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Best AliExpress Finds & Deals: Gadgets, Electronics, Geeky and Under $1

Things you can get for $1 or less from AliExpress – Vol. 1

Listen here, pal. We have been around for over 5 years now. We have seen it all: the most ridiculous and the best-selling items out there.

AliExpress is pretty well-known for the abundance of awesomely inexpensive products. I’m sure we all at least once bought something only because it was dirt cheap, just to see what it’ll be like – I know I have (here is an unboxing video, where I show the things that I bought for $1 or less). If you are new to AliExpress, check out How To Shop on AliExpress. The rest – please keep reading.

And while there still are countries where people make less than $5 a day, most of us would consider anything that costs less than $1 practically free. And here are some of the cheapest yet (somewhat) useful things that we found for you.

12 Buying From China Tips

Incl AliExpress and other marketplaces

From sandals to sticker sets, watches to clothes, it’s possible to grab goods at a fraction of the normal cost via Chinese and other east Asian sellers.

Yet you’ll need to keep your wits about you to avoid unexpected customs charges and shoddy goods – for this reason we think it’s best to stick to items under £15.

This guide has 12 ways to save on leading Chinese online shopping platform AliExpress and other marketplaces that link you with Chinese traders.

12 buying from China tips, including.

  • Many items are under £2 WITH delivery
  • ‘I’ve bought over 150 things from AliExpress’
  • Factor in delivery – it’s often free
  • Plan well in advance
  • You have few consumer rights
  • Keep it below £15 & you shouldn’t pay tax
  • Check if stuff’s cheaper here first
  • Pay the right way
  • How to check out sellers on AliExpress
  • Avoid electronics, toys & make-up
  • Beware of fake goods
  • Buy small items to start with

This is the first incarnation of this guide. Please give us feedback, suggest improvements and share your tips in the Buying From China forum thread.

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Know what you’re doing and you can grab items for under £2, INCLUDING delivery

Discount stores such as Poundland make a killing by buying items from China at rock-bottom prices and flogging them here. So why not cut out the middleman? Giant online marketplaces such as AliExpress* let individual traders from East Asia sell direct to UK buyers.

Know what you’re doing and it’s possible to pick up huge bargains.The biggest categories include clothing, shoes, homeware, accessories, watches and stationery.

When we checked, we found the following examples, all including postage. Bear in mind the price in pounds might rise or fall, depending on currency fluctuations.

  • £1.73 striped T-shirts (we found similar for £5 at New Look).
  • 60p iPhone 6/6s cases (comparable basic cases are £3.82 on Amazon).
  • 22p women’s belts (similar cost £1.99 on Amazon).

This isn’t a straightforward click-and-buy situation though. Just as with eBay, there are no guarantees – the deal’s only as good as the seller you buy from, so check feedback thoroughly.

You have fewer rights than when buying from the UK and also need to factor in customs and delivery charges. Plus you need to beware of fakes and consider safety issues.

For more shopping tactics and techniques, see our Cheap Online Shopping, Amazon Tricks, eBay Buying Tips and Shopping Secrets guides.

AliExpress: the big name in buying from China

When it comes to buying goods directly from China, there’s one site which dominates – AliExpress.


You might have heard of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which mostly sells in bulk. AliExpress* is its consumer arm, where sellers flog everything from bikinis to headphones.

How big is it? It has thousands of sellers selling millions of products.

How does payment work? You pay by credit or debit card. AliExpress uses an ‘escrow’ payment system, where it holds your payment in an account and only releases it to the seller after you confirm satisfactory delivery.

It does eventually release the cash to the seller even if you don’t confirm you’ve got the goods and are happy with them though, as long as you haven’t raised a dispute – the timescale depends on the product.

Any protection offered?
The company’s buyer protection scheme means that, should your goods not arrive or not be as described, you can open a dispute*. The time you have to do this varies by seller – this info’s in the ‘Product Details’ for each product. If the seller doesn’t resolve the issue, you can escalate the dispute* to AliExpress – its team looks into the issue and decides who’s in the right.

Big name UK sites that cover Chinese sellers

While AliExpress specialises in goods from China, several other big-name marketplaces also connect you with sellers from east Asia. Some traders sell on a few different sites and vary their prices, so for belt and braces it’s worth checking these too.

Amazon Marketplace

If goods say ‘sold by’ someone other than Amazon* , then they’re on Marketplace, where traders sell via Amazon. Many of these are based overseas. Amazon doesn’t make it clear where sellers are located – you need to click on the seller’s ID — its business address shiould appear under ‘Detailed Seller Information’ on the seller’s page..

How big is it? Marketplace has more than two million sellers worldwide.

How does payment work? You probably know the drill. Just as with any Amazon.co.uk purchase, you pay by credit or debit card.

Any protection offered? Amazon’s A-to-Z* guarantee covers an item not arriving or not being as described. Amazon says you can get back up to £2,500 of the purchase price, including delivery charges. Overseas sellers on Amazon.co.uk must provide a local return shipping address or pre-pay your return shipping. See our Amazon Buying Tips guide for more pointers.

The ubiquitous online marketplace eBay* is ripe for bargain-hunting from east Asia too. Just search as you normally would, and check the ‘item location’ under ‘Postage’ in listings.

How big is it? The site boasts over 25 million sellers.

How does payment work? You can pay by PayPal, credit card or debit card.

Any protection offered? Under eBay’s buyer protection rules, buyers are eligible for a refund if the item’s not as described or doesn’t arrive. See our eBay Buying guide for more.

It started as an online home for all things crafty – now Etsy sells clothes, jewellery, homewares and more, produced by people from across the world, from the UK to China.

How big is it? It has 1.9 million sellers and over 45 million items for sale worldwide.

How does payment work?
You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Any protection offered? Buyers can file a case for non-delivery or a not-as-described item. If the seller doesn’t resolve the issue, Etsy’s team decides whether to issue a refund.

