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Best AliExpress Hair Vendors – Top 12 (Updated 2018)

As we all know, there are literally hundreds of hair vendors in the virgin hair marketplace today. Whether you decide to choose a brand name, specialty supplier with high quality hair…..(at a high price to match), or maybe you are more budget conscious and choose an AliExpress hair supplier, the ultimate goal is to get the best quality hair extensions for your money.

We all deserve to be able to buy the best quality hair at affordable prices. For the last couple of years, many women have been turning to AliExpress to accomplish this. Unfortunately, it’s not always super easy to know which AliExpress hair vendors to purchase from when you go to That’s why BlackHairTrend here to help! There are hundreds of AliExpress hair reviews you can watch to help you find reputable vendors on AliExpress and get quality AliExpress hair. We have TONS of the best and most informative.

Trusted Hair Vendors List 2018 (Upaded Feb 2018)

  1. Ms Lula Hair(10217 Followers) – Shop Now
  2. Ali Annabelle(19759 Followers) – Shop Now
  3. Ali Queen Hair(106081 Followers) – Shop Now
  4. New Star(14397 Followers) – Shop Now
  5. Alimice Hair(1491 Followers) – Shop Now
  6. BAISI Hair(8118 Followers) – Shop Now
  7. Ever Beauty(7505 Followers) – Shop Now
  8. Honey Queen(3860 Followers) – Shop Now
  9. HC Hair(2940 Followers) – Shop Now
  10. Lace Rosa(1536 Followers) – Shop Now

This (QUICK LOOK if you don’t have time to check the whole post) Hair Vendors List will update every month. We will try our best to give you the useful & helpful hair vendors list. Helping you TO save more time to search it online again and again! (BOOKMARK THIS PAGE if YOU LIKE)

AliExpress hair review videos listed on this site in the video reviews section to make it as easy as possible for you to do your research before you buy AliExpress hair. You can click on the categories on the left-hand side of this page to help you with your research, or type in the kind of hair you’re looking for in the search box at the top of the page. You can Search by hair type. For example, Peruvian or body wave hair etc. In the meantime, take a look at our list of the Best Virgin Hair Companies 2018. You can click on the link to go to the store page on AliExpress to see more about the hair that is on sale. We will update the popular virgin Brazilian hair vendors, Indian hair vendors and mink hair vendors list on Aliexpress Soon! If you want to have this list on the ready for the future, go ahead and bookmark it. We’ll be sure to keep it up to date so you’ll always be in the know.

If you want to start your hair business, you can check out our Wholesale Hair Sources!

This Best AliExpress Hair Vendors WILL ALWAYS KEEP UPDATING! So, you will not get outdated hair source and hair vendor list here!

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Things to keep in mind when purchasing from AliExpress Hair Vendors:

  1. Don’t BUY from store Changed Name! It is generally not a good idea to buy hair from an AliExpress hair vendor that has changed their name. This usually indicates that the company had a number of bad reviews under their previous name, so BUYER BEWARE.
  2. Buy Items that COMPLETED 100 orders! You should try to only purchase hair from vendors that have completed at least 100 orders, have a high rating (85% and above but preferably around 95%- 100%) and have a good number of positive reviews that look like they’re real – use your best judgment.
  3. ASK Them! You can communicate directly with the vendor before you place your order so send them a question if you have any unanswered questions. If they do not respond in a timely fashion, that’s not a good sign.
  4. Choose Fast Shipping! Pay attention to the shipping options, and chose companies who offer DHL shipping unless you’re willing to wait weeks or even a month or two for your hair to arrive.
  5. Use AliExpress Escrow! For added security, use the AliExpress escrow option. Using this option means that our money will be held in escrow until you receive and confirm that you’ve received your hair and accept the package. Once AliExpress receives confirmation from you, they’ll release the money so the hair vendor can be paid.
  6. To save you time and money, we’ve curated a list of the best AliExpress hair vendors that offer high quality hair for a fraction of the cost of the celebrity virgin hair suppliers.

Ali Annabelle Hair

Ali Annabelle Hair(Buy on Aliexpress ) is an affordable hair company that offers excellent quality virgin hair and lots of discounts and seasonal sales. Thick, elegant and silky soft to the touch, Ali Annabelle Hair is a highly recommended Aliexpress Hair Company with fast delivery and excellent customer service.

