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How to Find Aliexpress Products that Ship From U.S. Supplier

Do you feel stuck because of watermarks, reviews or other reasons that may have turned you off about the supplier? Then this is the right time for you to switch to a USA supplier. Shifting to a USA supplier can help you get things in order before big issues arise. Use this method if you want to add products with high purchases, ratings, and reviews before listing an item from a supplier you aren’t comfortable with.

One of my favorite places to check for AliExpress items is on eBay. More times than not, eBay will have the same product for the same price or slightly more. Many of the items are located within the U.S. which is a win-win for you and your Shopify store customers.

Even if the items you find on eBay also ship from China, I personally prefer the response to missing items and returns on eBay vs AliExpress. Many China eBay sellers offer e-packet and ship very quickly.

Drop shipping is a great e-commerce business system for new and experienced entrepreneurs. And by finding products that ship from U.S. supplier, you decrease the uncertainty related to delivery and order processing, making dropshipping more flexible and manageable.

In this video, I’ll show you useful tips to help you ship products quicker to retain customers and increase sales:

Thanks for watching! Are you still struggling with choosing a shipping strategy for your online store? If so, feel free to drop me a comment below and I’d love to help!

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Aliexpress Agent USA | Buy From Aliexpress | Best China Buying Agent

In regards to online shopping at Aliexpress, Aliexpress Agent is the best and the most reliable Aliexpress Agent USA you deserve. We make your online shopping experience simple, secure, and convenient.

Learn how Aliexpress Agent can change the way you do your online shopping from overseas through here:

1. Choose the products that you want us to buy from

To begin, create an account with us at After successful registration, you can immediately get started with your first order at AliExpress Agent! Just include the product links in your order, and specify the item size, color, quantity, etc. Then we shall handle the rest for you! We talk to your suppliers and make sure you get the right product, according to your specifications.

2. Product Inspection

Once we receive the goods in our processing center in China, our QC shall inspect each item carefully to ascertain your product is in good condition and conforms to your specifications. If our quality team suspects nonconforming or defective product, we will notify you immediately with actual photo, and we’ll timely coordinate with your supplier for return or replacement.

3. Combine Orders

You can combine all your orders in one package so you can save in shipping cost, as the first half KG is costlier than the succeeding halves. We can also bubble wrap your items to add extra protection without any additional charge, as well as remove shoe boxes and other packaging to minimize your parcel’s volumetric weight.

4. Warehouse Storage

If you need more time to shop and consolidate all your orders, you can take advantage of our warehouse storage for up to 120 days without additional charge as this is already part of our service package.

5. International Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment methods you can choose from. You can pay us through Paypal, Bank Transfer, US Bank Account, Western Union, and MoneyGram. You may also pay using your debit card or credit card via Paypal service. Popular chinese e-payment platforms like Alipay and WeChat Pay are also available.

Pay conveniently and securely using Paypal. With Paypal, you can easily tie up your bank account, or credit card to pay your order with us.

Western Union or Bank Transfer

You can get 2% cashback every time you fund your account with 1,000 USD or more.

6. Door to door delivery to your address in USA

When your parcel is ready, we ship it to your designated address according to your preferred shipping method. Here are our recommended shipping methods:

Aliexpress usa suppliers

Still have a question? Ask your own!

On their website search for the item you want and then look for a dropdown that says “ships from” it’s in the top product filter area toward the right side of the screen.

That will filter the products that ship from the U.S. — don’t be surprised if some of the products disappear and aren’t available from the U.S. I have noticed this has been growing lately. I hardly ever found many products shipping from the U.S. in the past and have noticed much more recently. So good luck!

If you are adding them via Oberlo to Shopify, you just copy the URL of the product and paste it into Oberlo. There is a button for that where you search for products, it says enter a product or something similar. Don’t have the app open right now. It’s easy to find though.

Checklist: How to Find the Right Supplier on AliExpress

Your product can only be as good as the people who supply it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re ordering raw materials or finished goods, finding the right supplier can be a game changer in the e-commerce business.

Fortunately for you, the days of scouring factories across the country are over. Platforms like AliExpress make it extremely easy to source virtually anything — spare parts, supplies, and finished products.

However, finding the right supplier on AliExpress isn’t easy. Which is why we’ve compiled this checklist to help you choose the perfect supply partner on AliExpress.

Manufacturers, Distributors, and Drop Shippers: Understanding the Differences

Before you start, it’s important to understand the difference between manufacturers, drop shippers and trading companies before you go about sourcing from China.


