Aliexpress money back – How?


These questions I often meet. money back is a buyer protection which is supposed to protect you against scams and questionable sellers. You should be eligible for your money back when one of the following happens:

  1. You have received items that are not as described (e.g. you ordered a 32GB MP3 Player but you received a 16GB MP3 Player) and/or your negotiations for a refund with the seller were not successful.
  2. You did not receive your order within the stated delivery time and/or your negotiations for a refund from the seller were not successful.
  3. You received fake items that were promised to be genuine (e.g. the item was described as an ‘iPhone 5’, but you received an Iphone copy). In this case, you are able to get 3 times your money back in compensation

Well, I know you may not get your money back even if any of the above counts for your delivery but you can take reservations. If you buy something expensive you can film when opening the package. This will make sure you have a proof that is undoubtable if you receive rubbish. Also make sure to comply with any rules Aliexpress has. You can find the full Aliexpress buyer protection program here.

Biggest problem about their program is that you need to provide the evidence, which sounds fair, but the evidence has to be very clear. So make sure to save old conversations with the seller, take good photoes/videos of the product and generally be sure that there can be no escape routes for the seller if he tries to trick you. Take notice of these 3 rules which gives an advantage to the Aliexpress sellers.

You are not eligible for AliExpress Buyer Protection if:

      • You claim you did not receive your order when the shipping company’s records show that you did.
      • You claim the order that you received is not as described when the seller can prove that it is.
      • The item was delivered but you no longer want it (regardless of the reason).

Is Aliexpress a scam?

I have said it before and I will say it again: NO, it is not a scam. Aliexpress is a site where many sellers have shops. Aliexpress is more or less the eBay of China. There are and will forever be sellers who try to make a living by scamming people but most vendors on Aliexpress are trustworthy. Use your common sense and provide the evidence to Aliexpress, if you somehow get scammed, and the Aliexpress money back program will hopefully work.