This hair right here is blowing my mind of how soft it is. I honestly think this is one of the softest hairs I have received. Great, this hair is the bomb, y’all.

Ali Queen Hair

Ali Queen Hair(Buy on Aliexpress ) offers high quality hair for low prices without the smell, tangling and shedding that many Aliexpress hair vendors have. This hair company sources unprocessed virgin hair at premium quality. Ali Queen is one of the best Aliexpress hair vendors available. Their hair blends perfectly with most hair textures and maintains a soft, natural feel that is easy to comb through. Takes heat and dye well and maintains great curl pattern for a long time. Shipping is super fast and even comes with really cute packaging.

I absolutely love this hair. Still no shedding. The luster is still bomb. This hair has proven to be pretty good. Absolutely no complaints.

Ali Julia Hair

This Aliexpress hair review is for Ali Julia Hair Company( ) They have beautiful quality human hair in all styles and textures. With Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian Hair for sale, Ali Julia is definitely known for quality hair without breaking the bank.

I really, really love this hair. I have nothing bad to say about the hair. I was really surprised, it’s really true to length and I really like it like this. Another good thing about this hair is that it barely has any shedding.

Ms Lula Hair

Ms. Lula’s Hair Company( ) is a wildly popular virgin hair company with tons of 5 star reviews on Aliexpress. Super silky and soft to the touch, Ms. Lula’s hair has a beautiful medium luster. Shedding and tangling is minimal and MS. Lula’s Hair handles heat extremely well.

The hair is very, very silky and soft. It’s so soft. It’s been soft since the minute I took it out the package. It’s so beautiful and I’m just so in love with it. There’s nothing that I can complain about or say about it that I don’t like.

Ali Moda Hair

Ali Moda Hair( ) is really, really, really nice. It’s like a beach wave look. Oh the closure is 18 inch, I believe. It’s such a pretty curl pattern. It’s such a loose curl pattern. It curls so well. I had curl wands in about a day ago. Let me just go into all aspects about the hair. Like I said it curls very easily. It’s very full for three bundles. I was surprised it’s very, very full.

The pattern is great. It’s true to length. It’s 20 inches all the way down the hair. I went to the club with this hair. It was a really hot club. I did not receive any kind of matting in the back of my neck or anything, which is great.

Rosa Beauty Hair

Rosa Beauty Hair( ) offers buttery soft, gorgeous virgin hair. This Aliexpress hair company has hair that your hands will glide right through like silk. The hair is really bouncy and gorgeous with thick bundles that have absolutely no “corn chip” smell. Rosa Hair is excellent for heat styling and takes to curling wands more easily than many other brands. The hair is lustrous, full and thick with no split ends.

The texture feels different. I don’t believe I’ve had hair like this yet from Aliexpress so I’m pleasantly surprised. The hair is really dark. I don’t think I’m going to have to color it black because it’s so dark just on its own. Look at those healthy ends.

Nadula Hair

Nadula Virgin Hair( ) delivers luxurious bounce with gorgeous wave patterns at reasonable prices. It doesn’t feel right to call Nadula Hair, cheap because the quality of these bundles is nothing short of amazing.

Overall this hair is super, super soft. So far this is probably one of the most natural curly hair extensions that I’ve ever worn before..I haven’t had tangling issues, but I have had a little bit of shedding.

Longqi Hair

Lonqi Hair( ) is a well known and popular hair company on Aliexpress with a wide range of hair types, textures and styles. Offering soft, silky hair that is full bodied and can be dyed or curled.

I have straightened this hair many times and the ends are still nice and soft looking. I’ve had this hair in for two weeks, I really like it. There’s been no tangling, there’s been very minimal shedding, barely anything at all.

UNice Hair

Today, I am doing another hair review. You guys already know what type of hair I am reviewing. The only hair that I wear, UNice Hair( ). This is the Indian Body Wave, I want to say. I have four bundles of 14, 16, 18 and 20. I definitely went shorter this time because y’all know I usually go long. Go long or go home. Okay?

I wouldn’t constantly work with a brand if I just didn’t feel like that brand was amazing. I tried another hair (company) after that, and the hair was shedding like crazy. I was just like, “Yeah. All right. I got to go back to my UNice Hair. I really do like the fact that this hair doesn’t shed like crazy. Tangling, does not tangle whatsoever, you guys. What-so-ever, okay? That is amazing.

