6 Ways to Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne

Acne on your shoulder can make it hard for you to wear your favorite bikini during summer. This is because you will feel shy due to the fact that other people will see the scars on your shoulder. There are several factors which can lead to the development of acne on your shoulder, they include handbag straps which will cause friction on the skin, stress among other causes. You can stop the acne from becoming worse after you identify the causes and avoid them.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

You can get rid of acne on shoulders through application of apple cider vinegar. The solution is very helpful in preventing breakouts naturally. It is also a great antibacterial remedy as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. Just dilute few drops of the oil after which you will have to massage on the affected area. Try to massage well so that it will sip to the affected skin and initiate the healing process. You can as well mix the solution with honey and consume. It will equip your body with necessary ingredients which will play a great role in helping you get rid of the acne infection.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used in several incidences to get rid of acne. It is rich in antibacterial properties which make it very effective in fighting acne on your shoulder. It is also among the antibacterial which you can apply on your shoulder to stop the spread of acne. You will have to dilute a few drops ad apply on the area affected with acne. It is among affordable remedies which you can apply to easily get rid of acne from your shoulder.

3. Green Tea Rinse

High amount of antioxidants in green tea will play a great role in helping you get rid of inflammation and dryness caused by acne. Start by boiling about a cup of water. After the water has boiled, you can add a tea bag of green tea. Let the tea sip then use the water to rinse the area affected with acne on your shoulder. The ingredients of green tea are also very effective in helping you get rid of abnormal sebum production which can interfere with the beauty of your shoulder skin. Let the water with green tea cool before you sprinkle on the area affected with acne as you massage. Repeat the process for several days till you get rid of the acne from your shoulder.

shoulder acne

4. Baking Soda Scrub

Baking soda is among homemade scrubs which you can use to get rid of the scars from your shoulder. Just mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water and apply on the affected area. The paste which will be formed will act on the skin affected with acne and make it smooth. You should be careful when using the solution to treat your shoulder, baking soda has high concentrations of alkaline which can affect your skin due to the harsh action of strong alkaline solutions. If you will start feeling the itch, you should wash off with water immediately.

5. Honey And Turmeric Mask

Honey and turmeric can really help you when trying to get rid of head and shoulders acne. Honey will moisturize the skin while turmeric will control sebum production. Turmeric will also prevent scarring. Just start by mixing a teaspoon of organic honey with half a tablespoon of turmeric. After forming the solution you will have to apply it on the shoulder affected with acne. Leave the mask in position for about 15 minutes after which you will have to wash off. You can repeat after every two days for you to achieve great results.

6. Sea Cucumber Gel

The sea cucumber gel has been used for many years to get rid of acne from different parts of the body shoulder included. The Asians have been applying the remedy for many years and it has worked wonders in getting rid of different skin complications. It is also very effective in getting rid of stretch marks. You can buy the gel online or buy from local store and apply on your shoulder which is affected with acne. You will access instructions on the packs of the gel which you will buy. Always use the gel as you will be directed so that you will achieve great results.

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