‘I’ve bought over 150 things from AliExpress. I love it’ – some inspiration before you start

We’ve had reports of huge successes from buying from AliExpress and similar marketplaces. Here’s some inspiration – please do tell us your successes and include links to the products if possible.

Forumite sillygoose says:

My purchase history from AliExpress is now over 150 purchases. I must admit I love it! My wife has a huge collection of office dresses from Ali costing £10 to £15, good quality and fit. Tools, watches, trainers. One of my recent favourites? A set of real ceramic-blade kitchen knives at £7.82 delivered!

I do loads on AliExpress, mostly phone cases and jewellery, but I recently bought a pair of wireless headphones for £11.50. They arrived and were actually very, very good indeed.

I recently got into cycling and ordered cycling tops and shorts from AliExpress, which came to £15. While they took 3-4 weeks to arrive, the quality was as good as that of a UK shop, but at a fraction of the price.

However, it doesn’t always work out so well .

I ordered two very cheap watches [from AliExpress] that looked great in the photos, but were like something out of a cracker with huge faces on them. The plastic front looked like it would break if it knocked against anything.

Factor in delivery – it’s often free.

For a true picture of the total cost, it’s important to include the cost of postage to make sure you really are getting a bargain.

Many items often have free – albeit slow – delivery. But always double-check postage charges before buying.

For example, when we checked at random, we found £6 bikinis, £1 belts and £1 yoga mat bags with free postage to the UK.

However, for bigger items postage can sometimes be pretty steep. We found a £32 suitcase with £18 delivery and a £54 giant inflatable flamingo where delivery cost a whopping £43.

. But delivery can take six weeks, so plan well in advance

Online shops based in China and elsewhere in east Asia are not the places to grab last-minute birthday and Christmas gifts. Items from east Asia typically take 3-6 weeks to arrive. However, goods can take longer if they’re held up by either UK customs or customs in the country they’re sent from.

Many sellers offer expedited delivery for an additional fee. However, there can still be customs hold-ups which are outside their control, so question if it’s worth it.

Forumite paddyrg sums it up:

I’ve used AliExpress for several years. I’ve had plenty of VERY SLOW deliveries, but never a non-delivery.

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You have few consumer rights, so don’t spend more than you’re happy to lose

Let’s be straight – buying online from China is a relatively new and untested concept, so don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

If you buy online from a seller in the UK or EU, the Consumer Contracts Regulations mean you can cancel the order within 14 days of arrival for any reason (apart from perishable or personalised goods). You’ve then 14 days to send it back. So you’ve the comfort of knowing you can return it regardless of the reason. See our Consumer Rights guide for more.

This is in stark contrast to buying from China, where you’ve often no legal right to return an item, even if faulty. Many of the sites listed here have their own buyer protection policies (as described in the top sites section above), but these are not the law.

Even if sellers let you return orders, the postage costs are often so high that it’s not worth it.

Keep your order below £15 and you shouldn’t pay any tax

The thorn in the bed of roses that is buying from China is tax and customs. This is another reason why AliExpress is best for small, cheap bits. Buy goods under £15 and you shouldn’t pay any VAT, customs or handling charges.

What you pay depends on the item’s value, but an easy rule of thumb is that above £15, customs, delivery and VAT charges can add 30-40% to the list price. So first ensure you know what you’ll pay – the pricier the item, the bigger the fees.

  • 20% VAT. Buy goods worth more than £15 online from non-EU online retailers and you need to pay 20% VAT. This is calculated based on the total package cost, regardless of how many items are in it. It’s charged on the full price of the package, not just items with a value that exceeds £15.

  • Customs duty. On top of that, customs duty applies to items shipped from outside the EU if they’re valued at £135 or more. The duty rate depends on the value, what the item is and where it comes from.

There are about 16,500 custom duty classifications for products, with average percentages between 5% and 9%. However, customs duty can sometimes be as low as 0% or as high as 71%, depending on the goods in question.

  • £8 Royal Mail customs charge handling fee. On top of this, Royal Mail charges an £8 fee if you need to pay customs charges (fees vary for other couriers).
  • What to buy on AliExpress – Survival Guide

    What should I buy on AliExpress? This is probably the most frequently asked question by new readers, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as many parts of the world still haven’t heard a lot about AliExpress. In fact, a lot of people start readings us with a certain distrust of the Chinese webpage, having only heard about it recently.

    What is AliExpress?

    The best way to start this article is to explain and give an introduction on what AliExpress is all about. It has become quite a bit of a cliché, but the best way to understand AliExpress, is by comparing it with Amazon: it’s a platform for suppliers to come together and sell their product online.

    Obviously, any shops or sellers wanting to be a part of the AliExpress platform have to follow its rules, its transparency policy, and its protection and customer service. And they are very strict.

    If the sellers don’t follow the rules, AliExpress will take them out of the platform, ensuring a safe shopping platform for its users. In essence, AliExpress is a platform that connects sellers and buyers and works as an intermediary that protects the customer from any scams or problems that may arise.

    Interesting fact: just to give you an idea of how quickly the platform is expanding worldwide (Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Italy, Brasil, Portugal, United States…) and is growing to incredible dimensions, last year AliExpress invoiced four times more than Ebay and Amazon together.

    What to buy in AliExpress?

    AliExpress has 100 million products, you can find literarily anything: from cheap necklaces for mere cents to fiber optic fusion splicers that can cost thousands of Euros.

    The AliExpress catalogue is so wide, we are never going to be able to cover every kind of product in AlixBlog, but we intend to keep on writing about different products so you can be as informed as you can when you go to the platform.

    The most popular products in AliExpress

    The following links will take you to a few of the articles we’ve been writing here on AlixBlog. In them, we’ll tell you exactly how to find these products, the acronyms you need to use and recommendations on the best rated sellers in each department.

