6 Ways to Get Rid Of Folliculitis

Infection of hair follicles is referred to as folliculitis. It is a condition which can affect you on different parts of your body. You can easily get rid of the infection through use of proven methods which have been tested to be very effective.

The condition becomes worse if it will develop on your skin where it can be easily seen by other people. There are many forms of follicle infections available. They include yeast overgrowth, scalp folliculitis, eosinophilic pustualr folliculitis which is associated with HIV and staph folliculitis among others.

1. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is among the best remedies for bacterial folliculitis. You can use virgin coconut oil to get rid of the infection. You can take virgin coconut oil and warm it a bit. The oil will melt after which you will apply on the affected area. The oil has useful ingredients which can be used to get rid of the infection. This will help you get rid of the infection. The oil is among the natural cures which you can apply to get rid of the infection without any fear of side effects. Just massage the oil directly on the affected area. You should repeat the procedure on a daily basis till you get rid of the infection completely.

2. Apply Neem

Among the most effective remedies you can apply as treatment for folliculitis is application of need leaves. Just pluck fresh neem leaves and apply the juice on the affected area. The juice which will be applied will act on the skin and kill the infection. This will play a great role in helping you get rid of the infection. You can apply the juice from neem leaves three times each day so that you will be assured of quick relief. The remedy has been applied for many years to get rid of different types of skin infection. You will be assured of great relief upon application of the remedy.

3. Use of Garlic

Garlic is a natural antibacterial remedies available. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory which can act on the affected area and help you get quick relief. You will have to eat at least four cloves of garlic each day so that you will be assured of quick relief. You can buy the cloves from your local grocery store and make a habit of eating them on a regular basis. They are also rich in other health benefits which will improve your life in general.

get rid of folliculitis

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is rich in antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This is very helpful in relieving itching and burning sensation caused by the infection. It promotes natural healing of the skin which will play a great role in relieving your pain. Just take an aloe Vera leave and extract the gel. You can apply the gel on the affected area and let it sit in position for about 15 minutes after which you will wash off. Apply the solution for about three times each day so that you will get rid of the skin complication.

5. Oregano Oil

This is among the best scalp folliculitis treatment options. You can apply the oil alone or combine it with jojoba oil. The remedy has been used over many years and the results from people who have tried it are great. The oil is very helpful in treating other skin conditions as well. For example, it can help treat acne infection among other skin complications. It is very effective in treating irritations on the skin. Just massage the oil gently on the area affected and leave it overnight. At the morning you can wash off the oil.

6. Apply Oatmeal

Oatmeal is available in many anti-folliculitis treatment creams due to its healing properties. You can prepare oatmeal at home and apply on the affected area or buy a cream which has oatmeal from your nearest shop and apply according to the direction. When preparing oatmeal at home, just soak it in water to make a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area and let it dry in position. This will help you relax the skin as well as encouraging natural healing process. Preparing your own oatmeal at home will play a great role in helping you get rid of the infection from your skin.

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