10 Ways To Get Rid of Body Lice Fast

Body lice are small insects that feed on human blood and live in our body skin or in cracks and folds of clothes and linens. They even deposit their waste on skin and also lay their eggs there and often cause severe itch. Body lice bites may appear like red swollen rashes on skin and these bumps cause severe scratching and itching and can gradually spread to extreme levels if not taken care of properly.

Body lice problems usually occur due to poor hygiene. Not washing your clothes regularly or not taking proper baths and cleaning your body can gradually lead to problems like body lice. There are numerous lotions and ointments for body lice but there are some effective home-remedies also that can help you get rid of body lice fast and naturally.

1.) Fenugreek And Mustard Oil To Get Rid of Body Lice Fast

Fenugreek seeds are known to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and are good natural antiseptics. These combined with the strong odor of mustard oil helps killing body lice and their eggs and also prevent chances of facing body lice problems soon. Grind fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water into a thick paste. Add some mustard oil and apply this mixture over affected areas or all over your body and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Later rinse with soap and water. Regular use of this mixture can help cure body lice problems naturally.

2.) Camphor, Coconut oil and Milk To Get Rid of Body Lice

Mix one spoon of camphor and coconut oil to a cup of milk and apply this all over your body. Massage for a few minutes and let the solution dry for 20-30 minutes. Follow this process daily before taking a bath to get rid of body lice fast and effectively.

3.) Tea-tree oil and Yogurt To Get Rid of Body Lice Fast

A mixture of yogurt and a tablespoon of tea-tree oil together combine to form a potent home remedy to kill body lice. Tea tree oil has healing properties which helps heal the affected skin and yogurt along with tea-tree oil have essential oils with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements which make them effective against body lice. They can help reducing skin inflammation and itchiness to a great extent.

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4.) Neem (Indian lilac) and Turmeric To Get Rid of Body Lice

Indian lilac and turmeric both are extensively well-known for their anti-septic and healing qualities. They find use in numerous home remedies and needless to say are effective against skin rashes and kill body lice too. Grind raw turmeric with a handful of neem leaves to a paste. Once they are of thick paste like consistency, apply all over your body and leave undisturbed for 20-30 minutes. Later wash or take a bath. Apply this mixture of neem and turmeric 3-4 times a week for instant results.

5.) Yogurt and Lavender To Get Rid of Body Lice

Lavender is known to have anti-septic properties and its fragrance also keeps insects at bay. Yogurt along with it acts as a potent healer helping in soothing the skin while lavender cleanses your body of lice and eggs.

6.) Apricot Extracts To Get Rid of Body Lice

Body lice can take extreme turns and serious body lice infestation should be taken care of immediately. Often excessive lice bites can lead to skin infections which make the skin follicles break and cause severe lesions. Apricot extracts or apricot juice helps is such severe cases too and can help reduce swelling and itchiness. Extract juice from apricot leaves and gently rub all over your body. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water for best results.

7.) Drumstick Leaves And Sesame Oil  To Get Rid of Body Lice

Oil extracted from drumstick leaves has potent anti-bacterial properties which help curing skin irritations and sesame oil is a natural healer soothing skin rashes and itch. Combination of these two can be really effective to get rid of body lice naturally and fast. Take a bunch of drumstick leaves and extract its oil. Mix similar proportions of sesame oil to it and heat till you see the water evaporating. Let this mixture settle down and then apply it all over your body. Let it dry over a period of 20-30 minutes before washing or taking a bath in warm water. Both drumstick extract and sesame oil is being used since ancient times for their healing properties and this mixture can help kill body lice and reduce itchiness.

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8.) Vinegar To Get Rid of Body Lice

Body lice bites can cause an uncontrollable and unbearable itch and this can gradually lead to skin lesions and more severe rashes or infections. It is important that you don’t scratch if infected with body lice and take natural precautions against it. Vinegar has an acid base and can effectively kill body lice providing instant relief from the itch and irritation. Vinegar being acidic can also pose harmful to human skin and it is mandatory that you use vinegar mixed with vegetable oil in at least double proportion and then apply the mix to your body. While the vinegar will be effective to get rid of body lice, the vegetable oil will act as a protective sheath guarding your skin from corroding under vinegar’s acidic effect.

9.) Hot Water  To Get Rid of Body Lice

Just protecting your body from lice is not enough once infected. It is crucial to understand that body lice can easily transfer to and from clothes and linen. Ensure that you wash your clothes properly with hot water. Extreme temperatures kill lice easily and re-washing with detergent or soap will foolproof the elimination process. Same applies to your body. Take proper care of health and hygiene to ensure eradication of body lice. Shower regularly and scrub your body well. Maintaining proper hygiene eliminates half the threat of body lice.

Other tips to get rid of body lice (Dos and Don’ts)

Maintain proper hygiene. Bath regularly and clean and scrub your body. Lack of proper hygiene is the main cause of body lice.

  • Do not share clothes, sheets or linens with someone who is infected. Or if you are infected, prevent other people from sharing your things till you get rid of body lice. They easily transfer via clothes and linen and it should be an individual’s lookout to ensure he is not infecting others too and maintaining proper precaution.
  • Do not scratch or itch affected areas. Even though body lice bites can be uncontrollably itchy, scratching them might make things worse and lead to skin infections.

Use anti-bacterial shampoos and soaps and use moisturizers or calamine to maintain skin health and prevent body lice infestations.

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