    • Cellphones – Everyday more people are choosing to buy their cellphones from AliExpress, they are cheap and customers tend to be very satisfied with the quality. The best selling brands are Xiaomi (with the Xiaomi Mi4 at the top of the class) and iPhone (yes, original), but there are also a lot of good Chinese brands such as Huawei, Jiayu, HTC, Meizu or Lenovo.
    • Cheap Tablets: Tablets are another one of AliExpress’s star products. Because most tables are made in China, you can find incredibly cheap prices in AliExpress.
    • Converse All Star – Not all Converse models are as easy to find in AliExpress, but if you are looking for classic Converse All Star, you’re in luck. Lately the original Converse catalogue is getting massive, and for half the price than in usual shops!
    • Nike – In AliExpress there are thousand of Nike product sellers, especially sneakers such as the
    • New Balance – New Balance sneakers are one of AliExpress’s star products. (There aren’t very many left now)
    • North Face – AliExpress sellers offer very good quality North Face products, as can be seen by customer reviews, they couldn’t be happier! Click on the link to go to a list of acronyms for North Face products (Not many available lately)
    • Handbags – Handbag are also quite popular in AliExpress.
    • Cellphone cases – Being small and cheap, they are the perfect product to buy in AliExpress. You can’t complaint about lack of variety: there is more than 10 thousand different kinds of cases!

    We are here to help!

    This obviously is only a small sample of all the stuff you can buy on AliExpress, so the best thing you can do is to go in and take a look around yourselves. Finally, do remember that here at AlixBlog we work hard to help you, so if you have any doubts left, please leave us a comment or send us an email, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


    Aliexpress is a Chinese wholesale marketplace provided by alibaba.com, one of the largest B2B online marketplaces. You can order wholesale products as low as 1 item with express delivery with full tracking to the whole world. Aliexpress uses Escrow which holds the payment until you confirm delivery which makes it safe as well!

    AliExpress is cheaper than other similar sites

    Many products sold on, for an example Ebay, are actually from AliExpress and alibaba. Stores on Ebay sell the goods directly via dropshipping. If you want the best bargains, start shopping at Aliexpress – It is safer and cheaper but still be aware of fraudsters as they look for victims everywhere. I have bought many miserable products on Aliexpress, especially in the beginning, but if you are aware you will end up being a satisfied buyer.

    Things to be aware of:

    • If the price is too good to be true, it almost ALWAYS IS (always compare with other shops that sell the same items)
    • If the seller asked me to pay directly to his/her bank account, what should I do? Immediately stop the contact!
    • If they ask you to confirm delivery before receiving the order.

    Since Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba.com I felt it is important to let my readers know if Aliexpress could be trusted or are they operating with some of the same unethical strategies that are giving Alibaba.com a bad reputation.

    AliExpress founded in 2009 as a marketplace offering products at factory prices direct from China. Orders can be as small as a single item.

    The Aliexpress.com website is featured on the Alibaba.com website. When signing up for free at AliExpress, you are actually registering with Alibaba.com at the same time.

    Unlike Alibaba, payment for products purchased through AliExpress.com are held by Escrow Alipay system and is only released to the seller once the product is received by the purchaser. This system was put in place to overcome one of the biggest challenges Alibaba.com was experiencing, non delivery of products.

    What Are The Main Differences Between AliExpress and Alibaba?

    1: All vendors on AliExpress are from China where whereas Alibaba has international suppliers as well.

    2: Aliexpress.com payments are made online when the order is placed and funds are held by Escrow. Buyers at Alibaba make payments offline via Western Union so no way to track your money.

    3: Unlike Alibaba which address mostly to companies with large orders, AliExpress sells goods to both companies and individuals with no minimal order requirement.

    What Do You Need To Be Aware Of Before Making A Purchase Through AliExpress?

    The use of an Escrow-based Alipay system to manage payments between sellers and customers may help to prevent the non delivery of products – a concern of customers and one of the major stumbling blocks with Alibaba.com. However, there are problems that it won’t solve.

    Buyers generally need to examine the shops very carefully, both at Alibaba and AliExpress, before making any purchases.

    AliExpress and Alibaba are not a scams, but there are unethical sellers. So be careful and do some research before buying anything. Always consider testing the products by making a small order before investing any significant amount of money in huge orders.

    Aliexpress reviews and prices in general

    Most things are incredibly cheap in China compared to prices in Europe and America. The prices are even cheaper if you buy big bulk products directly from the factory produces. How big the price difference is from Western prices, depends on which products it is, but the price in China is somewhere between 1/5-1/10. That makes it quite profitable to buy or import from China.

    For example, you can buy t-shirts for between 1-8$, you can buy jewelry for 1-10$, pashmina scarves 2-5$ , lego 1/2-1$, children’s shoes 3-6$, lamps 8-16$, bicycles 70-100$, wetsuit 30-50$ etc.

    It is possible to import as a private person but most do impoort for resale, as part of a business or when starting up a webshop. On Aliexpress you can import individual products, as a private person. And just because the commodities are so much cheaper in China compared to Denmark, then it is ok to spend money on freight and customs clearance.

    But if you want to avoid the hassle, there are companies that can take care of the entire process for you.

    However, remember when you want to start importing from China, first check the price difference on what you want to buy, so you are sure that it pays off. Also check the quality, because sometimes the products are cheaper because the quality is similar “cheap”. For example Diesel pants for 60 kr, does not last as long as Diesel pants for 600 kr, because something inferior quality fabric is used. Be sure to get samples and talk with the factory about the desired quality, so you’re sure to get what you want and what you pay for.

    You will often see some negative Aliexpress reviews because there are some unethical sellers who either send bad products or do not send anything at all. Therefore it is highly recommended to check if the seller has any bad reviews or feedback. Actually you should both check the product review / feedback and the seller rating. Go for anything above 97% positive seller feedback if possible. Many Aliexpress products also have lots of reviews if you google them.

