Dimmable FEIT LED Edison Review


  • Am 27 Jun 2015 veröffentlicht
  • Dimmable FEIT LED Edison Review
    If you’re interested in purchasing one of these new Edison style LED bulbs, please use the links below. If you buy using the links below I get a small commission, but it doesn’t cost you a dime! Using the links below to make your purchase helps me continue to make great content for this channel.
    Feit BPST19/LED The Original Vintage Style Bulb 40W Edison Equivalent Medium Base Clear Dimmable LED Light: [amazon affiliate] amzn.to/1IdJMJm
    KEYART ST64/LED/8W/2200K/DIM Dimmable Gold ST64 LED Bulb, 8W (NOT RECOMMENDED. ): [amazon affiliate] amzn.to/1IdJORB
    Lutron Caseta Dimmer: [amazon affiliate] amzn.to/1KKvfbR
    Click here if you’re interested in the previous video I did on this subject: declips.net/video/VWbYcRhlZTI/video.html
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Does the Kyart bulb work with the Lutron Caseta when you put it in the other lamp with the Feit bulb in the other lamp? (that is, does the Feit bulb in the circuit solve the issue with the Kyart bulb?)

Awesome. Thanks for this review. I’ve been trying to get a bulb that works for our dimmer. We even tried getting another dimmer and still not compatible. My wife bought a cheap 6 pack of dimmable Edison LED bulbs (Oak Leaf brand). Now we’ll test this bulb you got from Home Depot and see if it works with our Lutron Skylark dimmer (fingers crossed). I’ll probably only buy one to test and then get the rest from Amazon since Prime members get this bulb for $9.99.

Thanks. This Feit bulb worked on my Lufton Skylark.

+Shaggy Delic I think I’ve seen this FEIT bulb recently at Ace too btw.

Thanks for the review and the reply to an earlier question regarding the buzz issue. My daughter watched your video with me and we both think your daughter is super cute. Good to know other dads involve their daughters as well.

Thanks for your review. Did you get any humming from the bulbs on a dimmer?

+createthis ahh ok thanks, I’ll go have a look on that link.

+Scott N just tested it. Fairly substantial buzzing at the lower power levels. Tends to get quieter toward brightest output. I use these if the bulb is close enough that I can hear the buzzing, like above my kitchen table: amzn.to/1WLa4bz They’re the quietest I’ve found so far. They still buzz a little when dimmed, but it’s really minimal.

thx for your review. it really looks nice the way it is dimmable. I can’t buy these over here in europe. ( I recently bought similar style edison led from philips, but they are way to bright, and they are not dimmable. I tried to order these you were reviewing trough the amazon website, but they don’t send to y country. (

+Dave Deconinck yeah the situation sucks here in europe

+Dave Deconinck ah, that stinks. I’m sure there are other edison bulbs out there that are dimmable. If you find one, let me know.