Peerless Hair

Hey ladies, I hope all is well. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys how I’m going to be styling my ( )Peerless straight hair. I have to let you guys know how much I’m in love with this hair. A lot of you already have rocked this hair and you let me know that I was going to love it. I really, really do. A lot of you guys really wanted me to get this video up because you’re interested in purchasing from this hair company.

I have to let you guys know how much I’m in love with this hair. It looks really natural. It blends in really good with my actual hair. The hair is very, very silky and soft. It’s so soft. It’s been soft since the minute I took it out the package. If you do right by your weaves, literally your weaves will last up to a year.

New Star Hair

Lei Zhang founded “new star” hair brand in 2012, which only adopts high-quality and healthy virgin hair as raw material, the highest technology and experience of the current hair production to make high quality and good technology. These hair can not only be healthily and long-term used but also help every woman pursuing beautiful long hairs to realize dreams and become bright and beautiful like stars every day. Shop now:

Fastest delivery I’ve had. Came in 2 days!! Hair was soft no smell , I bleached it and it’s still soft,minimum to no shedding I absolutely love it and would definitely recommend to others, I have all 16″ bundles and closures.

Yvonne Hair

The word “Yvonne”( ) is originated from French, meaning “Nature”. As the leading brand for Guangzhou Hongye, “Yvonne” has been widely trusted and favored. The design conveys Nature Quality of “Yvonne” hair products. It is based on the brand name, adjusted slightly to be more dedicate and graceful, fits better with fashion feature of the women industry-hair.

This is a review on Yvonne Hair Company Malaysian Curly hair. I am absolutely in love with these curls! This review is my honest opinion about the hair.

Aliexpress Hair Reviews 2018

User Review


This review provides insights on buying hair wig on Aliexpress. Read on our review on Best Hair Wigs to Buy on Aliexpress to identify the awesome deals.

Most of us have a habit of choosing the cheaper hair wigs or extensions and we sometimes do not consider the facts why these products are so cheap. In order to save some money, we tend to purchase not so great quality products which disappoint us badly within a few days of using. Is it not better to spend few more bucks on the best hair products which will provide you with quality service for a long time? It is always wise to remember that good quality products come at a price but the extended service that those products offer to make them worth purchasing.

Aliexpress Hair Review

In our hair reviews, we try to showcase our tested results of all the hair extensions from every brand so that you can decide what hair products you need to buy. Today we are going to review the worst hair products; yes, we are going to provide the real Aliexpress hair review. The Aliexpress hair products that the Chinese e-commerce website Aliexpress sells can be good or can be bad.

To write this review we tested as well as critically examined all the hair products offered by the vendors in this Chinese e-commerce website.

Hair Sellers on Aliexpress

Most of the vendors in Aliexpress like New Star Hair, Mobb Hair, Hair XoXo, Queen Love Hair and several others guarantees that they are selling what is generally called the “Virgin Hair”. Those vendors have also assured that the hairs offered by them are Indian, Brazilian or Malaysian. But in our tests, we have found those claims to be entirely false. The hairs are neither virgin nor they are Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian.

If you want to see our curation of Aliexpress Hair sellers, read our post HERE.

Now what they really do is buy large quantities of hair as scrap and the vendors on Aliexpress weave them chemically to give the hair extensions a polished look. Moreover, they steam process the hair products to make them curly.

How real are those Aliexpress Hair reviews?

In the Aliexpress website, you will see several positive Aliexpress hair reviews and comments about the best Aliexpress hair products. But in reality, those vendors themselves write those comments and reviews to lure the buyers into buying those cheap grade products. There is also a mechanism in the Aliexpress e-commerce website where the system itself posts positive feedbacks if the buyers fail to do so. So you have to be smart is depicting which are the real reviews.

Authenticity Aliexpress Hair Products

In Aliexpress, you will find yourself amazed with the pictures of natural, shiny, voluminous, beautiful and amazing hair but that is a cheap trick used by the vendors to deceive you into buying the products. What they actually do is to copy pictures from renowned websites selling real authentic hair products and use those copied pictures to market their own products. Actually, it is unwise to believe anything you see in Aliexpress and if you do not trust us; go ahead and check it yourself. You will find that most of the vendors have used the same pictures to promote their products.

