10 Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs At Home Fast and Naturally

Bed bugs are actually small, brownish insects that live on the blood of humans as well as animals. They look more or less like an apple seed and reside mainly in the bed and mattress. They become active at night and feed on human blood when you sleep. In the daytime they hide themselves in the bed or even in the wall.

They cannot fly but they move very quickly and also reproduce very fast. Getting rid of the bed bugs once it is infested can be a tough task. But there are some natural ways by which you can get rid of bed bugs at home effectively and fast. Here are some of the ways to get rid of bed bugs fast and naturally:

1.) Diatomaceous Earth

This is kind of powder which is derived from a soft sedimentary rock. This is highly effective in killing the bed bugs. You can use this to control and kill the bed bugs naturally in the dry environment. You have to evenly spread this powder on the mattress as well as on the furniture where t has been infested by the bugs. Leave it like that for a day and the bugs will die. This powder disrupts the outer layer of the bugs and dehydrates them. So, they die as soon as they come in contact with this powder. Often this powder sticks to their legs which they lick off. The sharp silica present in this powder damages the bed bugs and kills them.

2.) Essential Oils

There are many essential oils that can have a wonderful effect in killing the bed bugs. These are oregano oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil etc. These oils work brilliantly by suffocating the insects and eventually kill them. You can rub some of these oils onto your bed frame and even on the mattresses. Even next time you wash your bedding make sure to add a few drops of it on them. Another thing that you can do is to take cup of water in a spraying bottle along with a few drops of essential oil in it. Then sprinkle it all over the mattress, furniture, linens, carpet etc. This is one of the best home remedies of bed bugs which is very effective.

3.) Clove Treatment

Many people do not know that clove can be a great home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. It is one of the most common spices that can kill the bed bugs efficiently and quite effectively. The oil extracted from this spice has a very pungent smell and is very acidic in nature. The chemical named Eugenol present in the oil has a very high acidic pH level as well as a strong odor that can kill the bed bugs. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on the bedding, furniture and carpet to get rid of these insects.

get rid of bed bugs fast and naturally

4.) Cleaning Of Beddings

Once you notice that your bed is infested by bed bugs, consider a thorough cleaning. Wash all the linens, bedcovers and everything in a high temperature. Set the water temperature around 140 degree Fahrenheit and wash them every 2 to 3 days. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may need to wash more regularly i.e. twice or thrice a week. This can help you to kill bed bugs at home.

5.) Steam Cleaning

Well, not everything can be cleaned in a washing machine or with water. For example: furniture, mattresses and carpets. For this steam cleaning is very much effective. With the help of steam you can kill bed bugs. The hot steam which is penetrated in the furniture, carpets etc is generally 120 degree or above. Bed bugs certainly cannot bear a high temperature. Thus, it results in killing them effectively.

6.) Heat Treatment

As mentioned just above, bed bugs cannot bear high temperature and thus heat treatment can be one of the most effective home remedies of bed bugs. Every household has a blow dryer. You need to apply the heat from it simply for few minutes constantly on the affected areas. This will kill the bugs as well as the eggs instantly. Even, exposure of the furniture and beddings to the sun’s direct heat can kill them.

7.) Cold Treatment

Similarly like bed bugs cannot survive the heat, they can neither survive the cold temperature. Actually, any extreme temperature can be fatal for them. Just like heat treatment, cold treatment is completely natural home remedy. You just need to switch on few desktop fans near the infested area and keep it like that for 3 to 4 hours. Alternatively, cool air from the air conditioner can be a great remedy as well.

8.) Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is present in almost every household. If not then also don’t worry as it is easily available in any grocery stores. It is one of the biggest foes of the bed bugs and can kill them instantly. You need to rub this powder all over the mattress, furniture and infected linens. Turmeric powder is a very strong and effective anti-microbial agent and it also stops the supply of oxygen within the mattress or furniture. Hence it suffocates and kills bed bugs at home.

9.) Spray Alcohol

Bed bugs cannot survive in the acidic environment. Isopropyl is an alcohol which creates an acidic condition for the bed bugs. Thus eventually they get killed by the alcohol. You have to repeat this for 5 to 6 days regularly to make sure you get rid of them completely.

10.) Vacuuming

Use you vacuum cleaner to kill the beg bugs. Do not leave any edge, crevice, corner and space. Make sure you cover them fully to get rid of bed bugs at home. Use the HEPA filters in the vacuum cleaners as these filters are specially made for the bugs. After it is done, remove the filter and seal it in the trash bag. Later on, dispose the bag or burn it. It will kill all the bugs.

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