6 Ways to Get Rid Of Back Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms in back can make your life very hard. The pain can set in at any given period of time. The pain can be unbearable. There are many methods you can use to relief the pain. Before you decide on a given method as the best which you can use to get rid of the pain can expose you to other side effects, you should always try and use the best methods which will not expose you to side effects. Muscle spasms is caused by involuntary contraction of muscles, you can avoid the contraction through making certain lifestyle changes.

1. Prevent Electrolyte Imbalances

Some of the causes of muscle spasms include magnesium and potassium deficiency. If you are approaching menstrual age, and you are eating foods poor in nutrients, then you need to change your diet. When potassium in your blood drops below the normal level, you will be exposed to hypokalemia which is associated to muscle spasms. You should also make diet changes so that you will improve on your vitamin B intake, you can rely on foods such as grass fed meat, grains, legumes and fish.

2. Stretch and Massage Your Muscles

You will easily get rid of the muscle spasms by keeping your muscles well stretched. Try to involve in exercises on a daily basis so that you will avoid the onset on the muscle spasms. When carrying out exercises, you should try not to overstretch. You can as well visit massage parlors where they will massage the muscles which have been affected. Massage is very helpful because it will relax the muscles hence help you in improving blood circulation to the affected areas. After the massage you can take enough rest so that the muscles will recover from the contractions which lead to the development of spasms.

3. Stay Hydrated

Muscle cramp and spasm can be caused by dehydration. You can easily get rid of the complication through staying hydrated. You can make a habit of drinking enough water each day so that you will avoid chances of muscle spasms. Apart from drinking enough water, you can rely on fluids such as juices which will increase your water intake in a day. Lifestyles such as drinking alcohol can expose you to dehydration; you should try and moderate the amount of alcohol you drink on a regular basis.

back muscle spasms

4. Use Ice or Heat Packs on Sensitive Muscles

Use a warm towel to apply heat to the affected area. The heat will relax the muscles as well as increasing blood flow to the affected area. This will play a great role in helping you get rid of the pain which may have been disturbing you. Ice packs will also help in calming nerves around the area where you have been affected with muscle spasm. Just take an ice cube and wrap it in a piece of cloth. Use the piece of cloth to apply cold on the affected area. You can apply while massaging so that you will get rid of the pain.

5. Fix Your Posture

There are some sitting positions or standing positions which can expose you to muscle spasms. You can easily get rid of muscle spasms in upper back through adjusting to the right sitting position. If you work in an office where the office chair has poor posture, you can improve the posture through replacing the chair. You can advise your employer on the consequences of the poor posture which your chair exposes you to. There are some chairs which can be adjusted to different sitting positions, always try to maintain the right position by adjusting your seat well. You can try adjusting different positions till you arrive at a position where you will be comfortable.

6. Take a Bath with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is rich in magnesium. The magnesium can easily seep into the muscles hence helping you to get rid of the muscle spasms. The salt is very helpful in preventing magnesium deficiency, easing stress, detoxifying the body and getting rid of muscle spasms. The heat in the bath is very helpful in relaxing muscles which will play a great role in helping you get rid of the pain. You can add essential oils in the bath so that you will chive quick relief from the pain.

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