10 Ways to Get Rid of Cat Dandruff Fast and Naturally

Cat dandruff is a very common problem faced by cat owners worldwide. Cat dandruff results in flaky, dry skin or coat of the cat which sheds. Cat dandruff can be extremely uncomfortable and irritable to your pets and can also affect people around them who are sensitive or allergic to cat fur or hair.

Dandruff in cats can be caused by a number of different reasons including improper nutrition, seasonal changes, extremely dry environment, and lack of moisture or even due to prevailing but suppressed health problems. There are a number of effective home remedies that you can follow to treat cat dandruff and to keep your pet healthy and comfortable. Let us take a look at 10 such natural home remedies which you can consider to help get rid of dandruff in cats.

1.) Oil

Oily food and certain specific oils can be very harmful for your pet if consumed or applied and it is absolutely essential that you cross-check with a vet before including or changing oil in your cat’s diet. Tea-tree oil for example is said to be extremely harmful for pets whereas fish oil in limited amount if included in your cat’s daily diet can help nourish skin and keep it moisturized thus preventing dry skin or dandruff. Corn, sunflower and peanut oils are amongst such oil that provides healthy nourishment to your cat but excessive consumption can lead to serious health hazards.

2.) Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are natural and known to be very beneficial when it comes to skin healing properties and is very effective in treating cat dandruffs too. Mix generous quantity of Epsom salt in lukewarm water and saturate it. Gently soak affected areas of your cat with this salt water mixture using a clean soft cloth. Repeating this 2-3 times daily can help reduce irritation, swelling and also heal infections remarkably helping your cat combat dandruff troubles.

3.) Oatmeal Soak

Oatmeal is another extremely effective cat dandruff remedy and can help comfort the irritation and dryness of your cat’s skin. Mix oatmeal (oatmeal baby food is a great inexpensive substitute) and some water into a consistent mixture and rub it on to affected areas of your cat. Leave it undisturbed for a few minutes to let the nutrients soak in. The gently rinse off with slightly warm water. They help reducing itchiness too and keep the skin hydrated.

cat dandruff

4.) Water

Water is the most essential nutrient that your cat requires while dealing with dandruff problems. Cat dandruff is more often than not caused because of dehydration and dry weather. Ensure that your cat stays hydrated and drinks enough water regularly. This will help keep its skin smooth and prevent drying of skin thus leading to rashes, infections or dandruff.

5.) Indian Lilac

More commonly known as Neem, leaves of Indian lilac are probably the most versatile and useful when it comes to most skin related problems. Indian lilac is well-known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Needless to say, they are natural, safe, and immensely potent cat dandruff remedy. Boil a bunch of leaves in water and filter them to form a concoction. Use this to rinse your cat’s coat 2-3 times every week. Not only will it help reducing itchiness and irritation, but will also provide a cool and relaxing effect and keep your cat’s skin moist.

6.) Fenugreek

Fenugreek has immense soothing properties and is also anti-fungal in nature thus helping against skin rashes, irritation or dry skin. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and use this water to rinse your cat while bathing it or just soak the affected areas for a while.

get rid of cat dandruff

7.) Grooming

Proper grooming and maintaining good hygiene for your cat is very important in fighting cat dandruff issues. It is important to brush your cat’s coat everyday irrespective of the fact whether it has thick fur or not. Brushing them regularly ensures removal of dead skin or hairs and keeps their coat clean thus preventing infections and diseases to a great extent. Even though cats do not enjoy water too much, you should not let that be a reason to not give your cat a proper bath every now and then. Using a hypo-allergic shampoo or conditioner also helps preventing dry skin. Consult your vet for the kind of shampoo and conditioner you should use to keep your cat’s skin moist and to eliminate dandruff in cats.

If bathing your cat becomes a mammoth job lacking much co-operation from your cat, you can also use a damp towel or cloth to wipe it off properly. Make sure you pay proper attention to where your cat can reach for grooming itself and where they can’t. Grooming your cat regularly and properly eliminates half the threat and keeps your cat healthy and also helps to treat cat dandruff.

8.) Diet supplements

The diet of your cat can greatly be responsible for problems such as cat dandruff. It is always advisable to consult your vet time to time and keep a healthy check on your cat’s regular diet. Vets can refer dietary supplements which can be very useful in maintaining your cat’s health and nutrition. Omega-3 fatty acids for example give your pet a healthy skin and also helps in certain oil secretions to keep your cat’s skin from become too dry.

9.) Humidifier

Cats are extremely sensitive to temperature and sudden weather changes. If your cat mostly stays indoors, the best home remedy you can incorporate to tackle dandruff in cats is to add a humidifier. A humidifier is useful in places with extreme climates or dry weather. It maintains humidity of your house thus keeping your pet moist. Dry weather causes skin to flake more thus if weather is the problem, a humidifier is the best possible solution to treat cat dandruff and to prevent them from coming back.

cat in dandruff

10.) Cat food

If you are feeding your cat packed food products available in market, it is quite probable that the dry flaky skin is a side effect of the improper nutrition it is providing. Immediately consult a vet and switch to a more reputed product.

Cat dandruffs can be a serious lasting problem if not tackled efficiently and with utmost care. It is important to keep your pets comfortable and healthy more than anything.

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