    Aliexpress offers free delivery to the UK, US and most other countries

    One thing I love about Aliexpress is the free delivery that is almost always included in the price. I really cant understand how it is possible to buy items less than a dollar including free shipping. In Denmark shipping is always very expensive unless you buy in huge quantities. Bottom line is that I don’t get it, but I love it!

    Best Things to Buy on AliExpress 2018 For Dropshipping

    Shopaholics who are always on the lookout for amazing deals will agree that there is no better place to be than AliExpress. As a regular shopper at AliExpress I have enjoyed my experience buying t-shirts, jackets, computer peripherals, stickers, well-being items, and gaming merchandise. However, there are millions of other best AliExpress products to browse through on the massive eStore. Today, we look at the best things to buy on AliExpress 2018. I break down the list into several sections so we can look at several categories, while browsing through lots of cool items to buy on AliExpress.

    Learn how you can easily find the next best selling product for your online store. Find 9 practical hacks in this book that you can easily apply to find the most profitable products for your ecommerce store.

    Why You Should buy on AliExpress for Dropshipping

    AliExpress offers the cheapest items you will ever find. It’s even better than Alibaba in a way because it offers you to buy items individually which means you can buy single items when orders come making the whole dropshipping process easier.

    Since AliExpress offers the cheapest rates on items, it means that you can make higher profits by setting up decent profit margins. So, if you want to earn serious profits (think around 30-40% margins) then you should use AliExpress for drop shipping as it makes it easier to set such profit margins on the products.

    Best Things to Buy on AliExpress – Let’s Choose the Products Wisely

    We kick off with a look at the AliExpress best products, irrespective of category. Here’s what to buy on AliExpress.

    May it be a casual t-shirt, a formal suit, a Halloween costume, a wedding dress etc., AliExpress has it. Not just my favorite products to buy from AliExpress but for millions of other people too. The clothing categories are so popular that they are listed as the first two choices in the sidebar navigation menu.

    The great aspect that categories are further divided into sub-categories and then again further divided into niches. There is a dedicated ‘Hot Sale’ feature, which offers latest deals and discounts plus there are over 40 categories to choose from. Buyers can enjoy different clothing fashions year round, while dropshippers can keep selling.

    I am a t-shirt fan and hence the best thing to buy from AliExpress for me. Similarly, you can look into other clothing including jackets, coats, suits, dresses, kids clothing, underwear, night wear and much more. AliExpress also carries a massive line of accessories also sourced from Chinese manufacturers, with regular sale events almost every month.

    The Google Trend for “AliExpress Clothing” is upwards, which means that the market is now picking up for the holiday season and may well run through January-February. Similarly, the current trends for jackets is also picking up on AliExpress.

    A very popular category and one of the best products on AliExpress. Being one of the coolest products to buy on AliExpress watches are also very affordable. There are six sub-categories to browse through in this section. These include:

    • Fine Jewelry
    • Wedding & Engagement
    • Men’s Watches
    • Women’s Watches
    • Fashion Jewelry
    • Beads & DIY Jewelry

    Great Prices

    Watches on AliExpress start from $2 going all the way up to expensive higher end goods. these are one of the top AliExpress products. You can also shop by brand, with over 25 brands listed when you browse. AliExpress buyer reviews are a brilliant help in this section allowing both buyers & dropshipping sellers to actively evaluate products. In addition, real time supplier reviews are brilliant to determine the quality of service & delivery.

    Smart & Analog Designs

    Watches are one of the best items on AliExpress with a selection between analog & digital designs. You can also choose from items for couples, him, her, and children allowing dropshippers a great opportunity for niches. Also, there are products that only require ‘pay shipping only’ and can be bought at zero cost.

    Popular Category on AliExpress & AliBaba

    To evaluate just how popular products are in the watches and jewelry category it is a good idea to sort the page by ‘Orders’ from the filtering menu. This will give you an exact idea about products that are popular among buyers, products that are bad quality, and products that have gone out of stock.

    Buyer Reviews

    It’s a brilliant idea to read the reviews especially for the cheapest items on AliExpress. You get real time user feedback and seller ratings below every product. For dropshipping sellers this is also an opportunity to observe number of times a product has been ordered and delivery details.

    Factory Cost, Better Margins & Free Shipping

    The most amazing aspect of watches & jewelry category of products is probably the brilliant margins that dropshipping sellers can earn. From the buyer’s perspective, there are quality reviews and feedback with dazzling cheap prices. There is a chance to earn up to $9 margin/sale on wrist watches with free shipping, if you can get to the right audience. AliExpress dresses are also an amazing product witha decent margin.

    To justify this section I had to go through several trends, and I loved how smart watch searches trend. If you notice the trend is stable throughout the year, indicating that proper marketing will get you a stable revenues with smartwatches. After days of waiting, a watch that I personally tested with got my store a significant number of orders while earning for me a maximum $9 per sale.

    The most amazing aspect of watches & jewelry category of products is probably the brilliant margins that dropshipping sellers can earn. From the buyer’s perspective, there are quality reviews and feedback with dazzling cheap prices. There are over a thousand different watches and smart watches that remain unnoticed due to the massive variety of AliExpress items. Its always good to browse through the subcategories to discover new amazing items.

    To justify this section I had to go through several trends, and I loved how smart watch searches trend. If you notice the trend is stable throughout the year, indicating that proper marketing will get you a stable revenues with smartwatches. The added advantages of free and $1-$2 shipping, also improves chances of securing great margins in the long term.

    Health & Beauty – Nail Art & Make-up

    Makeup and nail art products are one of the best items on AliExpress. Not only are they light to deliver, but also offer decent margins to sellers. Found in Health, Beauty & Hair, makeup and nail art products are quickly moving items. A hot favorite among women & teenage girls, They are also often available in the AliExpress best deals section.

