aliexpress india cash on delivery


Aliexpress india cash on delivery

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NO, ITS NOT SAFE! DONT BUY! I have ordered some luxury fashion jewellery from Aliexpress. Received the package after two weeks, shocking to see some missing items. It was a parcel from one seller. So I contacted the seller, seller agreed that he missed to send the items.

Seller started to force me to make next order, with which the missing items will be sent.

I found this wasn’t helpful, so I opened a dispute with the proof of unpacking video, photos and weight of photos received.

Usually Aliexpress refund for unreceived parcel. But this time, as the parcel is received but the items are missing. Aliexpress denied the refund saying proof was not enough and they need a stamped document from the India Post stating item missing.

When I called post office, they denied to give such document as they never opened it or never know what was inside.

It costs me several dollars, seller brilliantly cheated by sending low cost items, missing the costly items. Seller stopped contact, as aliexpress closed the dispute.

I re-appealed for dispute still it has been denied for non availability of post office documents.

Think Several times before you buy from Aliexpress, because missing items cannot be addressed by India post. Its really tough to get a document for it. Their dispute process changed and mostly they favors the seller leaving the buyers cheated.

Aliexpress India Review – No Cash On Delivery or COD

Aliexpress India Review – is available for individual buyers who are not into bulk buying for commercial purposes. is setup for personal purchases for individuals who get nearly the same benefit as of the bulk buyers. I was searching for such a service is certainly a buyer protected entity of

  • CATEGORIES at Aliexpress India or global.
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Phones & Accessories
    Computer & Office
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Home & Garden, Furniture
  • Bags & Shoes
  • Toys, Kids & Baby
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Health & Beauty, Hair
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles
  • Home Improvement

Probably Big Indian brands all source from (Aliexpress India), you should not be surprised to find your favorite brands models less the brand name. This is the site for all the guys who want to buy cheap and best goods directly from china.

You will have to carefully check dozens of profiles and zero in on to the best deal available, protection wise all the vendors here are the same as aliexpress offers buyer protection by alipay. We may have come across people who were conned into buying fake products or delivered the sub standard goods. Now alipay acts as the medium between the seller and the buyer and remits the amount paid by the buyer upon buyer satisfaction. Usually the goods are shipped in a weks time through Fedex or other delivery agency and plus you have to bear the customs bill upon delivery of goods then and there on doorstep. So point to be noted is that you will have the additional charge of customs upon the cost of the purchase. Aliexpress India Your modes of payment for goods bought on aliexpress inda are TT, Card Payment. There is no cash on delivery option right now as alipay will ensure that our money is not remitted to the seller before our satisfaction upon delivery. Aliexpress India the point to be noted is there is a buyer protection term or period upon completion of which duration alipay pays the amount to the seller if no communication or objection is put up by the buyer within this period. So you need to be extra careful with this period and if you miss this period you can still raise the concern and get it addressed and get the amount remitted if needed.

You can check for seller ratings and check the feedbacks further you can check how many orders placed for that specific seller on aliexpress india. You can also check the period of business of the said entity or seller.

How much customs duty do I need to Pay at Aliexpress India.

Yes all goods imported into your country have to pay customs duty if the value exceeds Rs. 10,000 if it is marked as a gift or sample product. If the value is below 2000 and for personal use it does not carry any customs. This value goes upto IEC license holders upto Rs. 1,00,000 for Aliexpress India buyers.

Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD

Aliexpress India cash on delivery COD– Ali express online shopping as some call it is safer and better in many ways than Flipkart,Snapdeal etc as far as range of products and prices go.I have written a full review on Aliexpress India here that all you should read as it answers most of the questions that all Indians need before buying from the Chinese website.In this article we will talk of the methods of payments accepted by the eCommerce company that is the smaller sibling of

I have been buying retail goods in small quantity from as well as importing wholesale commodities from, which requires a IEC license and a business account from Fedex. After the implementation of GST on import duties, many products have become expensive to import.

Alibaba has OEM products that can be customized and branded to sell in India.In fact the reason why i say that Aliexpress is better than many Indian Websites is because many importers just like me buy from there and sell on Indian websites after keeping our commission on the goods.

Aliexpress India cash on delivery

One major advantage that Flipkart, Amazon India,Snapdeal etc have over Aliexpress is that they allow for COD – Cash on Delivery and Aliexpress does not- Reasons check below

When and what you can pay in cash on Delivery

I have PAID in cash – but not the full amount – and ill tell you the story.I had imported an electronic cash register about 4 years ago from Aliexpress and also imported DDR 3 RAM modules from the times i paid part of it in cash,cheque and part online payment via credit card also, all three ways.

