10 Ways To Get Rid Of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth are part of the dental orientation, and normally develop between the ages of 17 years – 25 years. Their growth is widely associated with pain/toothache though in some cases, there’s no pain. Well, a toothache is 1 of the most uncomfortable and grueling experiences one can ever go through; you can hardly get sleep at night, worse still you’re unable to enjoy your favorite drinks and foods.

While you can easily avoid teeth issues by observing good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, you can’t avoid pain that’s associated with growth of the wisdom teeth. Fortunately for you, we have compiled some ways to help you get rid of that pain. Here are the 10 most effective ways to help get rid of wisdom tooth pain:

1.Mouth Wash and Massage

You can gently massage the area that surrounds your wisdom tooth using your fingers. Massaging this area will help calm the nerves, hence relieving wisdom tooth pain. You may also swish the mouth wash in the mouth for some few minutes and then spit it out; make sure you use a mouthwash that contains peppermint.

2. Salt Water

Salt water can help heal swollen gums and remove bacteria which could be hidden there, and cause infections. Take warm water and then break up some salt in it. Flush your mouth using the salt water. The solution acts as a natural anti septic since it contains iodine which has antibacterial properties which washes away the bacteria and also kills germs (which are the main inflammatory causing micro organisms.)

3. Garlic

Garlic is a great anti inflammatory and anti oxidant agent which also helps remove bacteria from inside your mouth. The main reason as to why garlic is a very effective remedy is because of its’ Thiacremonone, which helps get rid of the wisdom tooth pain. To use garlic, crush the clove into a pulp til it releases its’ juices. Take the crushed garlic, and then hold it gently on the aching/affected tooth; the bacteria around the tooth gums will get destroyed, and the pain and tingling will be highly reduced.

wisdom tooth pain garlic

4. Ice Pack

This is the most sought after, and the simplest of wisdom tooth pain remedies. Ice helps by numbing the sensations which in turn gives you relief from the discomfort and pain. To relieve pain, take a cold ice pack and then cover it with a wash cloth or gauze. Keep biting on the ice pack for a period of time so as numb the affected area. Though it’s a temporary remedy, it always provides you with immediate relieve from wisdom tooth pain.

5. Clove

Clove oil is another excellent remedy which helps numb the gums, and keeps the toothache under control. Clove oil is also great for destroying any bacteria found inside your mouth. You can take some clove oil, and then mix it with garlic and salt paste. Apply the thick paste on your swollen gums, and then leave it. This is a very effective remedy for relieving pain. You can also take a clove leaf, and then spot the leaf on the paining tooth. Do not chew it, and do not spit it out til the ache is gone.

6. Onions

Onions contain anti microbial properties that make them wonderful for pain relief. They actually have numerous healing properties because of their high sulphur content. They have anti bacterial qualities which help keep your mouth free from germs. You can take an onion slice, and then chew it for some time; this will help destroy any bacteria and ease the pain.

7. Ginger

Ginger is another great wisdom tooth ache relief remedy. It contains anti bacterial properties which will get rid of bacteria, prevent infections, and also stop the swelling. A well prepared combination of various different ingredients can be a great option for instant tooth pain relief.

8. Guava

Guava is exceptionally beneficial in relieving wisdom tooth ache/pain. Guava leaves contain bio flavinoid quercetin complex, that has anti spasm properties which aid in relieving pain. The leaves also have anti bacterial, anti stringent, and disinfecting properties. You can take some guava leaves, bubble them into the clean water for a few mins, and then chew them for about 30 seconds til the juice is released. Do not swallow them. Spit the bubbled leaves after the juice has been released.

9. Olive Oil

Olive oil has many helpful uses, and relieving wisdom tooth pain is one of them. Olive oil actually offers many healing properties since its’ rich in the essential fatty acids. Well, whether you decide to apply or expend it, olive oil will offer you many amazing benefits. Olive oil can get applied on the affected area and then massaged gently; this is actually great way of easing the inflammation and controlling the tooth pain.

10. Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage leaves have been used since the ancient times to help treat swellings and wounds. Cabbage has superb anti inflammatory properties, and its’ juice is a very rich source of the lactic acid; This lactic acid is a very powerful anti bacterial. Lactic acid contained in cabbage helps relieve the pain and the swelling that’s associated with wisdom tooth ache. To use cabbage leaves for pain relief, simply take the cabbage leaf and using the roll pin, roll over the cabbage leaf so as to soften it. Take out its’ veins, then roll it up, and finally insert it between the aching wisdom tooth and your gum. The pain will be gone in no time at all.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Vanilla; Vanilla has very powerful analgesic and antiseptic properties which help in bringing instant relief. You can simply dab a clean piece of cotton wool onto the vanilla essence, and then place it on that aching wisdom tooth. This will greatly help to manage the wisdom tooth torment.

  • Pepper powder; Pepper powder is another great anti bacterial, and anti viral agent which can help ease the pain and reduce the swelling. It’s actually 1 of the most popular and oldest solutions for toothaches. Take some pepper corns and then grind them into powder form. Add some clove oil and rock salt, and then apply on the affected gums. Let it rest for a while for instant pain relief. You may also opt for peppermint tea as another alternative.

  • Baking soda; Baking soda is another excellent anti bacterial which can greatly help with toothache relief. Simply mix your toothpaste with baking soda, and then apply that mixture to the aching tooth. This will greatly help ease the pain and reduce the swelling.
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