How To Clean Sheepskin Rug

If you know how to clean your valuable and delicate sheepskin rug, you can easily make it look and feel new for long. It will also save you the time, effort and money of rushing to get it cleaned by a dry cleaner every time it gets dirty.

how to clean sheepskin rug

Here is a step by step guide on how to clean sheepskin rug:

Step 1: Clean Loose Dirt

The first thing that you do before commencing cleaning of any carpet or rug is removing loose dirt and debris. To do this, hang the rug on a clothesline and brush the rug while continuously shaking it. This will unsettle the dust that has gone deep into the hair of the skin. You may occasionally want to beat the rug from behind in order to bring out the dirt.

Step 2: Washing the Sheepskin Rug

The best place to wash your rug is your washing machine. Before putting the rug in the washing machine pre-soak the sheepskin rug in a shampoo solution to bring the stains to the surface. This way it shall be a lot easier for the washing machine to fight the stains. For tougher stains you may have to soak the rug for a longer period of time. Wash the sheepskin rug on a medium or low machine setting. For high efficiency machines, it is recommended to use cold water.

Step 3: Condition the Sheepskin Rug

One of the unique things about a sheepskin rug is the softness of the hair. To make sure that the rug retains its softness, use a sheepskin conditioner during the final rinse cycle of the machine. You may need to carry out some extra rinsing to get the shampoo and conditioner out of the rug.

Step 4: Hang dry

Do not make the mistake of tumble drying or ironing your sheepskin rug. Sheepskin is best left to air dry on a clothesline or by lying flat. Keep the rug out of direct sunlight and use of any type of artificial source of heat such as heating vents or space heaters is a strict No’. It is best to hang the rug for drying on a cool and windy day. If you do not find the weather conducive for drying your rug, you can hang it indoors and set up a fan next to it. It is very necessary that you keep brushing the rug as it dries and also move it around occasionally so that the skin remains soft and flexible.

Step 5: Protect Your Sheepskin Rug

Once you have gone through the process of cleaning your sheepskin rug, you would certainly want to keep it clean as long as possible. To prevent future staining of the rug, it is recommended that you make use of a protective spray. Such sprays are very instrumental in avoiding the stain from setting in the fibers. With a protective spray in place, the stains will remain on the top of the sheepskin and will be easy to wipe off.

Tip To Clean Sheepskin Rug:

  1. After you have washed the sheepskin rug, you may find that the wool has gone curly and flat. There is nothing to worry because this the way original sheepskin looks like. Manufacturers carry out tanning of the hide to straighten the wool. To get the same straight look that your rug had before cleaning, casually brush the wool during three times in the entire washing process. Once when the wool is dripping wet, second when it is damp and lastly when it is completely dry. This will bring restore the straight and fluffy appearance of the rug.
  2. It shall be borne in mind that any sheepskin rug that has been artificially dyed should not be washed in the washing machine. Instead, services of a professional cleaning company with enough experience should be sought to dry clean such a rug.
  3. Sheepskin is a very delicate material that can transform the entire look of your living space but at the same time requires enough care to let it retain its charm and uniqueness. It is advised to clean your rug at least twice a year to allow it to remain clean and look younger.

This guide on how to clean sheepskin rug can go a long way in allowing you to retain the grandeur and appeal of your sheepskin rug. Do not ignore the fact that this guide applies only to natural colored sheepskin rugs and not dyed ones.

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