of The Time AliExpress Manufacturers Are Willing To Work With You And Are Reasonable

    As a rule of thumb, you want to always go as small as you can on your first order

    • Learn as much as you can about the shipper
    • Prepare for delays as they can happen coming from China
    • Ask for cost savings with the manufacturer and see if you can bundle orders or join another shipment that could save you time and money.

    You always want to stay away from anything that says they’re selling a name brand item like Nike or Disney etc as they will be fake.

    So once you find someone you like, you would want to contact the supplier and ask how you can get a sample through DHL and you may need to get a few samples ordered from different vendors to check difference in quality for the price.

    Then once you see the product you can also ask for changes This is why you want to start with a sample. They will show the price per unit on the listings and you can work out how much a sample would cost by just contacting them.

    If you like the design and quality you will want to order a few of them to make sure they will sell.

    If it looks like they are going to sell, then it’s time to get a larger order.

    When you get your first order you can also contact the manufacturer, remember to ask if you can get a smaller quantity for your first order and typically they will do this and just charge more per item

    So if the minimum order is a quantity of 3000 for 20 cents each which would be $600 and you ask for a smaller order… they could give you an order with the quantity of 300 for 50 cents each which would only be $150.

    Then you will just make a smaller profit in the beginning but at least you can test the market and how they sell. If they don’t sell very well you would not have 3000 items to get rid of or anything like that.

    The other thing you can do is once you get bigger, you can use companies such as Shapiro and they will consult you about importing and they have good reviews about them so they can be something that you could check out in the future.

    • So you always want to ask for samples
    • Consider an agent like Shapiro
    • Be discriminating on Aliexpress
    • Keep Backup suppliers just in case you expand or want to renegotiate your contract.

    Always research the suppliers website and any reviews that you can find online.

    When it comes down to it AliExpress is a great place to get products for cheap and sell online or anywhere you can.

    The main problem with this system is the fact that the buyers are let down when the seller is a scammer as there is not much in place to stop the seller and the buyer just ends up losing out.

    There’s good suppliers and when they’re honest, typically the transaction goes smoothly….

    So really when using AliExpress you just have to look at it like Ebay. You have to go in educated on what to look for, as there is legit sellers and scam artist.

    Until AliExpress is able to crack down better on seller fraud, you really need to know what you’re looking for, as AliExpress is a risk and not 100% safe.

    The image above shows what a pretty good seller looks like.

    They’re selling a basic product that is NOT electronic or trademarked or NOT from a scam area in China like Fujian… (a place known for more scams and complaints that come from there.)

    This type of item could be sold relatively easily and has a great rating that is probably enough to give this a trial sample order.

    The bad sellers are figuring out loopholes in the system… Alibaba will try to reduce it but with an open selling platform like Alibaba I’m not sure that it will ever be 100% safe.

    So you need to asses the risk vs the reward and see if it’s worth it to you to roll the dice.

    Any company like Alibaba such as Amazon and Ebay continue to have these types of problems.

    When you get that big and have an open selling platform there will be some angry people no matter what.

    It seems to be a blessing and a curse that Alibaba grew so quickly but just like all the others… They’re still working out the kinks.

    If you don’t have the money to gamble I would say to wait until you do, before you start buying in products from Alibaba or AliExpress.

    Things That You Need To Watch Out For When Buying From A Manufacturer On AliExpress

    • Never believe any listing claiming that they are selling big name brand, trade marked products.
    • Sellers that offer a large choice of products as they are most likely a trading company and typically will not get very good deals.
    • Sellers that are not very good at answering your questions in detail or they do not even respond.
    • Sellers from a region called Fujian in China as this region gets many complaints and it for some reason seems to be a hot bed for many scammers.
    • Sellers that do not use the same name throughout all correspondence.
    • Sellers that do not give the city that they are located at.
    • Make sure you inspect your first sample item very carefully as seller have been known to put similar item but that are not the same specifications that you agreed to buying.

    Also if your making sure that you are doing your due diligence and Google search the name, address and city of the seller and any other info that you can.

    Typically a scam will show itself fairly easily after you start researching it. You will be fine if you know what to look for, like everything above and in this article.

    Is Ali Express A Scam | My Thoughts AliExpress

    So Is AliExpress A Scam?

    In my opinion I would say NO… but with that being said, it does have it’s fair share of scammers.

    This program has many things that you need to watch out for but the platform itself is not a scam…

    Aliexpress is just simply a vehicle that happens to be used by scammers as well as legitimate manufacturers.

    I do understand that the real problem is the fact that many buyers are having a hard time getting help when things do go wrong.

    So the one thing that seems like needs to happen is for AliExpress to start creating a little better safety protection for buyers.

    Possibly a new buyer walk through video on how to safeguard yourself.

    Also cracking down on finding better ways to control shady sellers posing as real manufacturers.

    This is probably already in the works but with a company like Alibaba it can definitely takes some time to carry out plans that effect millions of people.

    I can understand why they seem like they haven’t done anything as they’re probably just in a tough spot that is hard to find the right solution… When the company is already a huge machine.

    You help the sellers and the buyers get mad, you help the buyers and the sellers get mad.

    I guess we will see if Alibaba will take on some tips from Ebay and Amazons practices sometime in the future.

    Until then, if you have a little money to spend and want to try it out, I would say go for it.

    I would not really suggest buying things on AliExpress unless you understand where you’re going to sell these products first.

    Unless you’re just going to buy one knock off item at a time for yourself, I would make sure you know what you’re getting into.

    Also understand what market actually has a need for that product that you’re thinking of buying…

    What outlet are you going to use to sell them.

    Just make sure to safe guard yourself and be sure the sellers background checks out ok.

    So Just to Recap If you…

    1. Do your research
    2. Ask enough questions
    3. Look at their reviews
    4. Do a Google search for them
    5. Use a secure payment and not Western Union
    6. Put your money in Alipay escrow
    7. Only order small sample at first

    Then you should be good to go.

    Doing all this should protect yourself from the majority of the scammers.

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    Have You had good or bad experiences with AliExpress As Buyer Or Seller. I would love to hear about it in the comment section.

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