10 Ways to Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Pregnant women mostly have tight and glowing skin all over the body. However, the loose skin left after one gives birth and loses some weight is not that attractive. Getting rid of loose skin after pregnancy can be very daunting for women, some more than others. This depends on the amount of weight one gained, how fast they have lost it and how active they were.

This article will explore some of the few ways a woman can get rid of this loose skin on the stomach and also on other parts of the body:

1. Give Yourself Time To Lose Weight Slowly

Celebrities might seem to get in shape within two months like magic but this is not realistic. The only way to avoid getting too much loose skin is to lose the baby weight slowly. This will be attainable if you exercise and eat healthy instead of going into a crazy diet.

Contrary to popular belief, losing weight and then getting rid of the excess skin cannot be done overnight. It is vital that a woman knows this and allows the body to go through the process. It took time to stretch the skin and it will take time to tighten it.

2. Post – Delivery Exercise

While it is not good to over exert yourself after giving birth, one can still do a bit of exercise to start with. A walk with the baby or the dog will do at this point and if you can do some soft yoga and squats.

3. Abs Focused Training

After the doctor has signed off on your bill of health at around six weeks you are allowed to get into strength training. Focus more on exercises that work the tummy directly such as sit-ups, planks, bicycle crunches and side bridges.

loose skin after pregnancy

4. Cardio -Vascular Training

While the focus may be the tummy, it’s good to exercise the whole body to create balance and health. Cardio exercises will also get rid of the fat under your skin leaving it tighter and firmer. Try to get at least 30minutes of cardio every day. If the gym is boring or far, try to run, bike, swim and dance for that amount of time to make it fun.

5. Drink Water

Drinking tons of water every day is great for losing calories and getting tight skin. Try the recommended eight glasses and you will see a great difference.

6. Healthy Diet

Proteins rich foods help us build muscles instead of fat. Proteins like meat also contain collagen which is responsible for skin elasticity. While you have to eat a balanced diet, ensure the protein portion is larger.

Vitamins ensure the skin repairs itself from inside out. Try to pack up as much as you can on vitamin C, E and D rich foods. The idea behind diet is eating healthy food and avoiding all the junk you craved during pregnancy.

7. Firming And Collagen Creams

These are lotions and creams sold over the counter designed to increase collagen and elasticity on the skin and make it firm. They also contain vitamin E and A. Apply twice a day after showering.
pregnancy and skin care

8. Scrubs

– exfoliating your skin increases the blood flow around that area and encourage elasticity. Use a good salt or mineral scrub daily while showering. The upside to this is that you can make one at home with salt and sugar and your skin will glow.

9. Go To The Spa

– apart from relaxing, spas offer great massage and this increases blood flow on your tummy skin increasing elasticity. Body wrap at the spa with minerals and salt sis also a great way to tighten your tummy skin because of the salts and the tightening wrap. If doing it at the spa is costly apply some lemon juice, castor oil or lavender oil around your tummy and wrap it tightly with a plastic bag for thirty minutes. It works wonders.

10. Breastfeeding

The best and most natural method to lose weight and tighten your skin is to breastfeed your baby exclusively for six months. This is important for the mother because the excess calories are turned into milk instead of going to your body.

Things to Avoid

When trying to get rid of loose skin after baby is born, desperate women go to all kinds of levels. Here is a list of things one must avoid;

  1. Tanning – while tanning gives an appearance of smoother tighter skin, it exposes you to chemicals that are not good for elasticity. Not only will they stop your skin from tightening, they will also increase your chances of skin cancer.
  2. Chlorine – chlorine makes the skin dry and as a result it becomes less elastic. If you are a swimmer, always ensure you take a shower immediately after to get rid of the chlorine on your skin.
  3. Harsh soaps – bad soaps containing sulfate steal all the moisture from your skin. Moisture is essential in elasticity and if the skin is dry it won’t tighten back. Shop for good quality soaps that don’t have sulfate as an ingredient.
  4. Crash diet – as desperate as you are about getting your tummy back to normal; do not go on a strict weight loss diet. This is because the body will be forced to lose weight fast and overwork but the weight will all come back once you put the diet down. Ensure you eat a healthy portion of balanced diet meals every day.
  5. Sun – vitamin D from the sun is usually good except during this period of time. Ultra violet rays from the sun tend to dry up the skin and reduce elasticity. Always wear sunscreen when going out and cover up as much as you can.
  6. Stress – Getting rid of loose skin after pregnancy is a great thing and it’s completely attainable with these tips. However, it should be taken slow and more emphasis put on enjoying the new life you brought into the world. It will be a long and exhausting process so one must reward themselves for every small improvement they see. With patience and a good attitude, you will eventually look like the celebs without spending a small fortune.
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