After receiving the hair extensions from Aliexpress, we were dumbfounded with the quality of the products as they were coarse and gave a bizarre feeling. The products were exact opposites of what we have been shown by the vendors and moreover, we spotted the extensive use of animal hair in those products. If you are a pro hair extension user, you will notice the animal hair in the first glance.

Hair Smell

The cheap hair products from Aliexpress really gave an awful pungent smell and our guess is that smell is due to the chemical treatments or bad processing. To bypass this process, speak with the sellers and see their reviews.

Hair Wefts and Itching

If you ask about wefts, even the best Aliexpress hair products are alright. The threading may start to come out after a few days of using. Within a week, the hair starts piercing and there are no ways to conceal them. So like above, you will really need to vet through the review section to see if the hair products have such issue.

Hair Shedding and Tangling

The hair extensions from the Aliexpress started shedding from the very first day and it only increased with the time. Moreover, the tangling problem is also there. Our suggestion is to go for Vendors whom have a good reputation or have good certifications.

Hair Coloring

It is another great disappointment that you will face by using the hair extensions from Aliexpress. The hair products are of such bad quality that you cannot dye or color them easily. If you try to do so the color seems so artificial and awful, you will have to throw it into the garbage can. The reason behind this is poor methods of processing and the harsh chemical treatments that are being used during the manufacturing of these hair products.

So we prefer you to go for these Curated Aliexpress Hair Wigs which they have some good assurance.

Hair Life Expectancy

The best hair bought from the best manufacturers typically serves you for 12-24 months and these cheap strands of hair from the Chinese e-commerce website will hardly last 3 months.

Hair Shipping

The shipping facilities provided by the Aliexpress hair vendors are quick these days and some of the vendors promised a fast delivery for your ordered products to reach you. You will no need to wait for at least one-two months to get the products delivered to you. Some can be as quick as 2 weeks.

New Star Aliexpress Hair Store has promised of 2-5days of worldwide delivery.

Is Buying Hair on Aliexpress worth it?

This review of the hair extensions from Aliexpress is based on extensive research and testing that we have performed. Do not get tempted by the false claims made by the vendors. It is always wise to stay far away from the cheap hair products displayed at Aliexpress. So buy from good sources is important.

Best Aliexpress hair vendors of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice is probably the largest and most popular Business to Consumer marketplace in the world and has become an alternative source for buying weaves, hair extensions, and wigs online. If you are looking for the best Aliexpress hair vendors, there are many factors you need to consider. They include;

Quality and Material

Before you purchase hair extensions or weaves from Aliexpress, you need to find the best Aliexpress hair vendors and compare the quality and material. Aliexpress generally offers high-quality products as long as you diligently choose your vendor. Some customers have actually given lots of positive reviews regarding the quality of hair products available on the feedback fields. You will find a wide variety of top quality hair extensions (including 100% human hair) which prevent shedding and are highly durable. Thanks to their wide variety of quality hair extensions, you can find the right material to suit your particular style and natural hair. Some of the hair textures available on their website, but not limited to; Virgin Peruvian Hair, Virgin Malaysian Hair (which is quite popular with celebrities) and Virgin Brazilian Hair.

Prices and Types

When buying hair on, you should compare the total price. To do this, try adding items from the hair vendor into the shopping cart, and then check the total price; this might include shipping, taxes and other additional fees. Compare different prices from best Aliexpress hair vendors to get the very best deal. You should also compare any extras offered by different vendors; some of the hair vendors offer discounts and free shipping, while others don’t.

That being said, it’s important to note that the price will depend on the type of hair. There are many hair types available at Aliexpress. Firstly for Indian which is very versatile and is available in numerous different textures. Secondly, for Virgin Malaysian which is highly durable and holds different styles pretty well, Virgin Brazilian blends well with the ethnic hair. Thirdly Virgin Chinese which is thick, sleek and can withstand extreme styling, and Virgin Peruvian which is light and soft.

Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

Once you’ve determined what you are looking for, you need to choose the best Aliexpress hair vendors. Take some time to check out the vendor descriptions for key details on hair type, hair length, quality, price, curl style, weight, place of origin, color, pictures of the product and much more. If you do not take the time to choose the best hair vendors on, you might end up with a product that is completely different from what you actually want.