    When done with precise planning and marketing, makeup & nail art products can be a great prospect for sellers. Similar, buyers can enjoy a massive selection of products with amazing deals to save fortunes. Within the two categories, there is a huge lineup of niches to look into that include:

    • Eyes
    • Makeup Tools & Accessories
    • Face
    • Lips
    • Makeup Sets
    • Body
    • Makeup Remover
    • Makeup Brushes & Tools
    • Eye Shadow
    • Nail Art,Gel,Polish,Tools
    • False Nails
    • Acrylic Powders & Liquids
    • Nail Polish Remover
    • Nail Treatments
    • Top & Base Coat

    I have seen some brilliant dropshipping eStores already in operation selling these products. Order volumes in the categories are also massive, indicating ideally priced & fast moving products. Among this section eye and nail products are famed for their prices and quality. I also noticed that this section contains a large number of reliable suppliers with excellent reviews & ratings.

    Google Trend for “Nail Art” Dec 15 2016 to Dec 16 2017

    These very ideally priced products are one of the most cheap items to buy on AliExpress, along with the added bonus of free shipping in most cases. Another very interesting fact for this niche is that it has an year round business trend. Searches are recorded from many different regions, indicating that proper marketing can identify a huge global audience.

    Google Trends also identified that following graphic indicating the countries where nail art was searched for:

    Considering the number of products available with free shipping, there are some very profitable regions including Australia, North & Central America, South Africa, Russia, India, and Europe that can be catered. The great thing is you can create collections to sell more, up-selling & cross selling are ideal in this niche too. Dropshippers will love the prices of nail art items on AliExpress too ranging from $0.5 to $60 depending on items.

    DO remember that short term margins are smaller with Nail Art, while long term margins are much better in this niche. Nail art is an ever green item if you ask me and is a great idea for those looking to start off or want a small passive income eStore.


    Probably one of the most underrated but evergreen items to source from AliExpress, while excellent for direct buyers in terms of prices. I have noticed a growing trend of buyers purchasing notebooks, stickers, pencil & color pencil sets, paper and other form of stationary from the eCommerce giant.

    A very specific niche to work in, but a superb one to go for. The most attractive aspect of stationary items from AliExpress is that they can get large orders and make room for long term business. You will find stationary listed in the all categories section on AliExpress under ‘Office & School Supplies’.

    The Google Trend for buy stationary online predicts a massive rise in searches, hence sales. Another important factor to notice is that, stationary supplies have a massive market including offices, schools, hospitals, and homes. As business begin to realize the importance of supply chains and the click n mortar model, they are rapidly converting to sourcing their materials online.

    A very popular option in this category are stickers, notepads, writing supplies and educational supplies. Dropshippers take notice, as they can expand to a huge global audience while running promotions on a weekly or monthly basis. Buyers will also love this section, as they can get all stationary in one place at superb prices with free delivery.

    Buy Best Things Under 1 Dollar Free Shipping on AliExpress

    AliExpress offers dropshippers a great opportunity to buy the best cheap things with their under $10 product range. There is an abundance of products that go unnoticed due to the absence of product reviews. Below are some great product choices for dropshippers who wish to offer free gift, free + shipping products, and $1 or less category items on their eStores:

    • LED Lights, Lamps, Bulbs

    This is a great idea for free gifts with laptops phones and phones. These very small and durable LED lights are a great way to delight customers and offer them alternatives when choosing free gifts. There is a wide variety of LEDs that you can offer as free and even as ‘free + shipping’ products. Here are some great examples free reliable sellers:

    AliExpress dropshipping has allowed many eStores to sell products free plus shipping. Products are listed at zero cost and all you have to do is pay shipping for them. Watches are a common product sold with this technique over both Twitter and Facebook. There are some excellent items under $1 for you to try out on your eStore in the watches category:

    You can also select from a massive line up of watches both smart and analog under $1, check out all available $1 or cheaper watches here.

    Similar to watches, sunglasses are also a great option to try out for free + Shipping and $1 eStores. They are easy to deliver and can be accommodated easily with a meagre shipping rate. Discover some great options and view all items here to choose the ones that have higher order numbers.

    You will notice that some items are a bit over $1 but they are still a great option to publish in your catalog. Do remember to check the seller ratings indicated by either trophies, badges or diamonds listed right under the product listing (shown above). There is a massive selection of sunglasses to choose from with free shipping around the world.

    Stay Tuned and visit us again for more best cheap items from AliExpress.

    Cute Things to Buy from AliExpress

    AliExpress also offers a brilliant line up of products that we can safely categorize as “cute”. Yes, so I took the opportunity to browse through the platform for some great ideas for cute things to buy from AliExpress. If you are looking for free shipping items to sell, simply click the Free Shipping filter in the searches below. Here are sorted results you can look through:

    While there were other amazing cute products to list, I was not sure of the suppliers and shipping on them hence not listed. I will be routinely updating this section so stay connected and visit again for more options.

    Things You Should not Buy from Aliexpress for eCommerce Store

    Flash Memory

    Buying flash memory or other storage devices on AliExpress is a very risky thing you can do. Flash memories and storage devices are often used to store sensitive data and as a backup tool. However, if you are ordering these things from AliExpress then there’s a much higher chance of failure and losing all your precious data with it.

    Always try to buy/sell high quality storage devices because data is important and if a storage device breaks, you risk losing your entire data or backup.

    Water Filters

    This should be pretty self explanatory. You should never buy water filters from AliExpress ever. Not for personal use, not for dropshipping, not for gifts, never.

    Water filters are supposed to adhere to a certain guidelines and regulations in USA and Europe and many other regions. So, such shady filters from AliExpress come with unknown specifications and are not certified by your local authoritative body.

    It’s very unsafe to use such filters for your daily water consumption as it possess a huge risk to your health and the health of your loved ones.

    Razor Blades

    If you are already thinking about health and safety then this should be pretty self explanatory as well. Razor blades are something that should be very clean and sterile before you use them on your body.

    Buying razor blades from AliExpress with unknown brands is very risky and could lead to dangerous health issues which can often be fatal. So, never buy razor blades from AliExpress even for dropshipping as it puts your customers’ health at risk.