Manufacturers make products. They operate factories that have materials, machines, and staff to make the product from scratch. Most established manufacturers also have designers who’ll work with you to develop product ideas.

You’ll go to manufacturers when you have a product idea and want help turning it into reality. Most manufacturers will ask for a minimum order quantity (MOQ) before starting the manufacturing process.


A distributor is a company that buys goods in large batches and sells those goods in smaller batches to retailers or traders.

You’ll go to distributors when you want to source large quantities of an existing product and resell it in your home country. For instance, if you want to sell LED lamps in the US, you’ll go to a LED lamp distributor.


Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where the store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. The products are stored by the drop shipper who takes care of fulfilling individual orders on behalf of the reseller.

As soon as the reseller receives an order, it is forwarded to the drop shipper for fulfillment. The store never sees the product that is shipped to the customer.

You’ll go to drop shippers when you want to run a store but don’t want to keep an inventory or deal with shipping.

Trading companies buy multiple kinds of product from different factories and sell to other businesses.

The difference between traders and distributors is that the former usually stocks small to medium quantities of a lot of products, while the latter keeps large quantities of a limited range of products.

For instance, an electronics trading company might sell everything from mobile phones to LED lamps. A phone distributor, on the other hand, will usually only stock phones of a particular brand or type.

Difference Between Alibaba and Aliexpress

You might be wondering: what is AliExpress and how does it differ from Alibaba?

Alibaba is arguably the more famous platform — it is, after all, the name of the founding company.

AliExpress, on the other hand, is a relatively new platform and serves a very different clientele.

We’ll show you how to choose between the two below.

Alibaba is ideal for businesses that want to place large quantity orders to get the cheapest price per unit. You will mostly find manufacturers and wholesalers on Alibaba.

Business owners can also have a custom product made by the manufacturers or buy certain types of products they specialize in and private label them under their own brand.

There is no shopping cart on Alibaba; you’ll have to work with manufacturers to negotiate a price and minimum order quantity.

Use Alibaba if you want to directly work with manufacturers, develop a private label of your product or to place bulk orders at the cheapest price.


Aliexpress operates at the consumer level — a retail version of Alibaba. It enables buyers to purchase goods in lower quantities at factory prices. You get a shopping cart — just like any retail store — and don’t have to negotiate with suppliers

Because it caters largely to retail buyers, AliExpress doesn’t have as many manufacturers on it. Instead, you’ll find a lot of trading companies and smaller distributors.

While you won’t get as cheap rates as on Alibaba, you won’t have to order large MOQs either. This makes it perfect for small and new businesses who want to get started with e-commerce.

Checklist for Finding the Right Supplier

Your supplier is one of the most important cogs in your e-commerce machinery. A reliable supplier of quality products can give you a massive edge against the competition.

However, with millions of competing suppliers on AliExpress, finding the right one can be a daunting (and expensive) task.

To make better decisions, follow these 10 guidelines.

1. Choose reputed sellers with positive feedback

This is perhaps the most important thing while evaluating AliExpress suppliers. As a rule of thumb buy from suppliers that have 95% and higher positive feedback.

The “Feedback Score” shows the seller’s sales volume and the “Positive Feed Rate” represents the feedback that supplier has received.

A supplier with more than 95% Positive Feedback Rate and 2,000 Feedback Score is considered a reputed seller.

This, of course, does not mean that a supplier with a 500 Feedback score can’t be trusted or all suppliers with the 1000+ score are genuine. Think of it as a general measure.

Also, note the number of years the store has been in business.

To find top rated sellers, sort products by seller rating.

2. Compare prices against competitors

The old adage holds especially true on AliExpress: if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

When you first land on AliExpress, you’ll be surprised (and excited) to find some products being sold at dirt cheap prices (relative to competitors). These are usually offered by new suppliers with little to no feedback.

You have to tread with caution in such cases. Sometimes, the lower prices are because a new seller wants to make a mark in the marketplace. But more often than not, it’s either a scam or you will be compromising significantly on quality.

Be sure to compare by different suppliers. If a number of sellers have similar prices for the same product, but one seller has a significantly lower price, take this as an indication that the product is likely not genuine.

AliExpress has a handy tool for filtering out very high or very low priced products. When you hover over the “Price” bar on the product page, AliExpress will show you how many people bought products in that price range.

If very few people are buying products in a low price range, it likely isn’t a very good deal.

3. Check for product authenticity

Unfortunately, fake products are a large problem on both Alibaba and AliExpress. With the number of products on offer, filtering out fake products can be a massive challenge.

