10 Ways To Get Rid Of A Hangover Headache Fast

Hangover headaches are a result of excessive drinking of alcohol. The primary intoxication of the brain with ethanol is mostly enjoyed by the maximum number of people who love to have alcohol. One feels quite happy and relaxed at the beginning but with the excess intake of alcohol, the person may lose all the necessary control on himself and his vision may become blurred and he may also become unsteady and unreliable.

It leads to the blurring of speech and poor judgment. The hangover headaches also lead to black-outs at times. One can get rid of body lice fast along with the hangover headaches by using the natural remedies. The ways of recovering from a hangover headache in a short while is described below.

1) Drinking Water

After having a party with excessive intake of alcohol throughout the whole night, the human body turns to quench its thirst by taking in water. One may think it revolting to put in more liquid in the body after taking alcohol in great amounts but the actual help is provided by water. All the negative symptoms that are seen in the body due to the excessive intake of alcohol are caused due to dehydration. All the symptoms can be tackled with rehydrating the body with water.

2) Drinking Sprite

While having a hangover headache, a soda which is caffeine-free and sweet provides solace to the body. These drinks metabolize the alcohol in the body by speeding up the capability of the body to process the ALDH which is known to be the real culprit of the symptoms of hangover and the hangover headaches. Studies have revealed that taking herbal supplements during this time can slow down the processing of the ALDH and prolongs the hangover headache.

hangover headache

3) Taking Peppermint Tea Or Ginger Tea

For soothing the hangover headaches, it is recommended to have a sip of ginger tea or peppermint tea as teas are known to reduce headaches, nausea and other sickness. Green tea is known to be the stimulating key for the detoxification of the pathways.

4) Eating Asparagus

Asparagus is a vegetable which is known to protect the human body from the after effects of boozing. The amino acids present in asparagus helps the cells in the human body in breaking down of the alcohol in a fast manner which prevents the body from the hangover headaches and also shields the body from the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide. The hangover headache of alcohol can be alleviated by the biological functions and contents of asparagus and at the same time the liver cells are also protected.

5)  Having Pretzels And Bananas

The hangover headache can be cured by eating pretzels and bananas. These foods prevent the dehydration of the body after the intake of excess alcohol and also have a rich content of potassium and other salts. Potassium and salt are known to be the electrolytes which is known to retain water in the body and hence prevents further dehydration. The natural electrolytes which come with carbohydrates can make the person feel better having hangover headaches. The alternative sources of electrolytes containing potassium and salt can also b used.

6) Intake Of An Aspirin And Coffee

An aspirin and coffee is the simplest combination which helps to relieve the hangover headache and it is also the most predictable one. The caffeine and the anti-inflammatory components of aspirin are known to react together against the alcohol’s chemical compounds. The chemical acetate in ethanol is known to cause the hangover headaches. Although coffee is known to cause further dehydration but it is also known to force up the adrenaline giving one a false boost of energy. While trying up this combination, it is recommended to take some precaution.

7) Having Tomato Juice

Controlling the hangover headaches and other hangover symptoms can be easily controlled by consuming the tomato juice. It contains fructose which is a sort of sugar which helps the body in metabolizing the alcohol in a fast pace. The after-effects caused due to drinking can also be overcome quickly by taking the tomato juice as it contains minerals, vitamins and other enzymes. The tomato juice or tomato soup can be mixed with both lemon and honey and also with some little cayenne pepper.

how to get rid of a hangover headache fast

8) Taking Lemon

Lemon helps to regain the bodily balance by altering the level of pH and also by controlling the level of blood sugar in the body.

9) Taking Egg Toast

For preventing the hangover headaches, one can also take a few slices of egg toast as eggs are known to break down the alcohol and also reduces the toxicity caused due to excessive drinking.

10) Taking Honey

Being rich in potassium, honey has the potential to cure the hangover headaches.

Some other useful tips (Dos and don’ts for hangover headaches)

  • It should be taken alternatively either with water or with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • If one decides to have a drink, he should make sure that he is consuming it along with food and the drink should be taken in small amounts.
  • One should know how much his/her body can cope up while he/she is drinking.
  • It is advised not to take more than 14 units of drink every week.
  • One who is regular in consuming alcohol should know his units.
  • Drinking in empty stomach should be avoided and while one goes out to have a drink he should eat rice or pasta as the food slows down the alcohol absorption in the body.
  • The drinks that are dark in color should be avoided as it causes irritation in the brain tissues and blood vessels and cause the worst of hangover headaches.
  • After having a drink and before going to sleep, one should keep a glass of water beside his bed so that he can take sips of water while getting awake in the middle of his sleep.
  • One should try to rehydrate his body before going to sleep as if the hangover headache continues till the next morning, it can actually become worse.
  • If one had a heavy session of drinking, the doctors usually advise to wait for the next 48 hours before having a drink again.
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