For your good hair aliexpress


Heyyyy A lot of you wanted me to show more affordable hair soo here it is:) So far i’ve had an good experience with this hair. i’ve had it since April so i was a little worried about how it would react but. so far so good!! if you would like to see it colored just let me know:) i do like the hair better when its curled though!!
Hair from
Virgin Brazilian body Wave
4 bundles 20in

Published on 4 years ago

Love your confidence !

What kind of curlers are these .

Steep canal. ☺️good products from Aliexpress —

how tall are you

Can you please link where the curling iron is from 😊

whats the vendor?

This one looks good, but I always buy from TMT Hair store before which is great.

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cool review! Try to order your advice! I ordered this hair to my girlfriend and did not regret! It looks awesome and also not expensive!


I recommend this store in AliExpress in my opinion its on of the cheapest and for sure one of the best stores

hello I’m looking for good affordable hair can u tell me if this hair sheds or tangles and how long did u keep it in would like to use it for a sew in.

your voice sounds just like diamond white

Did you buy the hair or was it sent to you?

Can you show how to put the hair in/on?

how can I contact you concerning business? thanks

so this is my first time getting weave and im completley confused about it, do I was it before instaling?

+:) xoxo . Okay, thank you 😊

Yes you wash it with just conditioner, shampoo will dry the hair out and strip it.

it looks fantanstic trust me u do

u look georgous im thinking of doing a channel myself i got ripped of from a wig company and iv had enough wearing cheap wigs but i cant afford another real wig so can u tell me wot to write and wot company to start cos im sitting hear with no wig on now and i just cant cope 3 years later no nair thanks . tracylacy2008

Does it straighten well?

I bought some Brazilian straight 24″ hair from this»Aliexpress-beauty now hair » and I am disgusted. the hair was super thinnnn, lots of shedding and could only do half my head. disappointed much. when i contacted the seller his response was «maybe I got a bad batch» and has refused to respond to my emails. I would not advise persons to support this company, WORST HAIR PURCHASE!

What was song or instrumental you were curling your hair to?

can you straight this hair

I have a site where you can find the best Aliexpress hair

You are very pretty luv ur video 👌

So what kind of shampoo and conditioner do use for your wigs ? I assume you use regular shampoo for human hair wigs, i’m I right or wrong. Thank you.

+Leah Fuller I use ogx products on weave and wigs

can you put the exact link for this hair , I can’t seem to find it

Did you seal your wefts?

Recool hair is the WORSe hair I ever came across the bottom is super thin and the fall out is insane the hair smells like burnt toast if you take any heating to it . I gave a honest review on there aliexpress store page then they messaged me saying they would give me a full refund if I changed the 1 star . I left my honest review but changed the 1 star to 5 for them being concerned and giving me back my money well after I changed my review they only gave me $30 I spend 138$ on 5 bundles.

I like grace hair and rosa hair is pretty good too on aliexpress. Sorry u wasted your money and time on the others!

+Courtney Guerrero Girl no. Never spend only that much on 5 bundles. Thats crazy. Top quality hair may be expensive but its worth it. Better safe than sorry. 5 bundles is anywhere from 250-400 depending on the quality. If you’re looking for good quality hair check out Grace Hair products. I purchased from them and also did a review. They are a good Aliexpress hair company! and never forget to look up reviews for hair companies.. saves a lot of time and money.

What’s your vendor ?

could you put the hair link from aliexpress, thank you

love the hoodie. where did you get it?

love the hoodie. where did you get it?

question did u sew it in or glue it in?

Hi Lakia, I’m really interested in purchasing this hair for my birthday next month. I am 100% natural, about 3c and 4a texture. I was just wondering of you could recommend the best hair to blend with natural hair. I’m fairly new to weave and I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a while now. Any suggestions would be awesome. The texture you have in the video is beautiful and I would love to try it, would you recommend it for a natural girl like me. Thank you so much.