For example, when you search for “Xiaomi TV”, you’ll see over 1,800 results;

Most of these would be genuine, but you can never really tell fake from real when you have only a few product images to go by.

There are a few alternate tactics you can use to filter out tell if a product is fake or not:

Seller & product feedback score

Just like on eBay, feedback score matters a lot to sellers. Reputed sellers wouldn’t engage in any malpractices that might endanger their feedback score.

Besides the seller score, you can also check product feedback by clicking on the “Feedback” tab on the product page.

In the above case, both the product and the seller have very high ratings.

Check seller’s other products on sale

A seller that offers only one type or brand of products is likely to be more authentic than someone who sells virtually everything under the planet.

You can check this by looking at the “Seller’s Categories” in the left sidebar. In this case, the seller largely focuses on accessories from upcoming brands:

Check warranties and price

Again, if the price is too low, it’s likely to be inauthentic.

Similarly, also check seller warranties. You can see them in the “Seller Guarantees” tab on the product page.

If you still can’t be sure, try ordering a single product to ascertain quality and authenticity.

4. Communicate with the seller before making the purchase

Proper communication with suppliers is a must since products come directly from them, not AliExpress.

The best way is to straight away write to the supplier. Clear all your doubts and ask them any item’s specific details, shipping or delivery questions.

You can find the seller contact details in the left sidebar on the product page:

5. Pay attention to the responsiveness of suppliers

After you send the message through chat or messaging, notice how quickly supplier responds to your query.

This will give you an idea how responsible the seller is. Remember that your supplier is also your business partner. A seller who can’t respond quickly to your requests or is unreliable in his response time will likely make for a bad partner.

Keep local China time (UTC +8) in mind before you do this.

6. Negotiate prices on bulk orders

When you’re buying in bulk from AliExpress, most sellers will offer you a small discount for bulk orders.

You can see this on the product page under “Bulk Price”.

Understand that this price is completely negotiable, especially if you have a large requirement than the seller’s mentioned bulk price.

In the above case, you can likely negotiate a few extra % points for 100+ piece orders.

Always negotiate before making a purchase commitment.

7. Read item details/description carefully

Never place an order without reading the item’s description no matter how pretty the photos look. Sometimes useful information is included in the details section.

8. Look out for seller guarantees

Sellers offer their own set of guarantees. When you’re buying a branded item make sure to look for “ Guaranteed Genuine ” tag.

If the product is still found to be counterfeit, you will get your full refund including shipping cost.

9. Understand that Custom/Import duty may be charged

Expensive products usually get under the scanner of the custom department. If it happens to you, there is a good chance you will need to pay import duty for the products.

Different countries have different rates at which import duties are charged. Keep in check the duty you might have to pay before purchasing the product.

Check out Duty Calculator to get an estimate.

How to Contact AliExpress Suppliers

Email is the preferred mode of communication for most of suppliers. They will likely use Google Translate to translate your emails so make sure you keep the text concise, well formatted and to the point.

This will not only help the supplier but also get you better replies. Here is a template that you may consider as a guideline before contacting the suppliers.

My name is [Your Name]. I am interested in your [Insert Product Name or Item Code].

I have several questions:

1. What is the price per unit?

2. What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

3. What is your expected delivery time, including customs?

I would like to place an order for a sample before placing full order.

Can you please send over the sample cost including shipping to the US?

I look forward to building a great business relationship with you. Thank you.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Things can — and will — go wrong sooner or later. That’s just part and parcel of doing business.

Having established processes to deal with such situations can make your job a whole lot easier.

Here’s what to do when something goes wrong:

1. With product quality

Unfortunately, all the due diligence in the world can’t protect you from poor product quality. It’s not unusual for sample products to be very different from the final product.

In such situations, you can rule out litigation — American/European court judgments don’t apply to Chinese companies.

Also understand that if you’ve already made the payment, you will have very little leverage over the seller.

This is particularly true for large sellers with lots of feedback — the odd bad review isn’t going to impact them much.

When you receive a poor quality product, here’s what you can do:

  • Ask if it is a manufacturing error: Often, poor product quality is because of a one-off manufacturing defect. Sometimes, it’s also because the manufacturer is in the process of upgrading to new machinery. In such cases, sellers might be able to make up in the next order.
  • Hire a third-party inspection company: Because of quality risks, a number of businesses hire third-party inspection companies in China to ensure product quality. Google “ third party inspection China ” to see a list of such companies.

AliExpress’ Buyer Protection will give you 60-days to get a refund or start a dispute. You can do this by going to the order under “My Orders” and clicking on “Open Dispute”.