For Aliexpress – I paid for the product online to the seller and when the Indian Post Office postman came for delivery, since the item was for commercial purpose and above free duty limits i was asked to pay the customs charges, and post charges through cash, which i did.

For Alibaba – I imported RAM modules and paid the seller online,but the Fedex delivery guy asked me to pay the delivery charges as well as customs duty in the form of cheque.They had paid the customs duty on my behalf and i had to reimburse them for it.

Why cant you pay the seller directly ?

In simple words – TO KEEP YOU and THE SELLER SAFE. This is what i love about Aliexpress. It is called Buyer protection .When you pay online, they hold the money as insurance till you get the goods safely in your hand.It is called ESCROW and Aliexpress calls this service as Alipay.

HOW YOU ARE SAFE – They do not give the money to the seller until you tell them it is the correct product and is not damaged or defective.After this you confirm you received it and only then they pay the seller.

HOW THE SELLER IS SAFE – If in case you do not accept the order,or are not at home,or the parcel is lost in transit which happens often – happened twice with me. In this case the seller still gets his money from Alipay. Imagine if this was cash on delivery – In this case the seller would lose his money as they would not be able to send it back to China,it would be a total loss because of shipping.

So Alipay assures both you and the seller are secured, NO ONE LOSES.


If you do not have a credit card here are other ways to make a payment:

Qiwi Wallet – Similar to our Paytm and Freecharge wallets- converts to USD

Webmoney– Another wallet or purse to pay – converts to USD

Bancontact – European wallet that converts INR into EURO

Western Union – Minimum amount in cart should be $20 USD

TT/ Wire Transfer – Minimum cart should again be $ 20 USD

So the best method is credit card for small purchases,but for larger purchases you can use the above options.

If you have anymore questions related to this please mention in the comments below.

Download AliExpress Shopping App For Android And iOS

AliExpress Shopping App: In this modern world we all prefer to shop online and AliExpress shopping app would server you the best. AliExpress has become one of the leading online market place for buying products, good and services at cheap price. I really find their online website useful as I can find my preferred products easily and prices are really steep as well.

In this guide we will be going to learn how to download AliExpress shopping app for Android and IOS. You might be wondering why to select the app rather than using the online website? Then my answer is that we can start using AliExpress app right from the couch or the bed you were sleeping on. Better UI design that helps users to easily search and find your favorite product in no time.

I know that there are tons of new and old online shopping websites like Amazon and Ebay, but AliExpress is far more different than them. Though all these online marketplaces have same buy and sell service mode, AliExpress has far more unique and trending products, goods and services that can be bought at cheaper rates.

Download AliExpress Shopping App For Android And iOS

Most of the times sellers from Amazon and Ebay, import their goods and products from AliExpress shopping network due to their less price. Being a global network, we can find this app being available in different languages such as English, Spanish, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish and many more.

AliExpress India Cash On Delivery – AliExpress Payment Options

In this little topic I will be sharing different payments options that AliExpress has and also does AliExpress India cash on delivery is supported? AliExpress uses all types of debit cards, credit cards and even mobile payment gateways. Most popularly we can even buy using PayPal, Western Union, QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, MercadoPago as well.

How To Download AliExpress Shopping App For Android – AliExpress Shopping App Apk Dowload

I was using the AliExpress online website to buy products but I recently came to know of their Android app. Yes, AliExpress shopping app apk for Android can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. This is an official app by AliExpress itself, so that you can start buying and selling goods from your Android device itself.

  • You can go to Google Play Store and search for “AliExpress Shopping App”
  • Or else follow this link directly to visit AliExpress app download page
  • After that same as always, click on the “Install” button
  • And after that the downloading of app will begin and once done, installation starts
  • Finally once the app is installed, we can find it along with others apps

In this way we can download and install the AliExpress Shopping app for Android devices directly from Google Playstore.

Download AliExpress Shopping App For IOS 10 9.4 For iPhone/iPad

There is huge number of iPhone and iPad users who loves to browse AliExpress website online. I have few friends who use AliExpress India Cash on delivery options to buy new goods and product every now and then. So, I came to think that it would be wise to link download the AliExpress Shopping App for iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus download link.

