10 Ways To Stop Chronic Diarrhea

When your digestive system does not function properly, you can have frequent watery stools four to five times in a day. The watery stool is the sign of diarrhea; if it continues more than fifteen days then it is chronic diarrhea. You can have diarrhea due to viral infections, intestinal diseases, bacterial infections, and food intolerance.

Diarrhea can be accompanied by bloating, abdominal pain, nausea. If you do not take it seriously then it can result in dehydration that is always harmful and life threatening. Hence, it is important to stop the chronic watery diarrhea before it becomes more complicated and risky. If you are suffering from diarrhea then consider the following ten home remedies to stop chronic diarrhea fast.

1. Ginger

Ginger is usually considered good to treat abdominal pain and food poisoning. To treat chronic diarrhea after eating, you should take one teaspoon of honey and a crushed small piece of ginger. Eat the mixture to improve your digestion and to release the gastric juice. Avoid water for half an hour. You can also have ginger tea three to four times in a day to stop chronic diarrhea. For making the tea, boil a small piece of ginger in a cup of water for a few minute, and strain it. You can add some honey for the taste.

2. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile contains antispasmodic properties that work well for the stomach disorders and abdominal pain. You can also use it to treat chronic diarrhea. Prepare the chamomile tea with one teaspoon of the peppermint leaves and one teaspoon of the chamomile flowers and one cup of the water. And boil them for about ten minutes. Strain it and drink this tea three to four times in a day.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is considered very effective for the proper functioning of the digestive system. It helps to restore the good bacteria in the intestine and destroys the bad bacteria that cause diarrhea. And the treatment is very simple. You can just have two bowls of the yogurt every day to get relief from the stomach discomfort and chronic diarrhea. You can add a banana for the best results.

stop chronic diarrhea

4. Banana

A ripe banana has been used to treat diarrhea since the ancient times. It has the high pectin content that can destroy the bad bacteria and treat diarrhea naturally. Pectin is a water soluble fiber and this is very helpful to control or stop diarrhea. And the banana is also rich in potassium that supports the digestive systems. You can have a few ripe bananas every day to cure chronic diarrhea. In fact, you can have it every day to improve your digestive system.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

You can also use apple cider vinegar to treat chronic diarrhea. It is very effective to destroy the bacteria that cause diarrhea. For the treatment, take a glass of water and add one teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar. Mix it properly. You can have this solution two times in a day until the symptoms of the diarrhea are gone completely.

6. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is also used to stop the chronic watery diarrhea. It is highly recommended as it has high mucilage content that is very effective to destroy the bad bacteria that cause diarrhea. The treatment is also simple. You can just chew one teaspoon of the fenugreek seed and can add one tablespoon of the yogurt for the better results. Alternatively, you can make a mixture of a one-half teaspoon of the cumin seeds and roasted fenugreek, and add them to the yogurt and mix it properly. Have this solution three to four times in a day to get immediate relief from chronic diarrhea.

7. Black Seed Oil

Black Seed is usually used to cure stomach disorders such as gas, colic, and constipation. You can also use it to treat chronic diarrhea. Just use the black seed oil to treat diarrhea. Take a cup of plain yogurt and mix a tablespoon of the seed oil. Mix it well. Have this mixture twice in a day until you have not got relief from all the symptoms.

8. White Rice

You will be surprised to know that white rice can be used to treat diarrhea. The reason is that you can easily digest the white rice and it can decrease the amount of the watery stools by adding bulk. To treat chronic diarrhea, prepare the white rice. Have the plain white rice without any spice and sauces. You can have it three to four times to improve the condition.

9. Hydration

For a diarrhea patient, hydration is the first requirement to save him from any danger. You need to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated. You can drink vegetable soups, clear soda, fruit juices, coconut water, and clear broths to meet the requirements of your body and to remain hydrated. While suffering from diarrhea, you always need to avoid alcoholic, caffeinated, and acidic drinks.

10. Carrot Soup

Carrot soup has antiseptic effects that can work well to treat chronic diarrhea. The good thing about the carrot soup is that it not only cures diarrhea, it also provides the nutrients that you lose during diarrhea. Wash 500g carrots and cook it in a pressure cooker with water for about ten minutes. Drain the liquid. Now you can add a little salt for the taste. You can have this soup two to three times daily.

Additional Tips To Get Rid Of The Chronic Diarrhea:

  • Do not stress your digestive system unnecessarily.
  • Have five to six small meals every day.
  • Take waters bit by bit regularly without taking a glass of water at a single stretch.
  • Consume easily digestive foods such as potatoes, plain rice, or cooked carrot.
  • Drink enough water to hydrate your body.
  • Take enough rest.
  • Avoid alcohols and caffeine.

All the above home remedies are considered good to treat chronic diarrhea. You can use any of these medicines to treat diarrhea naturally and fast. If you do not see improvements after taking the remedy for a week then you should consider visiting a doctor. Chronic diarrhea needs medical attention if you find it difficult to treat with available home remedies.

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