If this doesn’t work, you can escalate the dispute straight to AliExpress.

2. With delivery time

Delivery times on AliExpress vary wildly depending on the seller, the product type and the country it is being shipped to.

For most smaller items, AliExpress offers its own shipping for free.

If your order still hasn’t arrived after the mentioned period, here’s what you can do:

  • Track order status: Obviously, the first step — check whether the order is in China, in your country, or en-route. You can do this by going to “My Orders”, then click on “Track” next to your order name.
  • Check if the order is stuck in customs: Packages being held at customs is the usual culprit in shipping delays. If this happens, customs will notify you via post of your shipment and tell you how you can retrieve it. This can add several days to the usual delivery time. Most courier tracking services will tell you when a package has reached Customs.
  • Ask the seller for guidance: If you’re shipping products to Europe or USA, most sellers would already be familiar with shipping to your country. Ask them for guidance as to what could be holding back the delivery, and if there is anything you can do to speed things up.

3. With customs

Packages being stuck in customs is a routine complaint of anyone who imports from China. The customs in some countries is particularly notorious for holding up packages.

Your shipping service provider should be able to tell you when the package is in customs. After this, customs will send you a notification (in writing) as to why your product was held up and what you can do to get it released.

In case the seller claims that the product is held up at customs, here’s what you can do:

  • Ask for a bill of lading: Ask the seller to furnish a bill of lading to prove that the package has, indeed, left the seller’s warehouse.
  • Contact shipping service to confirm the goods arrival in your home country. In the US, if your carrier fails to inform you within 15 days of the goods arrival (and you fail to act on customs communication), your package will be shifted to a “General Order Warehouse” (GO). This can make retrieving the items expensive and time-consuming.

Understand that this is a very subjective issue — customs procedure vary from country to country. Refer to your country’s customs office to learn more.

4. With payments

Most sellers on AliExpress accept a massive number of payment options.

Since AliExpress offers its own Buyer Protection, you are secure against any payment fraud. Within the 60 days of Buyer Protection, you get full refunds in case of non-receipt of items.

In case you do encounter any issues, you can open a dispute to get refunds.

To do this, log into your buyer panel and locate your order under “My Orders”.

Next, click on “Open Dispute” next to the order:

On the next screen, choose “Refund” to start the refund process:

You can’t use PayPal on AliExpress. Unless suppliers have their own private PayPal account, so they could send an invoice with item description and price. AliExpress has its own credit card payment system, which resembles Paypal in many ways and offers the same security. Also if you use a bank transfer, debit cards or the Western Union, you have no option other than relying on AliExpress.

5. With copyright and branding

Intellectual property theft is a major issue in China, so it shouldn’t be surprising if you find your unique idea copied by a supplier.

Unfortunately, Chinese law makes it next to impossible to enforce any patents or get any redressal for IP theft. Consider that even Apple isn’t secure from this problem.

The best you can do is to open a dispute (see above) and request AliExpress to remove the seller.

This, however, will still not stop your IP theft.

Consider this part of the risk of doing business in China.

Over to You

AliExpress isn’t perfect, but it does have a lot of advantages over sourcing products locally. For one, you get access to a massive inventory with no MOQs. You also get extremely low prices, including free shipping on most items.

On the downside, you will have to contend with communication issues and the occasional seller dispute. To mitigate this problem, AliExpress offers robust buyer protection and an easy to use communication system.

On the whole, you’ll find AliExpress to be a very valuable partner when sourcing suppliers for your e-commerce store.

AliExpress Survival Guide: Finding the Right Supplier

Unlike its big brother, Alibaba, AliExpress has become the go-to supply source for many small to medium online businesses. As we mentioned in our How to Find Trending Products to Sell Online, AliExpress’s popular page offers key insights into trending products and has become a leading supplier source for starting eCommerce sites.

Although you may not find products as cheaply as you would on Alibaba, this drop-shipping and supplier platform has a host of small distributors and traders that allow small or new businesses to get started without having to outlay for large quantities.

As popular as AliExpress is for drop-shipping, navigating through tens of thousands of suppliers as a new online seller, can seem like trying to find a needle, in well, a stack of needles. But sit back, relax and take a deep breath, we’re going to guide you through it, to help you find just the right supplier for your business.

Here is your survival guide to choosing the right supplier in seven steps.

Step 1: Fine-Tune Your Requirements

Before you can find the right supplier, you need to be very clear about exactly what products you’re looking for and how many you’re looking for. What products will you be selling? Do you need a manufacturer or trader? Have you identified your initial demand for the product you’re looking for a supplier for? Or do you plan on dropshipping?