You can download the AliExpress Shopping App from iTunes from here, for free of cost

AliExpress Login – Create AliExpress Account

Now as we have downloaded the AliExpress Shopping app for both Android and IOS, but we first need to learn to create an account at AliExpress. The reason behind creating an account is that AliExpress only allows registered users to place orders, so we have to create an account for this sole reason.

AliExpress Login – Create AliExpress Account

  • First open AliExpress official website from here
  • After that click on “Join” button on the top right of the homepage
  • Firstly you can directly log in using FaceBook account or else
  • Create a new account by filling the below forms correctly
  • Once all blanks are filled, then click on “Create Your Account” button
  • Then verify your email address and now you have created AliExpress account!

Once you have created your account at AliExpress online or shopping app, then you can log in right away. Such that you can log in to your AliExpress account on Android or iPhone devices, to buy goods and services easily.


So get on your iPhone or Android device now and start buying the products you like from AliExpress app in no time. You can choose between different payments options and at the same time find better products at reasonable cost using AliExpress Apk for Android.

aliexpress cash on delivery

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AliExpress India App Download For Android/ windows/ IOS |

AliExpress India App download For Android, Windows and iOS. Launched in 2010, is an online retail benefit comprised of for the most part little Chinese organizations offering items to universal online purchasers. It is claimed by Alibaba. It is the most gone by web based business site in Russia and was the tenth most prominent site in Brazil.

It enables independent ventures in China to pitch to clients everywhere throughout the world, and, much the same as Amazon, you can discover pretty much anything there. It may be more exact to contrast AliExpress with eBay, however, as dealers are free it just fills in as a host for different organizations to pitch to purchasers.

AliExpress India App apk Download

Like eBay, merchants on Aliexpress can be either organizations or people. Aliexpress is distinctive to Amazon since it acts just as an internet business stage and doesn’t offer items straightforwardly to consumers. It specifically associates Chinese organizations with purchasers. Check for Aliexpress India cash on delivery.

The principle distinction from the Chinese shopping webpage Taobao is that Aliexpress is pointed basically at global purchasers for the most part in the United States, Russia, Brazil or Spain. Alibaba is utilizing AliExpress to extend its scope outside of Asia and test online goliaths like Amazon and eBay. AliExpress is utilizing offshoot showcasing to discover new shoppers.

AliExpress App Download For Android

AliExpress is not only providing its services through online they are also helping customers their services by creating Apps in Android. Here are the steps which assist the customers in downloading AliExpress App for Android. And we are also providing you the Android App Link which will directly navigate you to the Play store for AliExpress india cash on delivery.

AliExpress India App Download for Android Devices

  • Click here for AliExpress App Download
  • After clicking on the link you will directly navigated to the Play store where you can Install AliExpress App for Android Mobiles.
  • On the top right corner, you will find Install Button.
  • Press on it.
  • Terms and Conditions will be appear on the screen.
  • After reading all terms, click on Accept Button
  • Your AliExpress App downloading will starts
  • Now you can get AliExpress App icon on you Android Phone.

Click on Register Button to enter into the Shopping app. If you are already a member, click on Sign in Button and enjoy your shopping for AliExpress India cash on delivery.

AliExpress India App Download For Android/ windows/ IOS

AliExpress App Download For Windows

AliExpress App is also made available for those customers who are using Windows Phone. Here we are providing you the steps which helps you in downloading App for Windows Phone.

  • Enter into Microsoft Windows Store that is,
  • Click on the above given link which will directs you to Microsoft Store.
  • There at right top corner, there is Search Bar.
  • There give AliExpress and your app will be appear on the page
  • Go through the steps mentioned there and get your AliExpress Windows App.

AliExpress till now did not released any App versions for Windows Phone. Once released we will update it in our page.

AliExpress App Download For IOS

Like same as Android and Microsoft Windows, there is AliExpress App in Apple Store also. Here are the steps which assist the customers in getting IOS App of AliExpress.

AliExpress Shopping App Download

  • Click on the link given here that is,
  • By pressing on the above link you will directly navigates to Apple Store where AliExpress App is there.
  • Read all the instructions carefully presented in the store.
  • By following all those steps, you can download your AliExpress App for iPhone.

AliExpress India App Login

Here are few steps which illustrates the users in Logging into the AliExpress App.

  • Go to the Google Chrome and there in search bar give
  • AliExpress page will appear on your screen
  • On top right corner, you can see “Sign in” Option
  • If you are new user click on “Register” Button
  • If you are already registered member, press on “Log in” Button
  • Give your registered E-mail Id and Password
  • After giving all credentials, click on Submit Button
  • Then you will be Logged In to the AliExpress Portal.

