10 Ways to Get Rid Of Cat Allergies Fast

Cat allergies can make your cat uncomfortable. You need to figure out the real triggers of the allergies so that you will use the right methods to get rid them. Common cat allergies include allergic to certain foods. If your cat is allergic to certain foods, then the first step you should use towards getting rid of the allergy is to identify the food and avoid giving your cat such type of foods.

Other types of allergies the cat can suffer from include mite, fleas, and dust among other types of allergies. You can get rid of the allergies through keeping your cat clean. You should wash the cat bedding and areas where the cat rest. You need to buy the right shampoo which will not expose your cat to the allergies.

1. Control Fleas

Your pet can be allergic to fleas. In order to protect your cat against flea allergies, you should figure out ways of preventing flea infestation in your home. Your cat can be very clean to an extent where it will not catch fleas, but other pets such as dogs can transmit the fleas to your cat. You should look for methods of pest control which will help you in getting rid of the fleas. The methods will help you in getting rid of fleas which in effect will avoid cases where your cat will come into contact with the fleas which can expose it to the allergies related to flea infestation. You can visit your veterinarian who will advise you on the best flea control methods which you can use.

2. Use A Dust-Free, Unscented Litter

Your cat may be allergic to the chemicals used in the scented litter. You will easily help your cat in avoiding allergy related to litter scent after you make efforts and avoid the scented litter. The method is very easy to apply in your process of trying to get rid of the allergy, just replace your scented litter with another litter which is not scented. The remedy will work well for you if you will discover your cat is really allergic to the scented litter. You can notice from the behavior of the cat after it comes into contact with the litter.

3. Keep Your Cat Bedding Dust Free

If you discover your pet is allergic to dust, then the first step you should take towards helping the cat avoid the negative effects of the allergic reaction so to ensure the cats bedding is dust free. You can put in place measures such as vacuuming your cats bedding twice a week. Areas in your home where dust develops more such as area rugs and carpets should be vacuumed at least twice in a week. This will help in keeping your home free from dust which in effect will help your cat in dealing with the allergic reaction triggered due to the presence of dust in the environment where the cat stays.

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4. Bath Your Cat Twice A Week

Environmental allergens may have been trapped between the skin of your cat. You will easily remove the allergens after you bath your cat twice in a week. When bathing the cat you will also avoid itchiness developed on the cat’s skin due to the allergens. You should talk to your veterinarian on directions on how you should bath the cat. This is necessary because frequent bathing can expose the cat to effects of dry skin.

5. Avoid Foods Which Your Cat Is Allergic

If you will give your cat certain foods and the cat end up developing symptoms of allergy, then you should consider changing the diet of your cat. You need to take time and offer your cat different foods so that you will know how it responds to them. In order to ensure you offer your cat a balanced diet but at the same time avoid foods which your cat is allergic, you should talk to your vet about the matter.

6. Use Cortisone And Steroids

If your cat is suffering from airborne pollen allergy, you can control the allergy through application of cortisone or steroids injection. The injection is very helpful in helping your cat get rid of the root cause of the allergy instead of masking the itchiness. You need to talk to a qualified veterinarian who will offer the injection. You should avoid at all costs injecting the treatment without consulting a veterinarian so that you will avoid cases where your cat can overreact.

7. Antihistamines

Application of antihistamines such as Benadryl can be used to prevent the allergies. You should try and apply the treatment before the onset of the allergies in the cats. This is simply because the treatment is aimed at preventing the onset of allergies in your cat. It is a preferred alternative because prevention is better than cure.

8. Omega-6 Fatty Acid Shampoos

You can bath your cat using fatty acids shampoo as a way of getting rid of the allergic reaction. Apart from fatty acid shampoos you can as well use medicated shampoos and conditioners. The sprays will help your cat in getting rid of the allergic reactions. The medicated shampoos and conditioners are made out of natural products which will help your cat in getting rid of the allergic reaction which can interfere with the health of the cat.

9. Aloe Vera Sprays

Aloe Vera spray is among the treatments you can use to get rid of allergic reaction in cats. It has soothing effects on your cat skin which has been affected with allergic reactions. You will just have to apply the spray sparingly on the skin of the cat and it will help it in getting rid of the itchiness.

10. Oatmeal Spray

Oatmeal is a natural product which you can apply to get rid of the allergic reaction on cat’s skin. You will spray the areas affected with the allergic reaction on your cat skin and within a short period of time the cat will achieve relief from the allergic reaction. It helps in shooting and moisturizing the skin of the cat. The product is among natural remedies which you can apply to get rid of allergies in cats at home.

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