Kia Ceed and other premiere of the Moscow motor show in 2018


The main Russian auto show started, and journalists “Behind the wheel” leading online broadcast from the pavilions of the “Crocus Expo”. Want to learn everything important about the premieres MIAS 2018? Then stay tuned — our tape is constantly updated! “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

Peter, Tatarashvili, Director of MIAS: “Our task — to make a holiday to the exhibition was a comfortable, fun atmosphere.”

In the list of Premier of the Moscow motor show — the all-new crossover Renault Arkana that the status of the show car celebrates in “Crocus” its world premiere. At the exhibition we first see a line of cars a new domestic brand Aurus. At the stand of AVTOVAZ five new products including a new version of the Lada Vesta and the new family Grant. Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Lifan, Haval, “GAZ Group” attract visitors with new models and interactive displays.

Companies participating in MIMS this year not as many as in pre-crisis 2008. So after the Paris motor show (it opens to the press in early October) will also miss exhibitors. But whatever it was, and those who select a new car, and lovers of beauty in all its forms will find on the stands of the “Crocus Expo” and in live-a lot of interesting and important. Find out, tell and show. And girls will be — we promise!

12:45 Quartet of new products, Kia updated the Sportage, the new CEE’d is a hatchback and wagon — plus Cerato

Premiere on the Kia stand was not too surprising: all these machines we have already in varying degrees heard (and on the new side, even for a ride). And yet there is talk about.

The new Ceed is pretty and rich equipment of the fourth generation Cerato, which is nurtured on the same platform as the hatchback. However, filling the intersections of the hatchback and sedan are few: the only atmospheric engine 1.6 capacity of 128 forces. Sid’s available as the base engine 1.4 with a capacity of 100 forces, as well as the 1.4 turbo T-GDI (140 HP) coupled with the 7DCT double clutch robot. And Cerato in the top is equipped with a old 150-HP 2-liter power unit with a 6-speed automatic.

Wagon Ceed SW on the technical side is fully consistent with the hatchback. Of the important innovations worth mentioning full led headlights and a set of driver assistance systems with a host of features like automatic braking, which became available due to the radar. According to the Russian representation of the brand, the trunk at the “barn” one of the biggest in the class — 625 liters.

The Sportage crossover has been updated not too much. The program restyling, in General, is standard: other bumpers and optics. 185-strong diesel 2.0 CDRi received 8-speed automatic instead of the previous “shestistolpny” but the main innovation was hitherto not available in our market petrol 2.4 GDI is rated at 184 strength. In the cabin there is no much change, except for a modified steering wheel.

All the models produced in Kaliningrad. Ceed is already sold, and the price is known: from 949 900 rubles. Prices Ceed SW station wagon and sedan Cerato, as well as the upgraded Sportage is not yet released. The chronology of the appearance of new products on the market is as follows: in October will start selling Cerato, a month dealers will receive Sportage, and later this company will join Ceed SW, but exactly when is not specified.

Kia Ceed and other premiere of the Moscow motor show in 2018

12:00 Russia’s New super-sedan Aurus Senat. Expensive, rich!

Just yawned — all: to get to the podium, where majestic and reigning is a massive body of a new Executive sedan, did not work — all the front row seats occupied by the operators. Under the cloak hiding the fact that everything is seen may 7 on TV: new Aurus Senat. The case covers the short wheelbase version but armored limousine, as it turned out, ten feet away behind a shop window, where allowed, only selected.

Aurus SenatAurus Senat

After the sweet singing invisible mermaids, wailing “Victoria”, a blanket from the car pulled solemnly the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov on a couple of CEO Aurus Franz Gerhard Hilgert. Car noble dark cherry color. If the Senate Rolls-Royce Phantom? Oh, Yes, of course! But it seems to me that that was the idea.

On a technical stuffing has been known in the past, but yet again, because now information is a little more formal. Debuted sedan with a turbo engine, which WE developed in close cooperation with Porsche. This is a 4.4 V8 with a capacity of 598 HP transmission domestic company KATYA, drive full.

Immediately after the official part, managed to look inside the sedan. Salon rich beige color, nice leather tanning (by the way, its Ryazan), with high-pile carpets and natural wood finish. With wooden naturalism, perhaps even overdone: processing quality, as I thought, not up to par. But it’s a prototype, isn’t it? It must be forgivable. On the backs of the front seats fixed the monitors of multimedia system control round controllers, which are located on the armrests of the door panels. Button (Windows and so on) execution is similar to the Mercedes.

Aurus SenatAurus Senat

At first, the release of the Senate will be engaged in a US manufacturing base, because plans about producing modest: up to 150 cars for 2019. Subsequently, variants are possible: for example, the creation of Eurosov interested in the company Sollers, so as a build platform can be, for example, UAZ.

What about the service? Initially the machine will be operated by the US, but in the future it will take the dealers from those that have experience with premium brands. There is information that in Moscow, for example, sale and maintenance of vehicles Aurus trust such monsters as “Avilon” and “Panavto”.

Just imagine how proud and majestic Senates gracefully race across Moscow the idea of specially under the stirring sounds of sirens and the blue flashing lights of the disco… the Beauty of same!

Kia Ceed and other premiere of the Moscow motor show in 2018

11:13 Mobilistic-2018: the future of the Frets and… Steven Seagal

A separate room at MIAS 2018 was devoted to technology and the transport of the future. The project Mobilistic organized with the personal support of Vice-President Crocus Group Emin Agalarov. I spoke with him walking around the Tesla Model X and studying how the low passengers to reach button closing rear hinged doors electrocreaser.

