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I give my take on the Arc Angel, make sure to roast me in the comments.

This is my unboxing, review , and demonstration of the CS: Go balisong . This is a video game knife in real life. This is the Slaughter .

Purchase a Balisong Trainer .

Lucas Cao (squidmaster23 from Reddit) talks to Ben and Austin about butterfly knives. Check out butterfly knives at Blade HQ .

Whats shaking homies so today I got a sick balisong from NRB knives. NRB Knives is the knife making and modding company .

This video covers some of the differences between a counterfeit Benchmade 42 and a real genuine Benchmade 42.

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Newest Video: Wish Product Link: .

The full review of the low cost, yet high Quality Cs:Go butterfly knife trainer. After hours of flipping this $40 knife, Does it still live up .

I know I’m late on this video lmao sorry, ANYWAYS! Need a budget Balisong ?! This could be for you! These should be atin your .

Link where I got them: .

This video is about Shankles V1 Review .

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SPECS LISTED BELOW Here is the review on the BM 62 yes sir! Its a good knife, not the best, not the worst. A decent flipper but .

Flipping and Taking a look at the Benchmade 87 balisong blade length 4.5″ blade thickness .12″ handle length 5.5″ handle .

Here’s a review for the flyti 62 clone finally. Sorry it took so long I just wanted to get a good feel for the knife overall. Hope you guys .