Download AliExpress Shopping App For Android And iOS


AliExpress Shopping App: In this modern world we all prefer to shop online and AliExpress shopping app would server you the best. AliExpress has become one of the leading online market place for buying products, good and services at cheap price. I really find their online website useful as I can find my preferred products easily and prices are really steep as well.

In this guide we will be going to learn how to download AliExpress shopping app for Android and IOS. You might be wondering why to select the app rather than using the online website? Then my answer is that we can start using AliExpress app right from the couch or the bed you were sleeping on. Better UI design that helps users to easily search and find your favorite product in no time.

I know that there are tons of new and old online shopping websites like Amazon and Ebay, but AliExpress is far more different than them. Though all these online marketplaces have same buy and sell service mode, AliExpress has far more unique and trending products, goods and services that can be bought at cheaper rates.

Download AliExpress Shopping App For Android And iOS

Most of the times sellers from Amazon and Ebay, import their goods and products from AliExpress shopping network due to their less price. Being a global network, we can find this app being available in different languages such as English, Spanish, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish and many more.

AliExpress India Cash On Delivery – AliExpress Payment Options

In this little topic I will be sharing different payments options that AliExpress has and also does AliExpress India cash on delivery is supported? AliExpress uses all types of debit cards, credit cards and even mobile payment gateways. Most popularly we can even buy using PayPal, Western Union, QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, MercadoPago as well.

How To Download AliExpress Shopping App For Android – AliExpress Shopping App Apk Dowload

I was using the AliExpress online website to buy products but I recently came to know of their Android app. Yes, AliExpress shopping app apk for Android can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. This is an official app by AliExpress itself, so that you can start buying and selling goods from your Android device itself.

  • You can go to Google Play Store and search for “AliExpress Shopping App”
  • Or else follow this link directly to visit AliExpress app download page
  • After that same as always, click on the “Install” button
  • And after that the downloading of app will begin and once done, installation starts
  • Finally once the app is installed, we can find it along with others apps

In this way we can download and install the AliExpress Shopping app for Android devices directly from Google Playstore.

Download AliExpress Shopping App For IOS 10 9.4 For iPhone/iPad

There is huge number of iPhone and iPad users who loves to browse AliExpress website online. I have few friends who use AliExpress India Cash on delivery options to buy new goods and product every now and then. So, I came to think that it would be wise to link download the AliExpress Shopping App for iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus download link.

You can download the AliExpress Shopping App from iTunes from here, for free of cost

AliExpress Login – Create AliExpress Account

Now as we have downloaded the AliExpress Shopping app for both Android and IOS, but we first need to learn to create an account at AliExpress. The reason behind creating an account is that AliExpress only allows registered users to place orders, so we have to create an account for this sole reason.

AliExpress Login – Create AliExpress Account

  • First open AliExpress official website from here
  • After that click on “Join” button on the top right of the homepage
  • Firstly you can directly log in using FaceBook account or else
  • Create a new account by filling the below forms correctly
  • Once all blanks are filled, then click on “Create Your Account” button
  • Then verify your email address and now you have created AliExpress account!

Once you have created your account at AliExpress online or shopping app, then you can log in right away. Such that you can log in to your AliExpress account on Android or iPhone devices, to buy goods and services easily.


So get on your iPhone or Android device now and start buying the products you like from AliExpress app in no time. You can choose between different payments options and at the same time find better products at reasonable cost using AliExpress Apk for Android.