“I have to Park a hybrid car, but this exhibition encouraged me to buy something electric. Electric era will come so fast that we even before you make it. Today here in the stands you can get acquainted with the cars could be fully charged in 20-30 minutes and is ready for Autonomous driving at 400 km,” — tells g-n Agalarov.

As the owner of the motor company, and he’s impressed with the progress the manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Here stands the “Mobilistic” presented a low-floor electric bus Volgabus “Citystream 12 ELF” and the first bus-the drone Russian Matryoshka doll with a range of up to 130 km.

Interesting project Frets on the future of the Moscow Studio Lada and Design students from three universities. It is expected that this drone (yet we see only a concept) will ever be able to carry passengers between cities.

Wait, a Steven Seagal? As an active campaigner for the preservation of the environment, he stands here by the Ambassador greening.

Curious seemed to stand Eltreco, working electrical goods (skateboards, scooters, bicycles with an electric drive) and casually brought from China such is the electric car. Manager at the stand said that they are not certified for public roads, is designed more for driving on a closed suburban areas and Golf clubs. These machines (see photo) which sit together in a row can be only in an embrace, offer on AliExpress. Starting price — 200 thousand rubles., but due to clearance out at least 400 thousand.

Kia Ceed and other premiere of the Moscow motor show in 2018

9:45 Reno again distorts the words and shows the new crossover for Russia. Waiting for next year!

In anticipation of the exhibition the French have repeatedly shared the spoilers. The piece car show, the name will represent. Here again has not done without excesses. We remember you that there are two Capture European Captur and our Kaptur (this, by the way, I came to the dealership). So, the name comes from the Latin Arkana arcanium — “the secret”. As can be seen in Renault again played with the replacement “C” With “K”.

Renault ArkanaRenault Arkana

The former head of AVTOVAZ, now a senior Vice-President Renault, the operational Director of region Eurasia, Nicolas Moore recalled that his company has a long history in our country. “Over the years of presence here, Renault has managed to create a successful SUV range, but we can offer more,” says Mr. Moore. And here is a “giant step forward” — new C-crossover, Arkana (so far only in the form shoukara (interior of the car is currently in a very rough version), which will appear in the series in the first half of next year.

Externally, the car turned out just gorgeous: detached Kaptur, at the time, markedly framed by the platform of the Duster, just pales. The chief designer of Renault Laurens van den Acker said that the task was to design a car for all occasions — with the elegance of a sedan, crossover endurance.

According to Andrei Pankov, General Director of Renault Russia, the brand new powertrain and platform. Other details he did not disclose. By the way, with the launch of the Arcana we get a new line of power units in combination with front-wheel drive, as well as with new systems for Connected Car.

Kia Ceed and other premiere of the Moscow motor show in 2018

It is known that the chassis design more than 55% of components are new compared to the models produced today by the SUV. For example, brand new steering system provides driving pleasure in all conditions. Significantly increased body rigidity allowed us to achieve the highest level of security and accuracy of control. And the longest in the segment wheelbase Renault Arkana gives a high level of comfort in the cabin.

As a result, the market share of Renault in Russia with the withdrawal of the Arcana will increase to 10% by 2021, expects g-n punks.

Definitely the lasso will be exported. Prices for a beginner is not commented but it is obvious that it will take place between Capture and Koleos.

08.54 Hey, where’s the Park?

Just as the theater begins with a hanger, the Moscow motor show in 2018 that starts with Parking. For those who come later, there will be difficulties, because the area in front of the exhibition center “Crocus Expo” massively occupied manufacturers for conducting customer test drives.

On the ground in front of the exhibition pavilion, you can ride on any Volkswagen and Renault, and also become a customer of taxi-drone. I have rode this at a large conference of Yandex, which took place in late may. The car will be the same. As you can see by the photo, the Internet search engine expects a large influx of people wishing to go without a driver — just like last time, all build into an intricate turn.

Areas for test drive will be open each day of the exhibition.

Kia Ceed and other premiere of the Moscow motor show in 2018

In General, go! Under the blanket is already waiting for meeting with the public the first high-profile debutant — crossover Renault Arkana. Immediately after the premiere will tell you more about him, and while the video, made just at the entrance.The exhibition opens to visitors on 31 August at 10:00. The cost of tickets (they can be purchased online at MIAS) — from 400 rubles on weekdays and from 600 rubles at the weekend. The closing ceremony on 9 September.

All information about MIAS 2018 and all the news of the motor show in our special project.

About the exhibition:

Moscow international automobile salon (MIAS) — the main national exhibition of automotive topics. In accordance with the calendar of the world organization of motor vehicle manufacturers (OICA) held in Russia once in two years, in even-numbered years. One of the leading European auto shows, along with Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris salons.

The main objective of the project — demonstration of car enthusiasts and professionals of new domestic and global automotive industry. Guests of the MIAS 2018 will see the first Europe technology festival Mobilistic dedicated to transport and logistics in the near future. During the festival you can learn about alternative forms of transport and fuels, advanced solutions in the field of Autonomous driving, car-sharing, delivery using drones and view a variety of fantastic projects that will come to life literally from day to day.

Photo: driving, ITAR-TASS, AGN “Moscow”

Kia Ceed and other premiere of the Moscow motor show in 2018

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