Best Lenovo Smartphone and tablet shops


For a while now, we’ve been paying close attention to Chinese phone brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei or our focus today, Lenovo. In fact, more and more Chinese companies are finding a place in the smartphone market, not a surprise really, considering the excellent quality-price ratio of their products.

The Lenovo brand, founded in 1984, is one of the largest and most important ones in China. At the moment, they have a great catalogue of different range phone and tablets in the market, perfect for any kind of user, weather they are looking for something more simple or more professional. AliExpress is one of their biggest distributors, in fact you can find loads of cheap Lenovo phones and tablets. If you are looking for a cheap Lenovo phone or tablet, keep on reading! 🙂

Buying Lenovo phones and tablets in AliExpress

In AliExpress you can find loads of shops selling Lenovo products, so it’s essential you know how to distinguish trustworthy sellers offering good quality products, to the sellers that are not so reliable. So, to buy a cheap original Lenovo phone in AliExpress, the first thing you want to do is type in the following key words in the search tab and sort out the results by rating:

Sorting results by shop ratings is the best way to ensure you only find results of trustworthy sellers. To know if an AliExpress seller is trustworthy or not, make sure you check the seller’s reputation (1 diamond onwards you can be sure it’s a good shop), ratings given by previous customers, number of sales and if it has the AliExpress “Guaranteed Authenticity” stamp, guaranteeing the product is 100% original.

If you already started looking, you might have noticed that there is an endless amount of phone, tablet and laptop models for all kinds of prices, in fact, Lenovo has all ranges of phones and tablets, distinguished by different letters. As for Lenovo smartphones, you can find cheap low range by taking a look at the A series (such as the Lenovo A859, Lenovo A806 or the famous A7000); medium range, which would be the P series (like the Lenovo P780); mid to high range which are the S series (probably the best known ones), known for smartphones such as the Lenovo S90, S930,S650,S960 or the Lenovo Vibe X, with incredible processors and high resolution screens; and finally, the high range or K series, made out of metal, with a super slim design and last generation technology: like the Lenovo K800, K900, the Lenovo Vibe Z (or the Lenovo K910).

As for their tablets, they have a similar strategy, offering different range operative systems for all kinds of users. With basic technical specifications you have the 7 to 10 inch series A Lenovo tablets, for about 150€ (Lenovo A3300, A3500, A7600, A5500). You also have the S Lenovo series tablets, with an incorporated keyboard, ultra slim design, excellent battery life and processor, like the S5000 or the S6000 (10 inches, 9h battery life and MTK 8125 processor). However, the most know model is definitely the IdeaPad Yoga, available in two models of eight and ten inches, with an autonomy of more than 9000mAh, MTK processor, and basic Android 4.2.2. system.

But not everything is about phones and tablets, Lenovo also is one of the most known computer sellers in the world. Their most famous models, line the premium Lenovo Yoga tablets and laptop series (featuring models like the Lenovo Yoga 2, Lenovo Yoga 3 or the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro) or the laptop series ThinkPad are perfect for medium or small companies.

The best Lenovo tablets and smartphones in AliExpress

After some investigation, here is a selection of the best shops selling Lenovo phones and tablets in AliExpress. Remember that this is a high demand product, so stock may run out quickly. Therefore, if you can’t find a specific product in their catalogue, try looking for it in the AliExpress search tab. If you are still having doubts, contact the seller directly. 😉

  • Hong Kong Goldway: this shop with 2 crowns, has a section of Lenovo products, where you can find super cheap phones and tablets.
  • Eternal Team: with 3 crowns, this shop has a wide selection of cheap Lenovo phones and tablets… Go take a look!
  • FANTACY TECHNOLOGY: don’t miss out on the incredible Lenovo phone and tablet offers in this 2 diamond store.