10 Ways to Get Rid Of Love Handles For Men Fast

Love handles usually describe excess fats in the waist area. Most of the men have those love handles than any woman. If you have love handles and are thinking about shedding it from the body then it is the perfect time to do it. A person has to be consistent and patient as this procedure is a bit lengthy.

It is very tough to get a quick solution. But we bring these top 10 cool methods which will help you lose love handles speedily than any other ways. Read below to know more about the ways to get rid of love handles for men fast.

1) Increase The Daily Intake Of Water

Water is very helpful in maintaining a good body weight and it removes extra toxin from the body. In this way water can reduce the amount of love handles for a long term period. Over eating are also reason of having love handles. So gulp 1 glass of water before having meal and it will decrease a good amount of hunger. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily to keep yourself active to avoid extra fat from attacking you.

2) Go For A Cycling Spree

Cycling is the best ever exercise to shed love handles from the body. It usually cut down the amount of visceral fat from the body. Visceral fat is one of the primary reasons behind Love handles in men. If you do 20 miles of cycling for 7 days then you will surely lose at least 10% of visceral fat from the body. So clean your cycle and start cycling each morning and cover at least 3 miles a day.

3) Indulge Yourself In Aerobics Daily

Aerobics include all the body parts together in an exercise form and manages to lessen the amount of love handles in men. Cardio is the most famous aerobics exercise today and regular aerobics doesn’t let the fat enter the human body. Indulge yourself in moderate cardio for at least half an hour. To get the best result, perform cardio exercise for 5 days in a week and give a gap of 2 days. You will get rid of love handles soon.

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4) Do A Leg Role With A Stability Ball

It is one of the most beneficiary exercises to get rid of love handles in men. It is a 10 minute method to lose extra fats from the body. All you need to do is to do a leg roll. After performing it for 10 times give yourself a 1 minute break and perform the steps 5 times a day. Then get a stability ball and place it between your two legs. Rest your shoulder on to the ground and raise your leg to the sky. Put your leg down while exhaling and do vice versa on opposite time.

5) Probiotics Can Be A Great Help

You might have heard about Actimel and Yakult. They have a great effect on love handles. Experts claimed that they filled the body with benign bacteria and keep on interfering in the absorption of daily calories. This factor decreases the chance of gaining extra abdominal fat also known as the love handles. Take those probiotics for 6 long weeks to reduce love handles up to 15%.

6) Leg Lift Is Important

A proper leg lift can torture the excess fats and can help you in lessening love handles from the abdomen area. Sit back and relax for a minute. Then lift legs 3 inches above from the ground and wait for 2 minute like this. You can perform this exercise on a daily basis and always perform it being flat on the back.

7) Maintain A Healthy Diet

A good type of diet is very significant if you really want to lose a great bulk of love handles from men. A diet should fill up with loads of green veggies, fresh fruits and lean meat. Take them every day and do avoid bad sugars and carbohydrates along with them. Buy oil which is free from Trans fat and saturated fat. All the action of bad foods affects only the hip area and makes love handles. Take a help from any dietician and follow his instructions blindly.

8) NO Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can never do well for our body. We all know very well how alcohol creates excessive fat in the body. So if you consume alcohol daily then it can pump up the abdomen area and love handles would be created. Alcohol contains some calories and can never burn the fat. Try to limit your alcohol consumption to a greater extent. If you face problem in leaving alcohol completely then gulp moderately.

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9) Eat Carb To Lose Love Handles

Carbs are considered to be damaging for human health but according to a new study it is found that consuming Carbs at night is really a beneficial factor in reducing love handles for men. If one person consumes Carbs of more than 1000 kcal then he would shed 27% more fat than the usual ones. But don’t eat it regularly. To get the best result, consume carbs 3 days a week. You should eat it before sleeping at night.

10 ) Count Your Calories

Though counting calorie can never be a solution to lose fat from the body but it is essential to keep yourself on track. Avoid junk and fast foods to create a clear balance in daily calorie in taking. Calorie counting can really prove to be beneficial if you have a wish to get rid of love handles quickly. But never keep yourself starved with calorie counting as that also can be harmful for a human body.

Other Tips You Should Follow:

  • There are the top 10 best solution to get rid of love handles in men. But the extra stuffs that you should remember are never stress yourself.
  • Get a good sleep time as an 8 hour of long sleep can solve numerous problems from human body.
  • Medicate for once each day to keep yourself calm.
  • Don’t do anything more on the exercising part, prescribed by experts.
  • Indulge yourself in swimming. If that is not possible then perform a swimming exercise.
  • Keep away from fat burning tablets.
  • Stay happy and stay healthy.

But if you got attacked by these love handles then follow the above mentioned instructions correctly. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Love handles are natural and will get cured naturally as well.

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