Finding designer t-shirts on Aliexpress


When I look for a fake designer t-shirt at Aliexpress, I mostly don’t go for a specific brand. I look at the overall results and decide thereafter. The reason for doing so, is that I sometimes come bye some fashion brands I forgot about. Together with shoes and watches, I love buying replica desire t-shirts from Aliexpress. You will see a lot of especially Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani. But new hot American brands sometimes show as well.

Finding the fake designer t-shirts

Listed below are some of the search terms or acronyms I use for finding fake designer t-shirts at Aliexpress. Sometimes the pictures do not show the brand logo but by reading the description, you can most of the times see if it is some replica t-shirts they are selling. The first listed, is absolutely the best search term..

As you see, the same words kind of go again and again. If you are looking for American brands, then search for American brand t-shirts and you well get a lot of fake American designer t-shirts in the results. If you want fake hiphop brands, search for hiphop brand t-shirt. Simple as that..
HipHop brand t-shirts Aliexpress

quality of fake designer t-shirts

You should pay more than 10$ for a t-shirt including shipment. If not, you can be pretty sure it is shit. But I normally spend between 14-25$ per t-shirt from Aliexpress. About 90% of replica designer t-shirts I order from Aliexpress are good. I order one size larger than I would normally do in Western countries and that works perfect. Last thing is not to choose any sellers with a lousy feedback score. Beside that everything should be easy going.