Step 2: Supplier Research

It’s safe to say that there will be an abundance of AliExpress suppliers selling just the product you are looking to sell or drop ship. So how do you find them? A simple product search will enable you to find a list of possible suppliers to choose from.

Like above, each possible supplier for the product you are wishing to buy or drop ship, will be listed with the price, shipping costs, how many orders they have completed and how much stock they have.

Step 3: Supplier Audit

This is the most comprehensive, and important step. There are a number of ways to find and weed out suppliers from your list in your search of the right supplier.

Check Basic Details of the Supplier

You will want to look at the supplier’s details. Look at their business name and what they’re selling. If someone is selling rubber piping, for example, is their company name Tiantai Fuhua Rubber or Yiwu Huancai Jewelry? It’s safe to say the former is producing rubber products which means they are a manufacturer,while the latter is just loading products to trade in smaller quantities. Also, look at when the store was opened,how many units they have sold,and most importantly, what their overall feedback is.

You can do this by hovering over the supplier’s name in your product search. The feedback score will show you the supplier’s selling volume, while the positive feedback rate will show you the general feedback the supplier has received. You will want to narrow your list down to suppliers that have at least a 95% Positive Feedback Rate and 2,000 Feedback Score to ensure the supplier you choose is reputable.

Check Other Products Sold By the Supplier

Look at other products sold by the supplier, are they in the same niche as the product you’re looking for? Or are they selling a variety of types of products? When comparing suppliers, compare their product catalogs. If you’re looking for clothing for example, choose a supplier who sells within the market specifically, as this will help ensure better pricing, quality and professionalism. It also means when you’ve locked down a professional supplier, you can get a variety of products from them within your niche.

Step 4: Determine Product Authenticity

Once you have narrowed down your supplier list to reputable options, it’s time to compare specific products. You can do this in the following ways:

Compare Prices

When it comes to supplier price, it’s important to tread lightly. Cheaper is not always better and quality will likely decrease with the price. You will find a lot of suppliers offering products a lot cheaper than their AliExpress competitors, but these are more often than not, either a new AliExpress trader that doesn’t have any sales feedback — making it hard to determine if it’s a new trader trying to break into a competitive market, or they could, unfortunately, be a scammer.

However, AliExpress has a handy tool to weed out any less trustworthy suppliers, by looking at the listed supplier’s details, you can see how many units were sold at that price.

Compare Guarantees

Scroll down and click on the Seller Guarantees to check each products warranties and guarantees.

Step 5: Check for ePacket Service

ePacket is a shipping service specially set up to service online stores which makes shipping out of China quicker and cheaper. This is the most important step for AliExpress drop shippers as it will ensure better delivery and customer tracking — A.K.A improve overall customer service and make your sales funnel more efficient. When sourcing suppliers, you will notice that regular shipping can take anywhere from 20 – 60 days. This why it’s imperative that you find a supplier that offers an ePacket service that could cut the shipping time to 7 days. When faster delivery is a key eCommerce trend , this is an absolute MUST to business success.

You can check this ahead of time if the supplier offers ePacket and what their delivery time would be by checking the shipping and payment options above. ePacket is now available in around 30 countries. These include:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Great Britain
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States

Step 6: Communicate Directly With Your Short List

Now it’s time to get in touch. Communicating directly with your prospective suppliers is a must. Ask enough questions to judge their professionalism and reliability. Ask specifics about each of the products, the shipping and delivery details and try to negotiate better rates on bigger orders. This is a particularly important step if you’re drop shipping, as their professionalism and product quality will make-or-break your online businesses.

Use the online messaging or chat to open communications and take note of how long it takes for the supplier to reply to your inquiries. But be sure to be aware of the time difference, China time (UTC +8).

Step 7: Order Samples

Finally, before you order a huge quantity or lock in your drop shipping partner, place some test orders. Order or negotiate a sample directly from the supplier before finalizing your deal. Then, if you’re drop shipping you will want to order more samples as a ‘customer’ by going onto your online store and ordering a product to make sure the product arrives in the time negotiated, how it is packaged and at the quality you agreed upon.

There you have it, 7 steps to finding the right supplier. If you’re looking for more tips for bulk ordering, here’s an Alibaba guide to finding the right supplier.

Nicole is a content writer at StoreYa with over fifteen years experience and flair for story telling. She runs on a healthy dose of caffeine and enthusiasm. When she’s not researching the next content trend or creating informative small business content, she’s an avid beach goer and coffee shop junkie.

