10 Ways To Get Rid Of Peeling Skin On Feet

Peeling skin on feet is mainly caused by dry skin. The skin on feet tends to peel off fast because it has no oil glands .It uses many sweat glands in keeping the skin moisturized. When a person’s skin is dry, the heels thicken and crack when pressure is applied. Other causes of this condition include sunburn and skin conditions such as psoriasis, and fungal infections. Peeling skin on feet can also occur in people with diabetes those who do not observe proper foot hygiene.

1. Warm Water

Before retiring to bed set up a bucket of warm water and add liquid soap. Soak your feet in the water for about half an hour .This loosens the dead skin on your feet and you can then scrub it all off using a pubic stone or brush. After this exercise, thoroughly dry your feet with a towel and apply some foot cream. Put on a pair of socks before climbing to bed. Doing this daily and after a few days, you will notice that the peeling has stopped.

2. Moisturize

Apply an oil moisturizer on your feet twice a day .Do this just after showering before the skin is dry, this locks in moisture that will keep your skin on feet from peeling.

peeling skin on feet

3. Wear Spacious Shoes With A Soft Insole

Toe box dermatitis is another popular cause of skin peeling between a person’s toes. This happens when the foot is not allowed space for aeration. Body heat makes the inside of the show warm thereby causing skin peeling

Wearing tight feting shoes will make the skin on your feet worse. Avoid shoes with open backs and those that feet so tight. Go for shoes with a soft insole padding to prevent over heating in the shoe. Take a break a few minutes after hour of standing.

4. Drink More Water

Sunburns cause significant fluid loss and dehydration, which is manifested in dry skin. Drinking extra water encourages skin healing and will eventually prevent healing.

5. Apply Sunscreen

Using sunscreen whenever you go out to sun bathe is essential .Even when you already have sunburn, sunscreen will prevent the skin from peeling off.

6. Raw Honey

You can use raw honey to make a foot mask. Mix honey with rice flour, apple cider, and olive oil and apply the cake on your feet. Leave it there for half an hour.

After that time is past remove the paste and rinse your feet in warm water. Alternatively, you could simply add honey to warm water and soak your feet in for about half an hour. Thoroughly dry your feet and apply a moisturizing lotion, then massage your feet ever so gently.

7. Glycerin

This is a common remedy for dry feet. You can mix glycerin with rose water and apply it on your feet daily. Alternatively, you can add glycerol in water together with lemon juice and raw salt. Soak your feet in this water for 20 minutes and then scrub the soles of your feet with pumice stone. Dry your feet and apply raw glycerin to the feet before wearing a pair of socks.

8. Petroleum Jelly

This is the simplest remedy to peeling skin on feet caused by dry skin. Apply petroleum jelly on your feet and put on a pair of socks to keep your feet moisturized. Do this every night before bed time and in few days the symptom will be gone.

9. Avocado And Papaya Mask

These fruits have essential oils and vitamins that can nourish the skin on your feet making it soft and healthy. Blend a mixture of avocado and papaya and apply the resulting paste on your feet. Leave it there for a count of ten minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You can then apply a moisturizing cream.

10. Oats

Mix powdered oats in warm water. Soak your feet in this mixture for twenty minutes. Rinse your feet with clean water and dry towel dry. Use some god quality moisturizer afterwards. Oats help to remove dead skin cells from your feet.

Useful tips:

  • Choose the right socks; those made from synthetic fibers can keep your feet dry. Consider wool or cotton because they allow for aeration.
  • Avoid shoes made from rubber or vinyl. Alternate your shoes if you can.
  • Soak your feet in mixture of water, apple cider and vinegar
  • Aloe Vera lotion is a good option for a moisturizer. It has cooling effects keeping the skin moist for long. It also has instant healing properties for sunburns. Also, consider using natural aloe gel extracted from aloe plants.
  • Mint juice can help those whose skin peeling on feet is caused by a fungal infection. Mint juice stops the peeling and alleviates the burning sensation.
  • When it comes to medical complications, its quite important that you sort it out as soon as symptoms start to arise. It will help you to avoid any future problems.
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