10 Ways to Get Rid Of Baby Diaper Rash Fast and Naturally

Diaper rash is one of the most common problems experienced by toddlers even if they are cared very carefully. It can cause bacterial or yeast infection if not treated as soon as possible. Diaper rash can be recognised from the red inflamed skin and even blisters sometimes within diaper area including buttocks, genital area and upper thighs.

Long exposure to the moist diaper with urine or soiled with stool can be among the main causes of diaper rashes along with food allergies, yeast infection, sensitivity and indigestion etc. Though several remedies are used to get rid of diaper rash as soon as possible but most parents prefer to use home remedy for diaper rash because they are normally side effect free. Some of the home remedies are discussed here under for your guidance.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda for diaper rash is an effective home remedy. It helps in treating diaper rashes due to its healing properties. You can wash the bottom of the child every time while changing his diaper with the solution of two teaspoon baking soda in four cups of water. Before tying fresh diaper you should pat dry his bottom with a dry and soft cotton cloth. You can also bathe the child in a tub of warm water containing two teaspoon baking soda for this purpose. After bathing pat dry his skin before clothing.

2. Vinegar

Diaper rashes usually occur due to prolonged contact with urine soaked in the diaper. The alkaline nature of urine reacts with baby’s skin to cause rashes. It can be balanced by high pH products like vinegar. You can rinse the reusable cloth or diaper in vinegar solution made by adding its half cup in a bucket of water. You can also wash the bottom of the child with a weak solution of white vinegar by adding its one teaspoon in a cup of water while changing his diaper. It will increase the resistance of baby’s skin to yeast and other infectious elements.

3. Cornstarch

It treats diaper rash greatly as it absorbs its moisture effectively. It helps in preventing diaper rashes by reducing its friction and keeping the skin dry. You should wash the bottom of baby with lukewarm water after removing its soiled diaper. Then after pat drying his skin with a dry and soft cloth you can sprinkle cornstarch directly on the skin under diaper before putting the new diaper at his bottom. You can heal the rashes very quickly if you sprinkle cornstarch every time while changing his diaper.

baby diaper rash

4. Petroleum Jelly

The coating of a thin protective layer of petroleum jelly in the soft skin of the bay is also recommended by various paediatricians to get rid of rashes under diaper area. It protects their tender skin from the irritation caused by the prolonged exposure to stool or urine. It should be applied every time after washing and drying the bottom of the baby after removing the soiled diaper.

5. Coconut Oil

Due to antimicrobial and antifungal properties many people use coconut oil for diaper rashes. Along with healing the baby’s skin it also helps in soothing it. It keeps the skin of the baby moisturised for long time so it can be used several times a day. You can also kill rash causing yeasts by adding 1 tablespoon in a bucket of water and take bath.

6. Oatmeal

It helps in soothing soft skin of the baby due to high amount of protein found in it. It also helps in preserving the natural protective barriers of his skin along with removing dirt and unwanted oil from his skin pores due to the saponin chemical included in it. You can bathe your child with the water in which tablespoon of oatmeal is soaked in for 10-15 minutes.

7. Shea Butter

It can help in getting rid as well as preventing diaper rashes due to its yeast killing, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also promote regeneration of cells and improve circulation for quick healing of rashes. You can rub it gently on the affected area until it melts after washing the bottom of your child with mild soap and lukewarm water and drying it naturally. You should put on fresh diaper after few minutes of applying shea butter on the rashes.

8.Breast Milk

It also helps in soothing the skin along with fighting with the infection while treating the diaper rashes with natural remedies. It also reduces the risk of worsening the condition as it has no side effects. You can rub few drops of breast milk on the affected area whenever required. Before putting on the fresh diaper you should let the breast milk dry naturally of the rashes for quick healing.

9. French Green Clay

Normally it is used as face mask but it can also be used to treat yeast infection causing diaper rashes. Along with preventing the spreading and quick healing of rashes it also helps in keeping the skin of the baby soft. It can be sprinkled on the affected area while changing the diaper for quick healing of diaper rashes.

10. Plantain Oil

It is recommended by various health experts for relieving the pain caused by diaper rashes. It treats the allergic reactions effectively that can cause diaper rashes. It relieves inflammation caused by diaper rashes and soothes the skin due to its anti-allergic properties. It can be used in herb as well as oil form for this purpose. You can also use fresh plantain leaves on the baby’s skin while changing his diaper every time after crushing them with your hand.

Dos And Don’ts For Treating Diaper Rashes:


  • Wash reusable diapers in vinegar solution every time you change it.
  • Wash child’s bottom with baking soda solution every time you change his diaper.
  • Gently apply some coconut oil on the diaper area several times a day.
  • Bathe your child with oatmeal water at least twice a day for healing diaper rash quickly.
  • For quick healing of diaper rashes use any of the natural remedies discussed above while changing your baby’s diaper every time.


  • Don’t rely on natural remedies for long even if they have no side effects.
  • Don’t hesitate in consulting your doctor as soon as possible if the diaper rashes still exist after trying natural remedies for few days.
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