AliExpress Wiki

AliExpress begun as a business-to-business purchasing and offering entryway. It has since extended to business-to-buyer, purchaser to-customer, distributed computing, and installment administrations, too. AliExpress is presently in the dialects English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian. Clients outside of the nation limits for these dialects are naturally served the English variant of the service.

AliExpress India Cash On Delivery- Is there any such thing?

AliExpress is one of the most popular shopping sites in the world and for a good reason

Aliexpress India cash on delivery option

The days of traveling a long distance or roaming in malls are gone as online shopping has taken over the market. Many e-commerce giants like Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart, etc are competing by providing excellent service and various customer beneficiary offers to gain more and more customers.

Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma’s Alibaba is a leading e-commerce website not just in China but throughout the world. Established in 2010, AliExpress is Alibaba’s venture which sells products to international online buyers.

AliExpress sells millions of products with a variety of categories at an affordable price including women/men’s clothing, electronics, jewelry and watches, bags and shoes, sports, home improvement, and automobile accessories etc.

One of the best features of AliExpress is that its websites are with multiple languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish and delivery in more than 200 countries and regions.

You can get attractive coupons on various pages of the website and during large sales on the website in exchange for some tasks like playing some games.

AliExpress India Cash on Delivery:

One thing that many Indian customers didn’t like earlier was that Cash On Delivery is not available on AliExpress India. One has to make an online payment, which is also very safe according to the company. If products don’t reach you on the time or are damaged, the refund process is very smooth. AliExpress Cash on Delivery is currently not offered in any country as the products are already very cheap and have to be shipped at a very competitive price to other countries.

The delivery of your products takes around 30 to 40 days due to delays in importing and processing. If you are ordering some product that comes with paid delivery and is shipped using DHL or Fedex, you can expect it to reach in around 7-14 days. If a customer faces any issue before, during or after the delivery, 24/7 customer service is available on the website.

Many Indian buyers have now started trusting Aliexpress and have started ordering from it. If you can get past the longer delivery period, you can save a lot of bucks by shopping on Aliexpress.

How to register for Aliexpress India ?

1. Go to the official website.
2. Click on the join button on the top right of that window.
3. Enter your e-mail address and wait for a verification from AliExpress.
4. Once you are verified, set and confirm your login password.
5. After this, enter your name, confirm it and start shopping.

Customer Service

One can contact the customer service through the ‘customer care‘ page of the website and can have live chat with their customer service representatives.

Stay tuned to The Telescope and follow us for latest news and updates about the trending stories.

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25 Online Shopping Sites in India: Pay Cash on Delivery

Online shopping sites in India: The e-commerce business is spreading its hands in all over the country on a fast speed. We check out these sites in our leisure time a lot. Even the window shopping can be done here. There is no reason required to shop on these online shopping sites in India. They have become an integral part of our lives.

Online shopping has made the buying and selling of products very easy. You just have to check out the product you want, mark it for the cash on delivery, and here you go. The product will be all yours in just a few days and if you do not like it, then these online shopping sites in India have an easy return policy too.

But sometimes out of haste we prefer the bad sites. These sites do not provide the facility of cash on delivery. In such condition, we have to face a lot of problems. Sometimes we do not get the desired products. And sometimes they do not even do the delivery.

10+ Online Shopping Sites in India Cash on Delivery

So we are here to tell you about the best online shopping sites in India. They have easy return policies as well as the facility of cash on delivery too. Now you do not have to worry about the cyber crime anymore. These online shopping sites in India are safe for any transaction. It can be about less money or a huge amount.

Probably the most liked site by every shopaholic. There would not be any girls who haven’t checked out the site till date. This online shopping site is India is famous for its vast area coverage of the delivery. It even delivers the product to the remote areas where most of the shopping sites deny doing that.

And here comes the icing on the cake which is the advantage of cash on delivery. You can download the Amazon app for more convenient access to the site.

Amazon have every small and big products, where you may interest. Amazon offers quick product delivery, fast customer support and one more thing is very user-friendly website By which you can easily find out best product for you.

Note: If you want to buy gifts for someone special and you don’t have any ideas which gifts your need to buy for him/her then don’t panic.

I have some very good gifts ideas post, by which you can get best gifts ideas. Check some bellow given gifts ideas related post.