    Graphics Cards

    If you are a computer geek or a harore gamer then you know how much a good graphics card costs and how important it is for a decent computer build. However, it’s never a good idea to buy anything electronic from AliExpress let alone a graphics card.

    There are countless graphics cards available on AliExpress and that too with cheaper price tags, but these cards are of low-grade quality and will kick the bucket within months, if not days. It’s much better to invest in a higher quality card from a known brand instead of going with shady AliExpress brands.


    Similar to graphics cards, you should never buy smartphones on AliExpress either. These are also electronics and AliExpress is infamously known for having low-quality electronics.

    A smartphone is a device that’s supposed to be personal and you use it as your daily driver. It would be a shame if your smartphone just dies on you out of the blue. So, it’s a better choice to buy a brand name smartphone instead of trying to score a deal on AliExpress.

    See You Again Soon

    I hope you will find this guide useful to discover new products and add new categories to your eStores. For more ideas and products simply connect with us on our social media profiles. Remember to drop your comments and feedback below, so I can add more options for you guys.

    Do comeback again for more updated best things to buy on AliExpress. In the meantime check out our brilliant line up of tutorials to help you with your dropshipping business.

    Алиэкспресс buy the

    Still have a question? Ask your own!

    ad by go4WorldBusiness

    I’ve been using Aliexpress since July. I’ve been purchasing twice a month, each time from different suppliers. I buy from whomever has the best price at the time I purchase.

    Whenever I look to make a purchase I always check off «Assurance Plus» in the advanced search filters. This filters out the «scammers», for lack of a better catch-all word.

    Secondly, I look for the number of orders the supplier has fulfilled for the specific product I am looking at. It’s more of a social proof filter — the more other people buy, the more likely it’s a quality product/quality supplier.

    Third, I look for a supplier that has been in business on Aliexpress for at least 2-3 years.

    Lastly, I always chat with the supplier and inform them of the order I am about to purchase:

    ex. Hello, I am going to purchase 10 pieces, which comes out to $X including shipping. Is this the correct price for that amount?

    The legit (at least from my experience) suppliers will confirm, and at that point I will continue to ask whatever questions I have as usual. The «scammers» will confirm but encourage you to pay outside of Aliexpress at a reduced price to you as it saves them from paying a percentage to Aliexpress. Not only does Aliexpress make it clear all over their site to watch out for this, but also encourages you to report these suppliers.

    Because of the language barrier I have learned to ensure to be extremely specific in my questions and requests. At least from my experience, if you don’t specifically ask for something, you will not get. Nothing is assumed. I know it seems like common sense, and it is, but it’s funny how quickly we can get into the habit of expecting a predictable outcome. Be specific, clear, and short. No fancy words, no long sentences, and no need to explain your reasoning — just simple and to the point.

    Overall, I love using Aliexpress. I’ve started an importing business that requires me to simply respond to a few emails a week and make some deliveries and in just 3.5 months it’s generating enough income to cover 60% of my fixed monthly living expenses.

    The AliExpress Sales Funnel [ClickFunnels]

    There’s a huge opportunity right now for individuals to source products from China on a 1-to-1 basis by dropshipping via AliExpress.

    This means, you can sell a product to someone in the United States for $10, go to AliExpress, buy the product for $3 and ship it for $2 directly to that individual. Thus, you make $5.

    The benefit? You don’t have to hold any inventory and you only buy products AFTER you have received payment from a customer. You literally have no expenses (beyond customer acquisition, which we’ll get to).

    Ultimately, it’s a very “cool” model and a lot of people are doing it/want to do it…

    We do it here at Crazy Eye Marketing and this post explains our approach.

    The “Big Idea”

    The “big idea” behind this strategy is that you’re going to build a lot of funnels and test a lot of products very quickly.

    Most will be losers; however, some will be “OK” and others will be huge winners!

    So, the plan is to iterate and build fast.

    Since this post is quite long, I figured I should give you an outline of what’s covered so you can see where it’s going and how it’s all connected.

    1. Figure out your niche/audience – You must have people to sell to
    2. Figure out what you’re going to sell them
      1. Ultimately, you’re going to build a bunch of funnels and test a lot of products – You will test a lot. Most tests will fail and that’s OK because the winners will more than make up for it
    3. Build your AliExpress sales funnel with ClickFunnels
      1. Free + Shipping vs. Crazy Discount
    4. Send traffic via Facebook
    5. See if it works
    6. Repeat steps 2-5.

    Finding Your Niche/Audience

    The very first thing you need to do is figure out your niche or audience… who are you going to sell stuff to?

    There are many strategies and methodologies for doing this…

    • Pick a niche you’re passionate about – This can be a good idea because you’ll likely care more and do a better job
    • Pick a niche with raving fans – Maybe you don’t care about the topic; however, there are 3 million other people that love that topic (ie. I

    Precise Interests

    • Precise Interests are those that aren’t “made” by someone at Facebook, instead they’re made by an algorithm.
    • Basically, if it’s something generic/broad and short like “fitness”, “hiking”, “digital marketing” … it’s NOT precise. If it’s longer and specific, it’s typically precise.
    • Also, as a general rule of thumb, if the Interest matches the name of a Page, then it’s a Precise Interest.
    • Another general rule, Precise Interests typically have less than 1 million people in them.

    The “Perfect” Niche

    The “perfect” niche is one where all the aforementioned requirements are met.

    It’s a niche you’re passionate about, it has raving fans who will buy stuff “just cuz”, and it also has products people need. It has between 1-5 million people, and it has people willing, and able to buy online!

    For example, cat lovers is a “perfect” niche (if you also love cats). There are all kinds of trinkets (necklaces, t-shirts, phone cases, etc.) people will buy to show they love their cat. Then, there’s practical cat stuff people NEED like litter boxes, toys, treats, etc. that cat lovers also need. Plus, it’s a large audience that includes people willing and able to buy online.