Make sure the vendor you purchase has a high rating (crowns or diamonds) and an excellent feedback score (about 95% or above). Also, check reviews on the specific product you intend to purchase. A best Aliexpress hair vendors may have previous positive reviews on some other hair products, but the new item they’re offering might not be just as good. Moreover, you can search reviews from YouTube on various hair vendors and hair brands you are interested in buying. To get you started, here are the top 10 best hair vendors on

1. AliModa Hair Vendor
2. Rosa Beauty Hair Vendor
3. Nadula Virgin Hair Vendor
4. VIP Beauty Hair Vendor
5. Peerless Hair Vendor
6. Ms. Lula Hair Vendor
7. Ali Julia Hair Vendor
8. Longqi Hair Vendor
9. Unice Hair Vendor
10. New Star Hair Vendor

AliExpress Hair Reviews From Previous Customers

  • Affordability Rating 97%
  • Smell Rating 41%
  • Silkiness Rating 48%
  • Shed Rating 38%
  • Does it Last? 35%

Aliexpress’s Overall Rating

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, see our disclosure here.

Need quick answers? Use the links below to find the direct answers to your questions:

Should You Go With The Cheaper Hair From AliExpress?

When looking for hair extensions, the majority of us have the tendency to settle down for cheaper brands. We often forget to ask ourselves why those products are relatively cheaper. To save some pennies, we throw our hard earned money on poor products that leave us disappointed within days, weeks or months. Why not spend a little more on products that can serve you for a year or two? Remember, quality and value come at a price, and this holds true for hair as well.

We tested and reviewed almost all types of hair extensions to single out the bad brands from the good ones, and to help you make a judicious decision. In this review, we’re going to discuss the worst hair, which, according to our extensive research, is hair bought via Chinese e-commerce site AliExpress. You’ll stumble upon hundreds of vendors on the site when searching for hair. Now, here’s what we did: we tested and critically examined most vendors on the site. We ordered their products, used them and critically analyzed their performance.

Most failed horribly! But there are a few companies listed in the table below that we were happy with!

Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

Top Chinese hair vendors on AliExpress like New Star Hair, Queen Love Hair, Mobb Hair, Hair XoXo and hundreds of others claim they are selling “virgin hair.” They also claim that they sell Indian, Malaysian or Brazilian hair. But, the truth is that 95 percent of the hair products are neither virgin nor Brazilian, Indian or Malaysian.

We studied how and where those vendors get the hair. What we found was that in most cases, they use processed Chinese hair in their products. In other cases, it is basically scrap hair rejected by large, quality-conscious hair companies for reasons like presence of lice, dandruff, mold, etc. Now, what the AliExpress vendors do is they buy the rejected hair as scrap and then manufacture hair extensions out of them after chemical treatment and polishing. Some of those vendors even steam process the hair extensions to make them curly.

Authenticity & Look of AliExpress Hair

AliExpress vendors show us pictures of beautiful, natural, shiny, full, stylish and elegant hair. Their goal is to get customers with attractive pictures. Let us tell you frankly that those pictures also lured us for the first few minutes. The reality is that they simply copy those pictures from the websites of large companies that produce quality hair, like Mayvenn.. If you don’t trust us, just take a look at the pictures used by different vendors on AliExpress. You’ll see most vendors have used the same pictures of smooth and silky hair over and over again.

When we received the hair extensions, they were rough and strange and gave an unnatural feeling. The products were 100 percent contrary to what the vendors showed us in the pictures on the site. Most vendors on AliExpress also use animal hair in their hair products. If you are an experienced hair extension user, you’ll spot the animal hair at first sight.

Does The Hair Smell?

The cheap, Chinese hair items we ordered on AliExpress gave a really bad and pungent smell. The bad smell may be due to the chemical treatment and processing. One of my colleagues said it’s probably due to being stored at a warehouse. Would you want to go out to an event wearing hair that smelled funky? The bad news is that the smell doesn’t go away even after shampooing the hair a dozen of times.

Wefts & Itching

When it comes to wefts, hair bought on AliExpress are completely terrible. With all the items we bought, the strings were coming out within a few days. The hairs were piercing out. The wefts are so bad that you may think of sealing them. Within a few hours of wearing the products, we experienced harsh itching. This normally occurs when there are fungal agents in the wefts and hair.

Does The Virgin Hair Shedding and Tangling?

