How to claim refund if fails to deliver your item

КУПИТЬ СО СКИДКОЙ is a website that allows to shop buyers from around the world. The shipping time for the item may differ depending on the courier service. Usually, they don’t charge anything for standard shipping method, but it takes too long to receiver the item. If you choose to get delivery from DHL, FedEx or other courier service, it costs you money depending on the country where you want to receive the item. Users usually choose to get by Standard post, because sometimes courier charge may be more than the product charge if you are buying phone accessories of some other products with low price tag.

What could be the issue when buyers may want to get refund?

There could be various reasons buyers may want to get the refund. Some of the reasons are as follows;

  1. Product is not delivered
  2. Product is not the same as it was explained on the website
  3. Product is faulty or damage
  4. Product is in use condition when you ordered for the new one

First of all, you need to contact seller to resolve the issue, wait for the seller respond and act accordingly. If seller doesn’t respond, you can open a dispute with Aliexpress to get refund.

When you order an item, you need to keep an eye on it. Please read our article about China Post Tracking to learn how you can track Aliexpress posts. If the item is not delivered within the given time frame, it’s up to you whether you want to get the refund or contact seller for further assistance (if you want the seller to ship again).

Whenever you order an item, you get a certain period of purchase protection date. The purchase protection days may vary depending on the seller and shipment method. It could be for 30 days, 45 days, 60 days or even more. You need to open dispute or claim refund within this period. If you fail to do that, the chance of getting refund is very less. If you contact seller before the purchase protection expiry, seller may extend it.

How to check the Purchase Protection Date of your order from

  • Visit Aliexpress, login with your ID and Password
  • Click on your name, and select My Orders

  • Now you will see all items you have ordered along with Purchase Protection time. If the Purchase Protection has expired, you will see the status as Finished (this is what has happened in the below screenshot)

How to send a Message to Supplier/Seller regarding any concern or query ?

You should contact seller before the purchase protection expires. You can contact regarding any issue or query. Follow these steps;

  • When you are logged in to your AliExpress Account, click your name, and my orders option (Just like we did to check the purchase protection time)
  • Click on ViewDetail option

  • In the next page, you will get the option to Chat with the seller if he/she is online, or send a message

How to Open Dispute to get the Refund from

  • Login to Aliexpress, click on your name, and select my orders (just like we did earlier)
  • Click Open Dispute for the item you want to get refund

  • Now fill all the required information, and select whether you received the item or not, you want full or partial refund, and so on…
  • You will also get the option to attach screenshot if you have any, and submit the dispute

  • Once the dispute is open, buyers get 15 days to respond and come to an agree where both the parties (seller and buyers) agrees. If the sellers fails to respond, the dispute will automatically be escalated, and buyers will get the refund
  • If Seller doesn’t respond in 3days, buyers don’t need to wait for 15 days, and can escalate the dispute manually to get the refund. Buyers need to modify the dispute to escalate