10 Ways To Get Rid Of A Toothache At Home Fast

Are you suffering from toothache? Low to intense whatever it is, you must looking for a relief as fast as possible. Tooth ache can be occurred from many reasons such as cavity, crack on tooth, infection or disease of gum, tooth root which is exposed, loose joint etc. You definitely have to visit dentist if the pain is getting worse.

But from taking an appointment to visit to the doctor is a long way. Are you going to suffer from toothache for that long? There are some home remedies to give you instant relief from tooth ache.

1. Clove

Cloves includes properties like anesthetic and anti-oxidant. It protects your tooth against inflammation and unnatural bacterial growth.

You can wash your mouth by warm salted water and may have two to three cloves in your mouth. You should hold it for some time until it has started getting softener. That helps to get rid of a toothache at home

You may have ground cloves in your kitchen or you can even grind some cloves and mix it with vegetable or olive oil. You can apply that mixture on the affected tooth. Another way is to wash your mouth with warm water and apply some ground cloves in between your cheek and gum. By mixing with saliva it can take away your pain.

2. Clove Oil

Clove oil is available in many food stores and medical shops. You can apply it on your affected tooth with a piece of tissue or cotton. You can even mixed it with some drops of olive oil. Dip a ball of cotton into this mixture and apply it between the affected tooth and gum. Hold it for a while to get rid of a toothache at home. You can even chew the whole slowly to release the clove oil.

3. Essential Oil

There are several essential oils which can be used to get rid of a toothache at home, such as Myrrh, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree and German Chamomile. After having your brush and washing your mouth, you can apply to your mouth a mixture of six drops of Myrrh, ten drops of tea tree, one drop of peppermint, three drops of lemon and one teaspoon of coconut or almond oil. You should apply this mixture once in a day to get rid of a toothache at home. Soaking a mixture of peppermint, German chamomile and water to a ball of cotton and applying it to the affected area can give an instant relief.


4. Garlic

You can crush a garlic clove with some amount of black salt or normal salt. You may apply this mixture on the affected area. You can even chew one or more garlic to get rid of a toothache at home. You can make a paste of crushed garlic and peanut butter. After applying it on the tooth, let it be for a while and then wash it with warm salted water.

Other home remedies to get rid of a toothache at home

5. Gargle

Add some salt into warm water and do gargle with it at a very frequent interval. Salt and water can kill un-natural growth of bacteria and it helps to clean your mouth properly. So gargling with it regularly can get rid of a toothache at home.

6. Black Pepper And Salt

While applying the mixture of salt and black to your affected tooth, it can protect against inflammation and bacterial growth. To get rid of a toothache at home, you have to use it for several days.

7. Onion

Because of its antimicrobial and antiseptic property onion can be used to get rid of a toothache at home. You can chew a raw onion or place a piece of an onion to the affected area. This can be great relieve from your pain.

8. Guava Leaves

You can chew guava leaves directly to get rid of a toothache at home or you can even boil it in water and keep it for several minutes to cool the solution and some salt into it, then use it as a mouth wash.

9. Cold Compress

Put some pieces of ice into a cloth and wrap it well to form an ice bag. Take that bag on the external part of the cheek, inside of which tooth ache has been occurred. Hold it for a while and let the cold allow to decrease the pain. This can be an instant way to get rid of a toothache at home.

10. Alcohol

You can use a strong alcohol as a mouth wash to get rid of a toothache at home. Whiskey, brandy or any other alcoholic mouth wash can be used to cure toothache by swooshing and spitting it out.

Reasons To Get Rid Of A Toothache At Home

  • People think that dental treatment is quite painful and expensive. Until and unless their cavities has been filled they don’t prefer to visit doctors.
  • There are many people who belief in natural and home made remedies. Because home remedies come from their grand parents.
  • In today’s busy schedule, people do not get much time to manage dates for appointments and to visit doctors outside.
  • If people have an appointment with a doctor in some days, they won’t be able to wait for so long with a huge pain. That’s why home remedies are the best options for them.
  • With home remedies you can have an instant relief, but in long run you may spend a lot of money.
  • If the ache is getting more serious day by day then it is better to visit the dentist and find out the proper reason.
  • If your pain has been increased at night then home remedies are the best way to get effect instantly.
  • There is no fear of side effects in home remedies. People can always be safe and secured with it.
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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Toothache Pain Fast


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