With most of the Chinese hair extensions we bought on AliExpress, shedding started right after we took the items out of the package. Day 1 saw an average shedding of 15 to 20 strands. The number is increased with the passage of time and within two months, the products became useless.

And when it comes to tangling, OMG! The hair tangles more than ten times a day. We even used some hair oil to help the extensions, but to no avail. Nothing actually helped decrease or get rid of the tangling issue. It was really annoying.

Coloring The Hair

Yet another horrible story! The hair is seriously terrible when it comes to coloring. You can’t dye or bleach it with ease. It dyes very poorly. And when you go for a more intense coloring method, it will damage the product and render it useless. The problem can be attributed to the use of poor quality hair in addition to the use of chemicals during processing of the hair.

Life Expectancy

Cheap, Chinese hair bought on AliExpress typically lasts for 2-3 months. Now, compare this with a good quality hair that typically serves you for 12 -24 months. Of course, the life of hair extension depends on the quality of hair, the manufacturers commitment to quality, hair originality, hair origin and the manufacturing process; hair bought on AliExpress delivers poor performance on all of these fronts.

No, you can’t swim with cheap, Chinese hair. If you love to go swimming, this hair is not for you because swimming leaves them tangled and makes it very sticky. And yes, the strands are not perfectly placed, which results in excessive shedding during swimming.

Brazilian Hair on AliExpress

Are you searching specifically for Brazilian hair? This is the most popular style and origin compared to Peruvian or Malaysian. Brazilian hair is style that can be worn in both a casual setting but also looks great when worn in a more formal setting as well. If you choose to, you can certainly order Brazilian hair on AliExpress from a number of different vendors. You can view the vendors you have an option of choosing from by clicking on the red button below. While deciding between which AliExpress vendor to choose from, pay close attention to the reviews of each brand’s hairs. Make sure you are making a purchase from a brand that has sold many, many bundles in the past and has a great rating on the Brazilian hair quality.

Check out a complete list of vendor’s we tested by clicking the button below:

Our Expert Conclusion

This review is based on extensive research and testing. We ordered and used the products, read reviews all over the Internet, discussed with cheap hair users, studied the websites and social media accounts of the vendors and researched where they get the hair. Based on our review above, we caution our users to stay away from cheap, Chinese hair on AliExpress. Don’t be tempted by the beautiful pictures and false claims you see on the site. Instead, we recommend you look at the styles of our #1 rated vendor in this review.

aliexpress hair

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This video is on my top 8 hair companies of all time! This video features mostly companies on Aliexpress; and, it also includes straight, body wave, curly, and .

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Hey dolls! I have in 3 bundles of 24” and a 20” middle part closure! Hair details: loose wave with closure: loose wave with frontal: .

Affordable Aliexpress Hair: Wonder Girl Hair UNBOXING | SOUTH AFRICAN YOUTUBER

Hi guys If you have any further questions about this hair please do leave a comment down below or DM me on my social media: Instagram: ayandasithole_ or .

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Alipearl Hair Official Website: ▻Use code: “beautybybemi” to save $10 Video hair: Brazilian straight hair 24 24 24 24 and 13*6 20inch .

Yolissa 28 inch Brazilian Straight Review | Affordable Aliexpress Hair

The Best Straight Human Hair in 28 28 28 28 with 20 Frontal. Video hair: Brazilian straight human hair 4 bundles with frontal: Yolissa Hair .


Hola Hola Hola! Coming back to you with a wig related video, on my iPhone lol, I didn’t feel like using my camera because my room was a mess!! As a frequent .

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BOMB ALIEXPRESS HAIR ONLY $100 | Soul Lady Hair | Makeupbypmarie

Code «Precious» for $6 off, Soul Lady Early Autumn Sale 54% OFF Hair in the video: Peruvian Body wave 26 26 26 with 20 inch 4*4 lace closure Direct the link: .


My experience with the Aliexpress company Alipearl and their Brazilian Straight with a 5×5 closure! The Hair | Silicon Mix .

Unboxing + How I Order Hair Online ft Aliexpress Slovehair | South African YouTuber

Hey! Thank you for checking out my channel and video. I hope you enjoy! If you do, please give this a thumbs up and let me know that you’d like to see more.

,Aliexpress hair reivew straigth hair with closure Virgo Hair company

Virgo Hair from Aliexpress sent me store link hair link .



