Aliexpress Light Yaki Hair — Inital Review


Yeah. so I’m a weavaholic. Quick ramble and show n tell. Hope you like boo.xx

Vendor’s Link:

Hair Texture: Light Yaki (Kinda looks like relaxed African hair)
Hair Lengths: 14, 16 and 18 inches
Colour: Natural. more 1b than anything
Delivery Time: 1 week (I live in Perth, Western Australia)
Price: $115 USD all in

Verdict: Not bad for Ali Exrpess. Hair quality was great but one bundle felt more yaki than the other two.
Weft construction is great and there are no visible beards. Also no shedding and fairly negligible tangling.

I’ve not been in contact with the vendor during or following my purchase so I can’t advise on their customer service but they seem to have pretty decent reviews.

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