10 Ways To Get Rid Of Psoriasis On Face

Psoriasis is mainly characterized by red patches of skin with silvery scales. Unfortunately, it is a chronic disease that alternates between periods of little to mild symptoms of psoriasis on the face to periods where symptoms are exponentially severe. Although there is no long-term solution to get rid of psoriasis on the face for good, there exist a number of remedies that are backed by science, which can reduce the effects of psoriasis. This way, you can ensure that you have control over the condition to a certain degree.

Before applying any of these treatments, please consult with your doctor. Without further delay, here are the 10 ways you can reduce the effects of psoriasis.

1. Taking A Salt Bath

Epsom salt and Dead Sea Salt are the two salts that have the ability to help you with your psoriasis flare-ups. Psoriasis usually gets worse when exposed to hot water so make sure that you use lukewarm water for this remedy.

For the Epsom salt, two cups will suffice while for the Dead Sea Salt; just add a quarter of a cup to your bath water. Soak for about a quarter of an hour. This remedy will facilitate the falling off of scales, helping you reduce the itching.

2. Mahonia Aquifolium

Also known as Oregon grape, this herb has been scientifically proven to regulate the immune response that is responsible for psoriasis flare-ups. Apply topical ointments with at least 10% of the Oregon grape herb and you will start to see changes in no time.

3. Cut Down On Your Sugar Consumption

This may come as a major blow to many who will find it hard to neglect their sweet tooth. The detrimental effect of sugar on our body is not new. On a lighter note, doing this absolutely works. If your skin stands to be less itchy and irritating, foregoing that sugary treat is definitely worth it.

psoriasis on face

4. Milk Thistle

This is a plant extract that has proven to be very effective against psoriasis. It contains an extract known as Silymarin, which is known for its healing capabilities. Silymarin is a collection of flavonoids that aid in detoxification, heal liver damage, reduce inflammation all over the body and improve skin health. If there were such a thing as a wonder drug when it came to psoriasis, that thing would be called Milk Thistle.

5. Enjoy A Little Vitamin D

Go out and get some sun. Your skin will thrive from a little bit of natural vitamin D on occasion and this will help reduce the instances of flare-ups and itchiness. Spend at least 20 minutes a day in direct sunlight, for up to three days a week. Moderation is the key.

Do not over-expose your skin because the sun still emits harmful UV rays that may lead to further complications. Furthermore, ensure that the psoriasis medication you are on is not the type that increases skin sensitivity as this could lead to severe sunburns.

6. Go Green…And Red And Orange

What do vegetables have that is essential in the healing of damaged skin? Anti-oxidants! Incorporate as much vegetables as possible into your diet to ensure that your body is getting enough vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. This will go a long way in preventing frequent flare-ups. Additionally, you can get as creative as you want with your vegetable diet, picking a vegetable from each color group to ensure that your body gets a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

7. Avoid Cigarette Smoke At All Costs

If you are a smoker this might come as a devastating blow but for the sake of your skin, you need to quit. Cigarette smoke (including second-hand smoke) increases the frequency and severity of psoriasis flare-ups.

8. Stay Away From Aerosol Sprays And Cosmetic Dyes

Aerosol sprays and perfumes contain chemical additives that can wreak havoc on your skin. Most of these chemical products are known to aggravate psoriasis further. Opt for perfumes that are suitable for sensitive skin or are mainly comprised of organic matter. Always be careful to read the label on the products before you purchase them.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is a flavorful golden spice that can be traced back to India and the Middle East where it is a popular component of most of their dishes. It is very effective against psoriasis because it contains a natural phenol called curcumin. Curcumin is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal in countering psoriasis flare-ups. This is a particularly tasty remedy as all you need to do is to use the spice in your meals to enjoy not only the exquisite flavor but also its health benefits.

10. Eat Fish

Fish contains the essential Omega-3 oils, which have a lot of beneficial properties to the skin. The best way to help your body to absorb this essential oil is to allow it to assimilate it from the food you eat. Therefore, it is important to incorporate fish in your diet. In case that will not work for you, you have the option of taking supplements.

It Is Also Important To Note That:

  • Despite the relative straight-forwardness of these remedies, sticking to your prescribed medical plan often works the best in alleviating the symptoms of mid psoriasis on face.
  • None of these remedies are one-off solutions. To enjoy their benefits, you need to make them a routine. Psoriasis is chronic and it does not eventually fade away so you should also keep using your homemade remedy for as long as it takes.
  • Before you start any regimens, ensure that the remedy will not react negatively with your current medication. Always seek the permission of your physician beforehand.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking fluids reduces the severity of psoriasis flare-ups substantially. Constant dehydration contributes a lot to dry skin and with psoriasis, this is the last thing you need. Always keep your skin moisturized. Dry skin will lead to more flaking and itching.
  • Believe it or not, the more you fret about it, the worse your condition gets. Make sure that you are relaxed. Stress is a huge contributing factor to the severity and frequency of psoriasis flare-ups.
  • Lastly, always remember that consistency is a key. If you become dedicated to maintaining your skin’s health, it will reward you by staying healthy.
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Psoriasis On Scalp Fast And Naturally
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