Best AliExpress Hair Ever. | Alibele Hair Review

Hi Ladies and gentlemen. I am finally reviewing some Aliexpress hair. This hair really surprised me. Have you bought any hair from Aliexpress. What was .

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£67 Affordable Aliexpress Hair || 1 MONTH UPDATE [Cynosure Hair]

NOT SPONSORED 5/6 MONTH UPDATE [If you would like to see an update of how the hair looks now let me know in the comments] The hair is still very good.

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GOOD Affordable Hair. From Aliexpress!

Heyyyy A lot of you wanted me to show more affordable hair soo here it is:) So far i’ve had an good experience with this hair. i’ve had it since April so i was a little .


Hair Link (3 bundles and closure): LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!! Any questions, email me!

Aliexpress 3 Bundles For $60. Affordable Aliexpress Malaysian Virgin Hair

Aliexpress 3 BUNDLES FOR $60. Affordable Aliexpress Malaysian Virgin HAIR Vendor Link: weave,bundles,hair,straight,malaysian .

Best Affordable AliExpress hair ever. | BY/Bling hair | under 100 dollars | Makeupbypmarie

Best hair ever! Only $78.00 dollars! No shedding, no smell, and true to length! Hair specs — bundle length, 16’18’20’ 14′ frontal link to store: .

Aliexpress hair extension review — Doreen Hair | Remy human hair 20,22,24,26,28″ clip in extensions

INFORMATION ♥♥ I ordered two sets of clip in hair extensions (paid for by me) from an Aliexpress vendor called Doreen Hair and wanted to share my thoughts .

Affordable Aliexpress Hair | Ms. Lula Peruvian Straight Virgin Hair (First Look)

3 bundles straight deal http// 3 bundles straight hair with a frontal deal http// frontal closure http// .


It’s SlayedByEde on the beat! I hope you guys enjoy this video on this bomb hair! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Snapchat:SherylEde .

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Is Aliexpress Hair Good? | Ms Here Hair Company Review

«Rose Hair products Brazilian virgin hair mink 4 bundles Brazilian body wave human hair weave cheap body wave 100g Brazilian hair» Lengths: 20/20/22/22 .

The Perfect Curly Bob Weave For Summer Ft Alipearl Hair(Aliexpress Hair)

Alipearl Hair Official website➤ Hair in the video: deep wave 14 16 18 with 14 lace closure➤: Hot selling deep wave 3 .


Aliexpress Hair Products Haul. Was it a fail? I wanted to know if you guys shop at Aliexpress, so I decided to share some items I recently purchased from the site, .

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Bomb Lace Wig Install AliPearl Hair Review — Great Aliexpress Hair (Vendor)

Hey everyone today’s video is to be a new bomb lace wig install. Today I will be installing my new AliPearl Hair lace wig. It is amazing if you need some new hair .

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aliexpress Hair Review (4 bundles and a closure)

Please watch: «SnapChat Relationship Goals» .


HAIR DETAILS: Direct Hair Link:Brazilian Straight Hair 4 Bundles with Lace Frontal: Asteria Hair Official Store: .

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360 Lace Frontal Sew-In ▪️ Aliexpress Luvin Hair Review. Aliexpress Hair Extensions Review

Hair details: Luvin hair Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 16″16″ with 360 frontal 12″ Brazilian body wave: 360 lace frontal: .

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT #1 | AliExpress hair extensions | Brittany Elizabeth

Hi meiden! Het werd tijd voor een nieuw concept op mijn kanaal en besloot dat ik graag dingen voor jullie wil testen! Vandaag beginnen we met hair extensions .

Clip in Hair Extensions, 22 inches! Aliexpress Hair Review

Hey Guys! Today’s #wigreviewwednesday is a clip in hair extensions review. The company I ordered from was an aliexpress vendor, and the store name was .


Thank you for watching my video . Don’t forget to subscribe!!(: To be honest this hair is bomb . I love it , it looks so natural on me !❤ For aliexpress hair.


Hiya guys! Join me for my initial thoughts on my new very affordable Aliexpress hair! Purple Halo Eyes- .

Aliexpress Initial Hair Review | Qingdao Bella Hair Products Factory Aliexpress | Unboxing

Highlight & Contour Viddeo Not Uploaded Yet* HI MY LOVES! This is my first review video for you guysss! TWEEERKKK TWEEERRKKK! So this video is an .