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Aliexpress USA

Launched in April 2010, AliExpress is a retail marketplace targeting consumers worldwide. Our top performing markets are Russia, Brazil, US, UK and many other English speaking countries.

AliExpress now features more than 100 million products supplied by more than 200,000 sellers and manufacturers from worldwide, which enables us to offer consumers a wide range of quality products on a very competitive value, plus free shipping for almost all products.

Как найти надежного поставщика на AliExpress

Когда в России найти поставщика не получается, на западе закупать дорого, время подумать о поставщиках из Китая. В первую очередь это два популярных сайта-каталога — и Там можно найти товары и расходные материалы по выгодным ценам.

Главное — уметь среди тысяч ненадёжных продавцов найти того, кто вас не подведёт. Мы расскажем, как это сделать. И в конце дадим советы, что делать, если проблемы с заказом всё таки возникли.

Производители, оптовики и прямые поставщики

В каталогах встречается 3 типа поставщиков. Вам надо выбрать, у кого именно вам удобнее и выгоднее заказывать товар.

  • Производители
    У них есть материалы, оборудование и персонал, поэтому они могут произвести продукт с нуля. Часто в штате есть дизайнеры, которые помогут вам доработать идею товара. Большинство производителей попросят оплатить минимальную партию прежде, чем запустят процесс производства.
  • Крупные оптовики
    Они закупают очень большую партию продукции у производителя и продают её частями. К ним стоит обратиться, если вам нужна достаточно крупная партия одного товара от одного бренда.
  • Розничные продавцы
    В отличие от оптовиков у таких продавцов вы можете закупить маленькие или средние партии разных товаров от различных брендов.

AliExpress или Alibaba

AliExpress более популярен в России. О нём слышали, наверное, даже те, кто никогда ничего в интернете и не покупал. Alibaba — не столь популярная площадка, потому что ориентирована только на оптовых покупателей. В качестве продавцов здесь выступают производители и крупные оптовики, потому тут даже нет привычной корзины. Чтобы купить товар, надо обязательно связаться с продавцом.

Цены на товары на Alibaba ниже, чем на AliExpress, однако минимальная партия покупки может быть очень крупной.

Именно поэтому с Alibaba стоит работать тем, кто хочет заказать производство товара или готов выкупить крупную партию по самой низкой цене. Для начала бизнеса такой вариант редко подходит.

AliExpress в большей степени ориентирован на розничных покупателей, потому производителей здесь мало, в основном розничные продавца. И хотя цены здесь несколько выше, чем на Alibaba, но по-прежнему доступные, а заказать можно даже единицу товара. Товары можно набирать в корзину и не обязательно общаться с продавцом, если у вас нет такого желания или необходимости.

Выбирайте AliExpress, если вы только начинаете свой бизнес и хотите попробовать продавать различные варианты товаров или если у вас нет собственного склада и вам негде хранить крупные партии товаров.

Способы выбрать поставщика и проверить его надежность

Перед началом сотрудничества китайских поставщиков и их товар стоит проверить на подлинность и надежность. Предлагаем вам способы проверки для AliExpress (большинство из них подойдет и для Alibaba, плюс в конце мы дали два способа именно для этого каталога).

1. Смотрите рейтинги и читайте отзывы

Первое и главное, что вам нужно сделать — проверить отзывы о поставщике. Именно на основе отзывов нужно составить список подходящих поставщиков, а потом уже проверять их другими способами.

Из отзывов формируются рейтинги:

  • Feedback Score — это общее количество отзывов покупателей об этом продавце за всё время его работы на AliExpress.
  • Positive Feed Rate — процент положительных отзывов (оценки 4 и 5) из общего количества.

Выбирайте продавцов с общим количеством отзывов от 2 000 и процентом положительных отзывов от 95. Также обращайте внимание на то, сколько лет продавец торгует на AliExpress.

Конечно, это не значит, что нужно непременно придерживаться этого правила и не обращать внимания на магазины с меньшим количеством отзывов, но возьмите его за основу. Чтобы найти продавцов с высоким рейтингом, включите сортировку товаров по рейтингу продавца.

Читайте отзывы о продавце и товаре (у популярных продавцов обычно множество отзывов). Из них вы подробно узнаете, какого качества сам товар, как он упакован, насколько быстро был доставлен и как вёл себя продавец. Изучите отзывы не только на русском, но и на английском языке.

