10 Ways to Get Rid Of Fat on Your Face

You can develop a lot of fat on your face due to many reasons. You can become overweight which will lead to deposition of too much fat on the face. Chubby cheeks can develop due to fluid deposits on your cheeks. This can be caused by your lifestyle.

If you are not used to drinking a lot of water, or you take a lot of salt, the body can respond by storing excess water in your cheeks which will make your face look puffy. Even if you have developed fat face which you will like to get rid foo, you will easily use home remedies to get rid of the excess fats from your face.

1. Face Yoga/Exercise

It is very possible for you to use face yoga and get rid of excess fats from your face. Open your eyes and start at a specific point. Hold your eyes in position for ten seconds after which you will relax. Another option will involve making a fish face by sucking your cheeks. The face exercises will help you strengthen the jaw line as well as helping you get rid of excess fat from your face. Making a habit of smiling is also another option you can use to get rid of excess fats from your face.

fat on your face yoga

2. Water

Water is very helpful if you will like to lose face fat from different parts of your body face included. It helps in flushing out toxins which will leave your body healthy. It also helps you in keeping hydrated. When hydrated, the body will not store a lot of water on your face leading to chubby cheeks. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day for you to achieve maximum hydration. Even if you will find it hard to drink a lot of water each day, you can easily stay hydrated through drinking juices in plenty each day.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Eating a wholesome diet is very necessary if you will like to lose fat from your face. Try to include fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. Foods rich in calcium will help you develop strong bones which is necessary for you to maintain good health. Try as much as possible to avoid foods rich in refined sugar because they will increase fat storage on your face which will make your efforts when trying to lose face fat less effective.

4. Have Enough Sleep

Try to sleep for at least 8 hours in a day. Sleep is very necessary in preventing facial muscles from sagging. Dark cycles can easily develop due to lack of enough sleep. Dark cycles can interfere with your efforts when trying to lose weight from the face. They will tend to make the face appear bloated. There are certain factors which may be making you fail to have enough sleep, for example, you may have things which obstruct you from sleeping early. If you have a TV in your bed room, then it is time for you to get rid of it so that when you will enter the bedroom you will catch sleep as soon as possible. Sleep will also allow your muscles to rest so that you will stay healthy.

5. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can easily help you lose face fat. This is because it will expose your muscles to exercises which will play great role in your process of trying to lose fat from your face. Always chew sugar free gum because it will not add more sugar to your body which in effect will lead to an increase in your facial fat. This is among the easiest exercises which you can carry out to get rid of facial fats in a fun way.

6. Facial Massage

Regular facial massage will help you get rid of excess fat from your face. Facial massage enhances oxygen and blood circulation which will help in strengthening your facial skin. You can carry out the massage with the help of oils which are rich in skin tightening properties so that you will be assured of quick results in your process of trying to lose face fat.

7. Clay Mask

You can apply natural organic clay mask to get rid of excess fats from your face. The organic clay mask will prevent sagging on your face which in effect will make you develop thinner face which is attractive. You can use the clay mask once in a week to make your face thinner. The method has been used over a long period of time by different people and it has shown great results in getting rid of excess fats from the face.

8. Quit Alcohol and Smoking

Drinking alcohol leads to excess water retention in the body. The excess fluids can be retained in your face hence making your face look chubby. Smoking leads to development of fine lines which will make your face look chubby. You can try different method which will help you get rid of smoking as well as alcohol and you will be assured of great results in your process of trying to get rid of chubby face.

9. Hot Towel Treatment

You can easily get rid of face fat through application of hot towel. The treatment is very easy to implement. Take hot water and dip a face towel. Let the towel cool to a temperature where you will not burn your face if you will apply it directly on the face. You can squeeze out excess water and massage the face before you go to bed. The steam which will be produced will help in opening pores on your skin. It will also help in toning down the chubby cheeks.

10. The Gargle Exercise

Gargle exercise is among the most effective exercises you can apply if you will like to reduce face fat. Take a mouthful of warm water and gargle as you swirl around your mouth. The exercise can be performed at different times of the day. You can make a habit of gargling the warm water each day before you go to bed. With time you will finally get rid of your chubby cheeks. Gargling and swirling will help you stretch muscles on your face which will in effect aid in fat loss.

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