    Why Pick A Niche?

    You may be thinking to yourself, “Why should I pick a niche? Why not pick random products that are already selling well?”

    The reason why you want to hone in on a particular audience is so you can build your lists.

    Whether they’re leads lists or buyers lists or email lists or retargeting lists or messenger lists… you want lists of people with similar interests so when you launch a new funnel/product, you have a group of people to put it in front of who already know you and your business.

    While you could conceivably launch a bunch of funnels with a bunch of different products and still do fine, it’s best to have a core audience to go after so you can essentially “recycle” them!

    How To Pick A Good Product To Sell

    Now that you’ve figured out your niche/audience, it’s time to find some stuff to sell them!

    There are a million ways to do this…

    … you can find voids in the marketplace, survey your audience, and do a ton of market research. Then, go about finding or developing the product that fills that need. And, this is probably the “right” thing to do if you aren’t playing this AliExpress game!

    Yes, this is a game.

    There is nothing stopping anyone else from setting up funnels and dropshipping from AliExpress.

    All you need is a couple hundred bucks to run ads… you will hopefully make back that same day.

    It’s very much a game and you have to move fast and adjust quickly.

    Finding The Initial Product

    Since this is a game where speed and agility are keys to success, it’s best to use products that you already know sell well.

    You can do things like go to Amazon to look at top selling products and then try to find them on AliExpress…

    Or, you can pay attention to the marketplace to see what’s “hot” right now… like fidget spinners…

    Or, the easiest way is to just go to AliExpress and…

    • Search for and/or browse the categories you believe your audience is interested in
    • Keep price under $5 (of course, this is up to you, but I try to sell the initial offer for less than $10, so I need enough to cover the product, shipping, and ad spend)
    • Check 4 stars & up
    • Sort products by “orders”
    • Ensure manufacturer has at least 3 Diamonds
    • Ensure ePacket shipping
    • Double check reviews to see complaints

    When you find a product you want to use, add it to a Wishlist that’s the name of the funnel.

    Finding One-Time-Offer Products

    In the last step, you found what you hope is a great Initial Product… one that will sell like hot cakes!

    Now, it’s time to find some complementary products that customers will want in addition to the initial product they just purchased.

    Obviously, the more products they order… the better it is for you!

    However, there is a catch…


    Why? So you can save on shipping costs!

    The AliExpress Sales Funnel

    At this time, you should have three awesome products from the same manufacturer to save on shipping costs.

    Now, let’s talk about the funnel!

    Free + Shipping vs. Crazy Discount

    There are two ways to approach this funnel:

    1. Free + Shipping: Give the product away for free, but the customer has to pay shipping costs
    2. Offering a Crazy Discount: 50%+ off with free shipping

    Both ways can work incredibly well and ideally, you will want to split test both.

    There are also some pros and cons for each:

    • Free + Shipping has the word “free” in it, and people love free
      • This may lead to some viral-ness
      • People will complain about how “it’s not free if they have to pay for shipping” – you will have to monitor your ads closely for people calling it a “scam”
      • Pretty much everyone and their mother is following this tactic and it my be “over done”
      • Typically has high cart abandonment rate because people bounce once they see the price of shipping
    • Crazy Discount is pretty straight forward… save a lot of money on Product X.
      • People won’t typically call it a “scam”
      • It might not go as viral as a “free” offer
      • You can charge more. People won’t believe it cost’s $10 to ship a “Cat Paw Necklace”; however, they will believe the true cost of the necklace is $20 and that at $10, it’s 50% off!

    Personally, I always go with the Crazy Discount first and if it starts to generate sales I will split test that version against a Free + Shipping version.

    If it doesn’t make any sales, I move onto the next product.

    The Funnel Design

    This is the structure of the AliExpress Sales Funnel:

    Want my AliExpress Sales Funnel in your Clickfunnels account? Click here to learn more!

    Facebook Ad(s)

    Most of my Facebook ads look something like this:

    If the product performs well, ie. starts making some sales, I will order it, shoot a video demonstration of the product and run that as an ad as well.

    Video ads typically outperform image ads… so, if you find a winning product, it’s certainly worth trying!

    Note: Make sure you’re optimizing your Facebook Ad Campaign for Conversions. Having said that, you need to ensure you’re tracking conversions in your funnel. I do this by placing the purchase conversion tag on my OTO 1 page.

    2-Step Sales Page

    I try to keep my sales pages as plain and straight forward as possible…

    Subject Line: Complete Your Purchase

    Your shopping cart at Crazy Eye Marketing has been reserved and is waiting for your return!

    In your cart, you left: Cat Paw Necklace

    Click here to complete your purchase!

    Thanks for shopping!

    Crazy Eye Marketing

    Email 2 – Sent 1 day after abandonment:

    Subject Line: Last Reminder About Your Cart!

    Your shopping cart at Crazy Eye Marketing has been reserved and is waiting for your return!

    In your cart, you left: Cat Paw Necklace

    Click here to complete your purchase!

    Thanks for shopping!

    Crazy Eye Marketing

    I then roll those people into my general follow up series where I send great content and other offers in an effort to get them to become a customer.

    Order Confirmation Email

    After someone purchases the initial offer, they’re sent this email:

    It’s a simple email that thanks them for their order, reminds them it takes 2-4 weeks to receive their order (and gives a reason why it takes this long), tells them where to go if they need help or have questions, and closes with a reminder to checkout another one of our products.

    BONUS: Super-Powered 2-Step Order Form

    Personally, I run a few “pro tools” on my 2-step order form and I highly recommend them because they optimize your form.

    The “pro tools” are from Jaime Smith of CF Pro Tools.

    Most are FREE! Which is insane because they provide so much power.

