10 Ways To Get Rid Of Heat Rash Fast

Heat rash affects persons of all ages and genders. It happens when the skin’s sweat glands are blocked and the sweat produced cannot evaporate out of the skin’s surface. The sweat remains confined within the skin’s surface causing a rash.

Common causes of blockage include creases in the neck region where skin touches adjacent skin leaving no room for aeration, this causes heat rash on the neck .Tight clothing with no room for aeration causes heat rush on chest, heat rash on arms and legs. Applying dense creams and lotions on the face is one of the major causes of heat rash on face. When one wants to get rid of heat rahs, he or she should consider a wide wide variety of options, some of which include.

1. Shower After Exercise

People sweat a lot when working out, or doing physically involving jobs. Leaving sweat locked in the skin after a workout exposes you to the risk of heat rash since the sweat residue blocks pores. Use a body wash like benzoyl peroxide, this is able to remove excess oils and microbes from the surface of the skin. The excess oils and sweat residue if left on the skin’s surface for a long time lead to blockage of the pores.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

It is important to get rid of pore congestion. Scrubbing your whole body at least twice a week with a exfoliating detergent can be effective for high risk persons. This keeps the pores free of dead and dry skin that normally deposits on the surface blocking sweat from evaporating out of the skin’s surface.

3. Redo Your Wardrobe

Yes, you probably love the tight jeans and synthetic fabrics. It is time to change all that if you a healthy skin. Tight fitting clothes traps sweat on the skin’s surface, alongside with dirt and oil. This leaves no room for aeration of the skin. It is appropriate that you put on clothes that leave some allowance for your skin to be properly aerated during the day. Avoid synthetic fibers, they leave no room for ventilation of the skin’s surface. They trap dead skin, sweat, and microbes on the skins surface.

get rid of heat rash

4. Oatmeal Bath

Taking an oatmeal bath for 15 minutes twice a day can be effective in getting rid of heat rash. Simply add a few tablespoons of colloidal oatmeal in your bathwater and stir well. Scent the water with whatever shampoos you want, it will help you put up with the oatmeal bath.

5. Baking Soda Bath

Alternatively, you can use baking soda for instead of oatmeal .immerse you for 15 minutes in water mixed with a few spoons of baking soda. The mixture helps to dehydrate any confined moisture in the skin, and to reduce itching caused by heat rash. After the shower, your skin pores will be open and free for proper perspiration.

6. Aloe Vera Gel

You think the oatmeal and baking soda baths are too much for you. Well, you have another easy way out. Aloe Vera gel functions like a moisturizer to the skin. It can be applied on your skin not only to prevent but also to get rid of heat rash.

7. Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood has soothing properties that will reduce the inflammation of the epidermis. It will also cool your body temperature helping you to recover quickly. Prepare a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it there for some time until the paste dries. Wash with cold water and towel dry.

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8. Cold Treatment

It is the most common method of relieving symptoms. Cold treatment provides relief from inflammation and itching sensations. Take up a few ice cubes in in dishcloth and place it on the affected area for some time. Alternatively, you can take a cold shower. Perform the cod treatment 3 times a day.

9. Turn To The Neem Tree

The neem tree is highly celebrated by herbalists, offering treatment for many illnesses. Neem leaves have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects that can help you get rid of heat rash in no time. Grind neem leaves into a paste and apply to the affected area, leave it there for some time and then wash and dry.

10. Doctor’s Prescription

Doctors can prescribe hydrocortisone creams for your skin. Your dermatologist will prescribe tropical creams that are oil free and able to get rid of blockage on your skin surface.

Immediate attention to heat rash is necessary to prevent spread of the rashes other body parts .Severe cases may lead to other skin problems.

Heat rash dos and don’ts

Do not exercise in the sun

Exercising in heat and humidity places you at high risk of heat rashes. In humid temperatures your body sweats but little of the sweat actually evaporates from the skin’s surface because of the moisture saturations in the atmosphere. Save the workout for early mornings or late evenings in that case.

Monitor your rash

Keep a watch over your infection. Seek your dermatologist’s advice if the rash is pus filled or severely inflamed. The dermatologist will prescribe you some antibiotic creams ad steroid lotions.

If your rash is not going away with home treatment and you are displaying other symptoms like fever, headache or nausea you should see a doctor.

Cool it out

When temperatures rise and you are really sweating, switch on the air conditioner or sit near a fan. This will ensure all the sweat evaporates from your skin’s surface. Alternatively, you can take a cold shower. Drinking water also helps to prevent heat rashes.

Avoid skin-to-skin contact

Place a cotton washcloth between skin-folds like under the breasts.

Keep the babies cool and dry

Babies frequently get rashes on their diaper area and abdomen folds. Infant drooling also causes heat rash on their cheeks and neck.

Be wary of beauty products

Perfumes, body oils and heavy creams and lotions may cause blockage of the skin pores. Other skin care products like sunscreens contain ingredients whose combinations may cause skin irritation and acne break outs.

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