10 Ways To Get Rid Of Trapped Gas

Is stomach gas plaguing you and you are at a loss on how to get rid of that extremely uncomfortable bloating feeling? The undisputed fact is that many people suffer from it every now and then. Trapped gas leads to abdominal pain, feeling bloated and excessive flatulence. In addition to being uncomfortable, it could be an indication of more long-term and serious health problems especially if it’s a common occurrence. The question is: How do we get rid of trapped gas?

Trapped gas in stomach can be caused by several things such as reactions between acid and alkali in the foods we eat, swallowed air when we eat or drink too quickly, food intolerances, release of gas from the bloodstream into the intestines and undigested food sitting in the colon for a long period of time.

Stomach gas is produced during digestion and most of it is expelled by the body by breaking wind as we call it. Sometimes, air gets trapped in the process causing trapped gas pain which is a very uncomfortable feeling to say the least. In order to get rid of this problem for good, it’s important to get to the root cause of it. Herein are some of the remedies for trapped gas that have proved to be very effective over the years.

get rid of trapped gas

1. Peppermint Tea

This simple infusion has natural properties that are excellent for getting rid of trapped gas and bloating. It is very helpful to the digestive system and it is best drank warm. It works quickly in providing the much needed relief from trapped gas pain.

2. Exercise

It is a great remedy for trapped gas. A brisk walk will work out trapped gas and facilitate bowel movement. This is why it also helps with constipation as well. When taking a walk, breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. As you breathe, your lungs are pushing down on your digestive tract and helping the trapped gas downward and out.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Since bloating is sometimes a symptom of low stomach acid, many gas sufferers have had tremendous relief from apple cider vinegar. It was used in early America as a digestion aid because of its ability to relieve trapped gas. Mix equal parts of water with equal parts of apple cider vinegar and drink the mixture. You can also add honey.

4. Colon Cleansing

Studies have shown that many diseases normally start in the large intestines including cancer. The main function of the colon is to eliminate fecal matter so as to avoid build up of toxins in the body. Excess gas and bloating could be an indication of a clogged up large intestine. In view of this, a colon cleanse is known to eliminate gas, bloating, yeast over growths and parasitic growths therefore lessening one’s risk of diseases. It also lessens your risk of getting colon cancer later on in life.

5. Proper Nutrition

Avoid foods that generally tend to make you bloated such as lactose found in dairy products and gluten found in wheat products. By eating the right foods you can encourage the growth of gut healthy bacteria. Another effective way of doing this is by taking probiotics. These are good bacteria that prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria in the intestinal tract which cause bloating, gas, lethargy feeling etc. They help to digest, absorb food, and eliminate wastes, toxins, gas and bloating.

6. Fennel Seeds

These have been used to aid digestion by the Indian culture for centuries. To provide trapped gas relief, you can chew a teaspoon of fennel seeds after meals or make fennel tea by crushing the seeds and steeping them in hot water for about 10 minutes, then drink the mixture once it has cooled.

7. Body Massage

Body massage enables your muscles including abdominal muscles to relax thereby enhancing movement of the trapped gas in the colon, downward and out.

8. Yoga Posture

The standing forward bend posture used in yoga is a very effective way of obtaining trapped gas relief by expelling it. When you bend forward slowly from the hips, you effectively push the trapped air out of your colon. Just make sure you bend with a straight flat back from your hips. Do this simple bend five or six times bending a little further each time. The trick here is to first inhale deeply, then as you bend exhale slowly. This provides trapped gas relief.

9. Over the Counter Medication

There is a wide range of effective stomach gas medication such as Pepto-Bismol which coats the stomach and stops the excessive production of acid.

10. Hot Water Bottle

It is one of the most underrated remedies to trapped gas yet, it has a fantastic calming effect on the digestive system. The warmth enables the abdominal muscles to relax; hence trapped gas is released providing great relief to the sufferer.

Other Useful Tips:

· Avoid foods that your stomach is intolerant to such as lactose and gluten. Food intolerances are the worst culprits when it comes to causing stomach gas.

· Do not allow your bloating to go ignored. Doing this might lead to more serious health complications later in life.

· Always avoid excessive salt in your diet as salt attracts water causing bloating.

· Do cut down on tea and coffee as caffeine is known to irritate your stomach causing bloating.

· Do avoid antibiotics as taking too many of them destroys the good bacteria which enhance digestion.

· Do not drink water as you eat as this hinders your body from breaking down food properly.

· Do not eat quickly as this prevents proper digestion of food on its way down.

· Do not overindulge in foods you are not familiar with.

· Do not eat too much gas producing foods such as beans, onions, asparagus etc.

· Avoid too much sugar and salt found in processed foods and fizzy drinks.

· Drink a lot of water during the day but not while eating.

· Do stay active throughout the day.

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