Aliexpress Comply Memory Foam Tips


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  • Опубликовано: 7 ноя 2017
  • Aliexpress Comply Memory Foam Tips review video.
    These are noise isolation memory foam tips.
    Size to suit KZ in ear monitors : T400 or 5mm

12 pc at AliEpress:
Similar GearBest EARTIPS (review coming)

Also check out this page if your interested.
This is the actual comply website but if you scroll down to the green button “find your fit” you can search for brand and model and will help you choose a size

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I keep seeing T500 recommended for KZ’s, do you know why? Also are all KZ nozzles the same size? Will T400’s fit KZ ZSA?

Hi I believe that they are all a similar size, there is a page you can check on the comply website.
Think it’s linked under most my KZ reviews, you can search the model and find the correct size tip.

Es4 silicone or foam?

It’s up to what you like really, but any better quality tips should help with improving the sound and fit. Foam seems to help with bass but silicone is more convenient to use and doesn’t wear out. There is a cool set through gear best that has both. Recommend it if your not sure. But I wouldn’t get the packs of foam tips from there.
Which way were you thinking of going? Foam or silicone?

So, red is the «fastest», blue the «slowest» and black is inbetween? Its kinda important since the main advantage of comply tips is the foam stays compressed much longer so you have ample time to insert them. Red Aliexpress foamies expand too fast, but i might have to order blue then. Lately theres also green, yellow and grey. Too many options!

Yeah lots of options. Would stay away from black. Since this video, Some of the cheaper black eartips I’ve tried, has a sticky texture and not as nice.

Great vid. I’ve been using KZ ATRs for over a year now but been checking out your vids and now I’m waiting for ZS3 and ES4 and a set of comply tips. The stock silicone tips that came with the ATR have always been a bit uncomfortable, hopefully these foam tips will remedy that.

Thanks for watching all the vids, hope you love the ZS3 and ES4 👍🏼👍🏼

I ride a motorcycle 1500km every month.
I have for 10 years. Using normal tips.
I caaaant wait for these to arrive on my mail box. O. M. Effing goodness. The blue ones, because my ear canals be oh so tender after 8 hours of earbuds inside a helmet. And the noise. THE NOOOOOISE. Aaaah. Sweet tender quietness

Do they just slide on and off the headphones?
Am i correct that they have no rim, to pop into the little groove when you mount them?
All my earbuds have like a recess, where the rubber tips pop into with a little rim of rubber they have. For the tip to stay on the earbuds.
I supposed that this was the where to measure diameter.
But it looks like they slide on with no rim to pop into a recess.
So maybe i’m supposed to measure the bigger diameter of that rod that you slide the foam tips on to?

CallaghanReviews aha ok 🙂 thanks. I probably end up buying a kit with some different styles and sizes just to find out what works for me. Again again im very thankful for the good informative review. Looks like 1000 subscribers isnt the end for your channel 🙂 i subscribed. Not as a thank you but because i dont want to miss out if you upload more good inspiration 😋 anyway. i wish you best of luck onwards with the channel. It’s deserved

Oh no I mean the ones that come in a case from gearbest, 3 different foam and 3 different silicon earbuds is good. I like them.
But there are other ones on gearbest that are just foam tips, they are not good quality. The tips are too long and sticker texture.
The aliexpress tips that I reviewed are better if you only want foam tips.

CallaghanReviews the bag they came in weren’t good? I have tons of sennheiser bags from the earbuds ive bought through the years. Srock full of the sized tips i dont use. So i have like little pouches if thats the bag you mean. Normally gearbest send things in random little plastic see through bag. I dont mind. I know i want medium and the 200 model.
Im buying meelectronics m6 pro earbuds next. Replacable wire. gonna save me a lot in the long run haha. Sennheisers usually only last a year with me before wire develops a lose connection. Even thpugh im careful with them. I just use them a lot

No I didn’t end up doing a seperate review for the gearbest one but their actually my go to eartips atm. Only thing is if the foam ones wear out there is only one of each size. The half foam/ half silicon
The actual bag of foam tips from gear best weren’t good

CallaghanReviews btw i havent looked yet. But i think the info on where to measure the earbud size might be semi hard to google. Just thinking you might wanna include that in the gearbest review 🙂 for extra likes and shares hehe

Very big like. Thanks so much for the info. Someone recommended that i searched on ebay for «comoky foam tips». i didnt know memory foam tips existed until recently. So i hadnt thought aboyt china yet. Lol. Effing chinese. Great. Comply costs about 30$ for ONE PAIR in the only stores that sell them in my country. So yeah. ill jist try these first. see if they dont work fine.