Best Gifts Ideas Posts:

2). Flipkart

Amazon may be the most convenient one from all the online shopping sites in India, but Flipkart is the most famous one among all. One thing that makes the Flipkart stand out of the crowd is its continuous and just awesome sale. They people organize sale on a enormous scale in every festive season and offer excellent quality products on a cheap rate.

With the advantage of cash on delivery on this site, there are vast sections for each thing. From electronics to clothing and the extent of footwear they offer the best one and that too on a large scale.

But before couple days I saw some status regularly on social media sites, some users share negative review about flipkart product delivery.

Another online shopping site in India that offers a different kind of products on just one click with the incredible offers running on it. Just like other sites, it also has the cash on the delivery system but some conditions are also applied on them.

The best part of this site is that they offer an excellent customer service. Here you do not like the product then you can get it exchanged very soon according to the policy of the site.

YEPME is another name in the online shopping sector of India. An online shopping site in India that offers the current fashion, and this is what their tagline also says about them. They have a clothing line of their own which is quite different from the others.

Although the site is not that much impressive once you become a regular you may find it nice out there. With the cash on delivery on the certain limit, they offer numerous products but on a not so large scale. Although you can get some excellent watches and shoes on this online shopping site in India.

Now that is what you can call a personal favorite of many (at least mine). Fresh products with amazing prices and quality all are available just one click away. This site has recently entered in the most surfed online shopping site in India.

This site is the best one for those who have a soft corner for the clothing and want their wardrobe to stay updated every time.

6). SnapDeal

Who in the country doesn’t know about Amir Khan? And yes, he is the one who is doing the advertisements for Snapdeal. Now that is what makes this site different from the others that even Mr. Perfectionist is the brand ambassador of the site.

Now the best products that this online shopping site in India offers is the electronics, apparel, accessories, games, grooming, etc. so if you want your essential electronics to be delivered right on your doorstep, then this site is just perfect for you.

7). ShopClues

This online shopping site in India is a boon for those who want to shop the best in a small budget. This site conducts significant discount sales now and then which are just more than awesome.

Now the best part of this site is that along with the cash on the delivery system they also offer every product on a wholesale rate which is quite money saver for many. The app of this site is a must for every Android user.

8). Home Shop 18

As the name of the site suggests that this site is the best one for the households items at a great price that is quite cost efficient. With a vast range of electronics and household products, they offer the advantage of cash on delivery.

They have tie ups with the top merchandise in India, which offers the customer a vast range of products. They provide their service to the major locations of the country.

Popularly known as eBay, this online site has come with a revolutionary entry in the best online shopping sites in India. Not only India but this shopping site has its wings spread in the entire world.

This online shopping site in India provides the best platform for many marketing companies to present their products according to the different categories. Along with the high customer satisfaction, this sites leads in the category of cash on delivery.

10). Naaptool

Indians are in a habit of purchasing everything with bargaining. They can’t afford to be fooled whether it is a customer or a shopkeeper. This site is just the same. With the comparative analysis of many products, it gives you the best one on a cheaper rate.

They also offer the fastest delivery; however it is considerate that they charge some amount according to the distance where the parcel is to be delivered. A must try for every Indian.

11). InfiBeam

With the marking of 4 out of 5 stars, this online shopping site in India is also a trademark in the online shopping sector in India. This site is still growing but that too on a fast pace in the online shopping era. They have gained a lot of customer’s satisfaction in the recent time.

They have their headquarter in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. This site is the best one for the products like electronics, automobiles, books and lifestyle products. They are the growing sensation in the e-commerce business.

12). PeperFry is the top online shopping sites in India, which is liked by many people. It is clear from the 5 out of 5 stars status of it that there are a lot of people like this online shopping site in India.

They have a large variety of products in the category of lifestyle enhancement, electronic gadgets and many more. They are still growing a lot in this industry as they offer timely discounts on many products of them. They also avail the cash on the delivery system on their site.

13). FashionAra

This is the online shopping site in India which offers numerous fashion lines and international brands. This site makes shopping very convenient for shopaholics. They also offer discount sales time to time for attracting more and more customers.

They have a large variety of products for males as well as females. They also serve to the electronics section, but their primary focus is on the fashion department. They also offer the quality products in the footwear section. The timely clearance sale conducts massive discounts on many products.

14). FirstCry provides the best and quality products for the babies. These kinds of sites are revolutionary for those who are soon to become parents. The new age parenting is quite modern with respect to the previous one and so is our society is turning now.