2. Сравните цены с ценами конкурентов

К AliExpress можно применить смело применять правило: если что-то выглядит слишком хорошо, чтобы быть правдой, так оно и есть. Вы будете удивлены, увидев, насколько дёшево стоят некоторые товары на Али. Но, скорее всего, такие цены предлагают продавцы, у которых совершенно отсутствуют отзывы.

Остерегайтесь слишком низких цен. Возможно таким образом честный продавец-новичок хочет привлечь покупателей, но чаще всего вы наткнётесь на афериста или товар низкого качества.

Если видите подозрительно низкую цену, проверьте, сколько покупателей купили товар в этом ценовом диапазоне (эти данные есть на странице категорий товаров сверху). Если их совсем мало, то лучше не рисковать и не соблазняться на низкую цену.

3. Проверьте подлинность товара

Поддельные товары — беда AliExpress. И не всегда просто понять: фейк перед вами или оригинал. Например, вы задали в поиске «Xiaomi TV» и получили около 1000 результатов с одинаковыми картинками. Распознать подделки снова помогут отзывы. Кроме того изучите следующие данные:

    Товары одного бренда, которые представлены у продавца

Допустим, вы нашли у продавца телефон Xiaomi. Посмотрите, есть ли ещё какая-то продукция именно этого бренда. Продавец, у которого представлено достаточно много товаров одного бренда, более надёжен, чем тот, который продаёт всё на свете и от разных производителей.

Посмотреть категории товаров можно в левой боковой панели.

Гарантии и цены

Если цена значительно ниже, чем у конкурентов, стоит насторожиться. Внимательно почитайте «Гарантии продавца» на странице товара. Если вам кажется, что с товаром и продавцом всё в порядке, закажите для начала не партию, а единицу продукции, чтобы проверить качество.

4. Проверьте поставщика в поисковиках

Отзывы можно найти на сторонних сайтах и форумах, воспользовавшись обычным поиском. Для проверки выбирайте Google, он лучше индексирует зарубежные сайты.

Примеры запросов на русском:

  • [название поставщика];
  • [название поставщика] обман;
  • [«название поставщика] мошенничество.

На английском (тут, скорее всего, будет больше информации):

  • [«название поставщика] scam;
  • [название поставщика] fraud.

5. Свяжитесь с продавцом

Обязательно пообщайтесь с продавцом, чтобы развеять свои сомнения: расспросите о деталях доставки, задайте вопросы о продукции, можно даже договориться о каких-то особых условиях. Контактные данные продавца расположены в левой боковой панели.

Лучше всего писать на почту. Так как продавец, скорее всего, будет переводить ваше письмо с помощью Google Translate, пишите кратко, простыми фразами и короткими предложениями.

Это поможет продавцу лучше вас понять, а вам — получить адекватный исчерпывающий ответ.

Вот примерный шаблон письма на русском:

Меня зовут [ваше имя]. Меня заинтересовал этот товар — [название товара, ссылка на него].
У меня есть несколько вопросов:

  • Сколько стоит товар?
  • Каков ваш MOQ (минимальная партия)?
  • Каково время доставки?

Я хочу заказать образец продукции, прежде чем заказывать партию. Сколько это будет стоить, включая доставку в Россию?

Рассчитываю на долговременные отношения. Спасибо.

[Название компании]

Шаблон письма на английском:

My name is [ваше имя]. I am interested in your [название товара, ссылка на него].

I have several questions:

  • What is the price per unit?
  • What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
  • What is your expected delivery time, including customs?

I would like to place an order for a sample before placing full order. Can you please send over the sample cost including shipping to Russia?

I look forward to building a great business relationship with you. Thank you.

[Название компании]

Лучше отправить письмо на двух языках.

Точно так же можно попросить тестовый образец у поставщика с Alibaba.

6. Тщательно прочитайте описание товара

По картинке далеко не всегда можно составить исчерпывающее мнение о товаре. Лучше всего читать на английской версии сайта, так как от русского перевода на AliExpress практически никакого толка, вы всё равно не поймёте, что это за товар и из чего он сделан.

7. Согласуйте оптовую цену

Обычно продавцы на Али сразу указывают розничную цену и оптовую — при покупке определённого количества товара. Однако вы можете договориться и о дополнительной скидке на крупную партию. Всегда уточняйте условия, прежде чем оплачивать товар.

8. Обратите внимание на скорость ответа продавца

То, насколько быстро продавец отвечает на ваши вопросы, показывает уровень его ответственности. Поставщик — ваш партнёр по бизнесу, и важно, чтобы он не подвёл вас, когда вы начнёте сотрудничать. Не забывайте о разнице во времени с Китаем: +5 часов к московскому.

