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You can buy all kinds of fake sport jerseys at Aliexpress. It does not matter whether you like football, nfl, nhl, nba or even cycling. You can buy all the different jerseys at Aliexpress and the quality and prices are very good. All the sport merchandise I have received from Aliexpress, except for a cycling jersey (the zipper was bad), have been good. You can sometimes find jerseys from small football leagues or from American college teams as well.

Aliexpress jersey prices

The prices for fake jerseys at Aliexpress are different and depends on which sport you like. Soccer jerseys cost around 15$-20$, Nfl Football jerseys cost 20$-30$, NBA basketball jerseys are 15-40$, cycling jerseys cost between 10$-40$. I regard everyone to buy the ones with the best feedback and not the cheapest or the most expensive.

Good Aliexpress sport jersey shops

Custom made national football jerseys Aliexpress
We all cheer different teams and different sports, so go to and search for the team, player or sport you like. Check the shop reviews and feedback and remember to especially read the bad feedback.
I watch a lot of Premier League and I am a Gunners fan. I buy my merchandise from 2-3 different shops at Aliexpress. I really see no reason to pay 100$-200$ dollars for an original jersey. It is already far too expensive to go and watch a game. I really think there is too much money involved in pro sports these days.

Customs and replica sport merchandise

There are no problems with sports jerseys in Denmark and I guess that counts for many countries. The package is small and does not weigh much. They use to run right through the customs.

But no matter what, please check and be aware of the rules of your country. As an example, in Italy replicas are illegal and can earn you anything from an expensive fine to prison.