This site provides all the products regarding the infants and babies. They offer great clothes, baby products like oil, powder, creams, etc. they also offer numerous toys for them and their cradle.

15). Baby Oye

As the name of this online shopping site in India clearly displays that this is the site which is a boon for the soon to be parents of new parents in the town. This site is the top online shopping site in India in terms of the baby products.

They offer a vast variety of different types of baby products from diaper to baby oil; they have it all on them. You can shop anytime from this site and the stuff will be at your doorstep. The ease of the access on this site can even make kids go crazy for it.

Now this is what we can conclude from the site that it is completely biased with the males. Well jokes apart, this online shopping site is a treasure for the ladies. It offers a large variety of accessories, fashion garments, and other products which are the cup of tea of only ladies.

From head to toe, you can find numerous products on this site which are really good regarding quality as well as price. They also offer the facility of cash on delivery. This online shopping site in India is the one that can be a girl’s best friend.

17). ShoppersStop

It is a trademark in fashion, and you can find many offline stores of this merchandise. They offer the quality products with the range slightly high from the rest but surely best from the rest.

Now as they have decided to move online so here is the online shopping portal of the shoppers stop which is the personal favorite of many as the large variety of fashion brands on this site will mesmerize your eyes even with the single click. The quality of the products offered by this online shopping site in India can be trusted even with the eyes closed.)

18). Shop 19

If you are the one who believes in celebrating every color of life, then this site is just the perfect for you. This site can be the love of the life of many young ladies. This site has not gained much attention yet. But if you will start shopping on it then am sure you’ll be a fan of it.

This online shopping site in India may not be the entry in the list of top online shopping sites in India but still the uniqueness of this site is gaining love from many corners of the country.

19). Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla is famous for its unique designs of the products. The accessories out here are quite different from those on the other online shopping sites in India. They have a unique collection of clothing, winter line, accessories and other traditional outfits.

The watches out here (wall clock as well as wrist watches) are just mind blowing. The design and texture will remind you of the golden era. This online shopping site in India also provides the advantage of cash on delivery too. You can find numerous brands on this site which are quite excellent.

20). EverStylish

If you are a girl then am very sure that you must have a bookmark of the site in your browser. No girl can resist herself from taking a look at this site.

This site offers an amazing product which cannot be seen on any other site for sure. But the disadvantage of the site is that they have very bounded cash on delivery policies. Along with it, the price of the product is a bit higher from the other sites. But their uniqueness and the cash on the delivery system is attracting many customers on this site.

21). Junglee

Junglee is the synonym of the best. If you want the best out of the rest then just go with this site without even thinking twice. This site also offers the facility of cash on delivery with reliable customer service.

The main advantage of this site is that it compares the product price on different shopping sites and then displays comparative results which help us finding the best product on a small price. This online shopping site in India is the best for those who want to go for a smart shopping from home.

22). Rediff Shopping

This site comes under the category of top online shopping site in India with the earning of 5 out of 5 stars. This site is an initiative of the Rediff; yes the same site which offers the facility of e-mails.

With the vast variety of products which are reliable too, this site is just amazing to shop on. The sophisticated products one can surely not reject are available on this online shopping site. takes good care of its customer by asking for timely feedbacks and other customer satisfactory policies.

23). IndiaTimes

This site is renowned in the category of the top online shopping sites in India. They have got the appraisal of 5 out of 5 stars. With the great customer service and easy return policies, they have grown a lot over the years.

They introduce special coupons on the products which offer a huge discount. Their attractive offer grabs many eyes as they are the leading e-commerce site in India. Many electronic appliances can be found in our budget on this shopping site in India.

24). Shimply

This online shopping site in India may not have raised many eyebrows, but this comes under the one who works in quiet and then their work speaks for them. With the marking of 4 out of 5 stars, they are doing great in the category of e-commerce sites in India.

This site was started in 2014 under the leadership of Rajat Garg, an alumnus of Stanford University. With the priority of customer’s satisfaction, they have gained so much attention in recent time. offers a huge variety in the fashion, electronics, home décor, kitchenware and many other sections of our day to day life.

25). Fabfurnish

This site is just the perfect pick for redecorating your entire home. This site is different from the other ones as it does not offer any sort of clothing line or fashion garments. This site is mainly designed for improving our home décor.

There is a broad range of furniture, décor items, interior decorative collections and kitchenware from the entire globe. It connects the furniture market to the customers over a single click. And the best part is that you can order every single item on the cash on delivery constraint.