10 Ways to Get Rid Of Chapped Lips Fast

If you live in a place with harsh climate, then the battle of making your lips stay moisturized will be a hard one to tackle. You can easily avoid the damage to your lips caused by winter weather through avoiding certain foods as well as avoiding your lips from coming into direct contact with elements which will make it easier for the lips to chip.

Severely chapped lips can make it very hard for you to achieve the great beauty you desire, but there are many home remedies which you can apply.

1. Honey and Vaseline

Honey is one of the nature best healing remedies. It is rich in antibacterial properties which will prevent your chronic chapped lips from contacting germs. Vaseline is a petroleum product which is widely used to soften skin. It is also an active product which can be used to protect the skin from drying. You can combine the two ingredients to achieve great relief for your chapped lips. Just apply honey on your chapped lips after which you will apply Vaseline to form a coat. Let the coat remain in position for about 15 minutes after which you will wipe off using a cotton cloth.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is an active vegetable you can apply to heal chapped lips fast. It has skin lightening properties which will make your skin appear attractive. The application process is very easy, just ice cucumber slices and apply them on your lips gently. You can hold them in position for 15 minutes after which you will wash off. This will help in keeping your lips soft. The remedy has natural ingredients which will improve your skin without any fear of side effects.

3. Rose Petals

The petals can make your skin lighter as well as making the lips more hydrated. The rose petals will help in maintaining the natural color of your skin. This will make the lips attractive with pink color. You will be required to start by soaking the rose petals in raw milk for a few hours after which you will apply. You can mash them into a smooth paste which you will easily apply on the lips. You should keep them in position for 15 minutes after which you will wash off.

get rid of chapped lips

4. Lip Scrub

You can scrub the lips gently so that you will exfoliate them and get rid of the dead skin. This will reveal natural color of the skin. This will make your lips soft and supple. You can use sugar to achieve a natural scrub which will protect your tender lips against further chipping. Just take two tablespoons of brown sugar and mix few drops of olive oil. In the brown sugar you can add a teaspoon of honey and mix well. You should leave it for 15 minutes for the sugar to become soft hence easier for you to apply. You can apply all over the lips and scrub gently.

5. Lemon Ointment

Lemon and sugar can be effectively used to cure chapped lips and dark skin. Lemon will act as a natural bleach while honey will protect the lips from chapping. Start by mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey. Then add a tablespoon of castor oil and mix well. You can apply the solution on the lips before going to bed each day. You should try and repeat the process for ten consecutive days so that you will be assured of great results.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has natural ingredients which can easily heal your chapped lips. It helps in strengthening the thin layer on your lips hence making them smooth. It has cooling ad soothing effects which will help you get rid of any irritation which can occur on the lips due to the chipping effects. The application process is very easy, just apply the gel on your lips before you go to bed and leave it on the lips overnight. The gel has active ingredients which will make it very easy for you to get rid of the chapped lips. You can take a freshly cut aloe Vera leaf and cut to extract the gel or buy the gel from the market and apply it. If you will consider buying from the market, you should ensure you buy pure aloe Vera gel.

7. Olive Oil

Olive oil is among the best natural moisturizer as well as a lubricant. It will moisturize and lubricate your chipped lips so that you will achieve quick recovery. The fatty acids present in the oil helps in curing chapped lips. The fatty acids will make your lips soft and supple after applying on them. You should apply the oil twice in a day for effective results. The oil will make your lips stay soft and moist .This will prevent farther chipping of the lips which in return will lead to quick relief from the chapped lips.

8. Flax Seed Oil

The fatty acids present in flax seed oil have nourishing properties. The oil penetrates into the tissues making your lips soft. Just apply flax oil directly on your chapped lips and you will see great improvements within the shortest time possible.

9. Castor Oil

You can apply either castor oil or coconut oil on your affected lips. The oil has essential fatty acids which will help in curing chapped lips. You can apply twice in a day for you to achieve effective results. The oils will soothe your lips and make them soft. This will stop farther chapping hence helping you in recovering within the shortest time possible. The oil has been used over a long period of time and the results have been great.

10. Water

Water will help your body in keeping hydrated. This is very essential in preventing chapping of the lips. If you will like to maintain soft lips without chaps, you should try and drink about 10 glasses of water each day. The water will keep your body hydrated hence preventing the formation of dry chapped lips which is associated with dehydration.

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