9. Уточните, какие таможенные пошлины вам придётся заплатить

Когда вы заказываете мелочь из Китая, вы обычно не волнуетесь о таможенных сборах, но оптовые покупки — это уже другие цены, и другой объём груза. Подробнее о правилах ввоза товаров почитайте на сайте

10. Посмотрите, есть ли у поставщика свой сайт

Увидеть это можно в контактах поставщика. Наличие отдельного англоязычного сайта говорит о серьёзности поставщика. Только не забудьте проверить, что ссылки, которые вы нашли — рабочие, и сайт действительно существует.

Наличие у поставщика c Alibaba магазина на AliEхpress будет полезно тем, что там вы сможете почитать много отзывов от конечных покупателей и заказать единицу товара на пробу.

11. Выбирайте поставщика со статусом Gold Supplier (для Alibaba)

Для китайских поставщиков это платный статус, который они получают только после проведения нескольких проверок и инспекций.

На странице поставщика отображается, сколько лет он уже обладает статусом «Золотого поставщика». На скриншоте ниже — 6 лет.

Выбирайте поставщиков, которые поддерживают статус Gold Supplier не менее 2-3 лет. При поиске товара сразу ставьте галочку, чтобы смотреть только «золотых» поставщиков.

При работе с такими поставщиками вы снижаете риск нарваться на мошенников, но и им не стоит слепо доверять.

12. Проверьте поставщика на Global Sources (для Alibaba)

Global Sources — крупный международный сайт поиска поставщиков различных товаров. Global Sources проверяет своих поставщиков и присваивает им статус «Verified». Причём проверка это более серьёзная и глубокая, чем у Alibaba. Если вы нашли поставщика, например, в списке Top China Suppliers, это снимает с него почти все подозрения.

Что делать, если возникли проблемы

В этом пункте мы перечислим несколько неприятных ситуаций, с которыми вы можете столкнуться, заказывая на AliExpress. Не нужно их бояться, но необходимо к ним подготовиться.

Вы получили товар плохого качества

К сожалению, никакая осмотрительность не сможет в полной мере защитить вас от продукции плохого качества. Вот что вы можете сделать:

  • Уточнить у поставщика, почему качество продукта плохое. Вероятно, это разовый производственный дефект. Иногда такое случается, когда производитель меняет оборудование. В таком случае поставщик может исправить ситуацию в следующем заказе.
  • Открыть спор с продавцом. Для этого у вас есть 60 дней с момента отправки товара.
  • Заказать инспекцию продукции ещё до того, как её вам отправят. Компании, которые занимаются инспекцией можно найти в поисковике по запросу «third party inspection China».

Доставка очень долгая

Сроки доставки товаров с AliExpress различаются в зависимости от продавца, типа товара, выбранного способа доставки и вашего местонахождения.

Вот что стоит сделать, если ваш заказ не прибыл в указанный продавцом срок:

  • Если для вашего заказа работает отслеживание, проверьте, где он находится в данный момент.
  • Проверьте, не застрял ли заказ на таможне. Позвоните в таможенный пункт и назовите трекинг-номер посылки. На сайте таможни можно найти контакты таможенных пунктов, а также написать заявление в таможню, если посылка задержалась. На всякий случай сразу после отправки товара запросите у продавца копию инвойса — документа, содержащего перечень товаров, их количество и цену, по которой они поставлены покупателю, формальные особенности товаров (цвет, вес и т. д.), условия поставки, сведения об отправителе и получателе.
  • Заранее обговорите с продавцом, как можно ускорить доставку.

Вы хотите вернуть деньги за товар

Благодаря «Защите покупателя» вы можете полностью вернуть деньги, если в течение 60 дней не получили товар. Чтобы отправить запрос на возврат денег, нужно открыть спор с продавцом. Проще всего оплатить товар и вернуть за него деньги, если вы произвели оплату с помощью карты, через QIWI Wallet, WebMoney или «Яндекс.Деньги».

AliExpress — не идеальное место для закупки, вас ждут трудности в общении с продавцом, длительная доставка и опасность заказать партию некачественных товаров.

Однако на другой стороне весов надёжная защита покупателей, удобный и понятный интерфейс площадки, бесплатная доставка во многих случаях, низкие цены и возможность заказать небольшую партию товара. Поставщики с AliExpress могут стать ценными партнёрами вашего интернет-магазина. Главное — не торопитесь с выбором и будьте внимательны.