10 Ways to Get Rid Of A Sunburn on Your Face Fast

The dangers of sunburn go beyond the realm of the cosmetic, reaching into the far more important territories of personal health and well-being. Sunbathing can actually be good for you if you do it right, but once the skin is compromised you are left with a major dilemma, how to deal with the damage that we caused?

How can we alleviate the pain and potentially reduce the chances of something bad happening down the road? Here are your 10 best solutions that will help you get rid of the sunburn on your face.

1. The Wonder Of Compresses

Compresses can be hot, cold, or neither. They represent an ancient and very basic form of pain relief that involves a piece of material (usually a bandage or a tower) and a substance that can counter the specific damage in any way. When it comes to sunburn, the three most effective substances we can try are water, aluminum acetate and witch hazel. With the aluminum acetate you should always follow the instructions on the packaging, but as for the water and the witch hazel solutions, those can be applied often for pain relief.

2. Certain Foods

Nature has a variety of sunburn soothers including but not limited to oatmeal, fat-free milk and even lettuce! With the milk, it’s important to choose a fat-free variant as fat would not help with the inflammation, in fact it would make it worse. The oatmeal, you should soak first, then remove it before putting a compress into the water in which the oatmeal was. The compress should be applied for 15 to 20 minutes. The lettuce solution works the same way with one exception, you should boil the leaves for a couple of minutes before cooling the water down.

3. Moisturizing Is Key

When the skin is damaged it loses its water storages. You can refill those storages in two ways. By drinking water and by directly replenishing your kin with lotions, so it can begin to repair the damages by taking care of the inflammation. By first offering temporary relief then refill those storages, a quality moisturizer will help both in the short and in the long run.

sunburn on yur face

4. Throw Yourself At Your Freezer

Actually, don’t do that, it could be dangerous. Better if you open its door, and find something cold for yourself. Your body’s natural reaction to extreme heat will be to cool itself down. There is a reason why that’s the first thing you can think of when burning yourself with fire, cooling down that area. Sunburn while obviously different, the same routine will apply! Whether you find a bag of frozen peas or your favorite yogurt, put it on your skin for instant relief!

5. Consume Something

We already talked about some methods that will help you from an external direction, now let’s see what you could do to help your body from the inside! Eating and drinking are functions that keep us alive. Without those two we could not be exist for more than a couple of days. While they are obviously important for our survival; that is not the only thing those functions help us with. Eating and drinking can also boost our immune system and help our body to recover from certain physical stress like sunburn. Replenish your fuel tank so your vehicle can work at an optimal level!

6. Tomato Juice

Sunburn on face can be annoying. When your face is totally red, that’s not a great sight to see, sorry. The solution? Make it even redder! Wait, what? Don’t worry, we are not talking about staying out more under the sun. The solution is tomato juice! This remarkable fruit (which many identify as a vegetable) contains various compounds that will help your body alleviate the pain, reduce the redness and even the inflammation.

7. Baking Soda

You know what they say about baking soda, it works for everything. Cooking, washing, it’s good for the teeth and apparently even for sunburn? Well, they are kind of right. By helping your skin to regain its pH levels, baking soda can indeed help you in those hours of need.

8. Yogurt

When you are looking for sunburn remedies for face, you probably think about using either yogurt, farmer’s cheese or sour cream. We already touched upon the subject of using fat-free milk, which is the reason why it will probably not catch you by surprise when I say that yogurt is great, but the other two are actually terrible ideas. Why? Because of the fat content in them. Putting fat on an inflamed area is a terrible idea that will likely hurt more than it will help.

sunburn on yur face

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Along with baking soda, apple Cider vinegar is one of those home remedies that seemingly work for every ache and woe. It’s good for us internally (in small doses), and it is good for us externally. By putting it on your skin and taking advantage of its antibacterial qualities, the vinegar will speed up the healing process.

10. Potatoes. Potatoes?

Sunburn on face is not a good look. I imagine that putting potato circles on it is also not what you would call a good look. Still, it can actually be beneficial for you. The starch in the vegetable can help you alleviating the pain and reduce swelling.

Usual causes for sunburn

  • Lack of sunscreen.
  • Spending too much time under the Sun.
  • Going out in the most dangerous hours (from 10 AM till 3PM).
  • Medicines and other compounds that work as sunburn boosters (some pain reliever and skin care products, perfumes).


  • Drinking plenty of water (when sweating a lot, drink a sport drink for your electrolyte balance).
  • Sunbathe before 10 AM and after 3 PM.
  • Wear a hat or cap.
  • Make sure you change your position frequently .


  • Don’t drink a lot of alcohol when sunbathing
  • Make sure you know if your medicine has a sunburn boosting effect
  • Don’t fall asleep while sunbathing
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