    • CF USA Only Shipping Hidden – Automatically selects USA as country and then hides the country option (one less field to fill out)
    • CF Best Seller Highlight – Highlight your top selling offer (see image below)
    • CF Select Default – Pre-select a product option (typically pre-select the “most popular” option)
    • CF 2 Step Track Lead – Track leads. Those that fill out Part #1 of the 2-step form.
    • CF State Selector(paid) – “Forces” people to select a State abbreviation. Otherwise people type all sorts of random stuff and misspell their own state. (the less options you give someone, the better)

    I’m not a partner, affiliate, or anything for CF Pro Tools. It’s simply an awesome resource that I highly recommend!

    After purchasing the Initial Offer (and hopefully the bump) they’re greeted with One-Time-Offer 1 (OTO):

    • Get The ClickFunnels Order Tracker
    • Zapier Merge Tag:<>

    And, this is how I manually submit the orders into AliExpress…

    It’s pretty self-explanatory; however, I drop a few tips so it will be helpful to watch:

    • Note to seller: Please do not include an invoice or promotional material – thank you!

    BONUS Tip! Mike Rocha left a real smart comment below recommending the use of Ebates when you submit your orders to AliExpress. Doing this will help you earn some money back!

    How To Tell If It’s Working

    This topic, in itself, has over 8 million variables. (yes, I counted)

    One word could literally make or break a campaign, not to mention your audience targeting, ad, pages, offer, etc.

    We try and eliminate the possibility of getting something wrong by using a proven ad structure and funnel. Your chances for success are much higher because you’re building on a solid foundation….

    However, you can test and tweak and test and tweak until your eyes pop out… or…

    You can iterate quickly – ie. start over with a new ad, offer, funnel, etc.

    Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be able to create these types of funnels in just a few hours… simply duplicate the funnel, swap out the products, make sure all the connections are good, create your ad, and launch! (there might be a few other steps in there, but the point is that it’s a fast process)

    My Recipe To Measure Success

    To test a new funnel I:

    • Take the price of the product I’m selling (what I’m selling it for, say $9.95)
    • Multiply that value by 10 (10 * $9.95 = $99.50)
    • Divide that number by 5 ($99.50 / 5 = $19.90)
    • I launch my ad with a budget of $19.90/day and let it run for 5 days
    • After those 5 days I evaluate
      • If it’s profitable, I let that baby run!
      • If it’s break-even or close, I will either let it run (Facebook might auto-optimize it into profitability) or I may adjust my targeting by viewing breakdown reports in Facebook (mobile vs. desktop, age ranges, male vs. female). See if there’s a cheaper audience/segment that I should focus on.
      • If it lost most money or didn’t make a single sale… I kill it and start fresh. I figure, if I can’t sell a product by spending 10X its sale price when targeting my ideal audience with proven ad and funnel structures… then I likely chose a bad product and I need to start over.

    So, that’s how I do it.

    Again, there are many ways to skin this “optimization” cat… but, I personally prefer to just kill it and start fresh.

    Update May 2018: You’re Not Going To Get Rich With 1 AliExpress Sales Funnel!

    I receive a lot of questions along the lines of, “How many funnels do I need to build before I find one that hits?”

    Here’s the deal, a couple years ago, maybe 1 in 10 would hit well and be profitable. You could take that one funnel and scale it to make yourself a few hundred bucks a day in some cases…

    That was a couple years ago.

    In 2018, it’s not that easy…

    And, let me point out, this pertains to dropshipping from AliExpress period. Whether ClickFunnels, Shopify or some other strategy besides what’s outlined in this post.

    ALL AliExpress dropshipping tactics don’t work as well as they used to. (please, face the reality that dropshipping from AliExpress is no longer a way to “get rich quick”)

    Now, in 2018, 1 in 10 might break even. You put in $1, you get $1 back.

    It might even be a little less… you might put in $1 and get $0.95 back. (and this is pretty good!)

    You need to approach dropshipping from AliExpress as a BUSINESS .

    You will need to build…

    • An audience
    • Email lists
    • Retargeting lists
    • Social media followings
    • Facebook Messenger lists
    • etc, etc, etc.

    Not to mention, a bunch of funnels that are interconnected with marketing automation and retargeting.

    You will need to incorporate high-margin digital and affiliate products.

    You will need to expand your product line with private label and print on demand products.

    You need to build a freakin’ business.

    If you’re not prepared to build a business, dropshipping from AliExpress is NOT for you. Period.

    It’s going to take effort. It’s going to take hard work. It’s going to take a plan. It’s going to take more than 1 funnel. It’s going to be a grind.

    If you’re not wanting to do all of that that… find another business model, because dropshipping from AliExpress is not for you.

    In Closing

    You’ve now seen the strategy and tactics behind the AliExpress Sales Funnel!

    There are people that sell this information for $1,000s …

    But, I put it all out there in the open for ya… for free… you’re welcome 😉 ha

    Anyway, I do have a simple pitch…

    If this post helped you “see the light” or gave you insights in anyway…

    A copy of my sales funnel for you to edit and customize for your business and products…

    Lifetime access to over-the-shoulder training where I show you how to set the whole thing up (over 2.5 hours of video instruction)

    Premium support from the instructor and fellow students that have taken the training…

    Instead of the $1,000s others might charge you, I’m offering unlimited, instant access to it for $497 $197! (limited time!)

    3 Payment Options…

    1) FREE – Join ClickFunnels through our affiliate link by clicking here. Then, forward your welcome email to [email protected] and let us know you want Lifetime Access to the AliExpress Sales Funnel Course. We’ll add you to the course ASAP!

    2) $197/once – Instant, Lifetime Access To The AliExpress Sales Funnel Course, Funnel, Automations, Support, and Updates (2.5+ hours of step-by-step video instruction)! Click here to choose the one time payment.

    3) $97/month or $697/year – Instant Access To EVERYTHING!! 10+ Courses, 30+ Hours Of Step-By-Step Video Instruction, 15+ Funnels, Premium Support, And More! Click here to learn more about The Vault.