10 Ways to Get Rid Of Skin Tags At Home Fast and Naturally

A skin tag is a benign growth on the skin which is harmless. The skin tag can grow in different areas of the body. Common regions where you will find the skin tags include armpits, groin area and eyelids. The skin tag will vary in sizes. Most of them are small in size but there are cases where you will experience large skin tags.

Although the skin tags are harmless, they cause a lot of discomforts to many people. There are others who will like to stay attractive but the appearance of the skin tags make them feel disadvantaged. This can make you look for ways of getting rid of them.

1) Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid Of Skin Tags At Home

Apple cider vinegar can destroy tissues in the target area. This makes it among the best natural remedies which you can apply to get rid of the skin tags. Just take two tablespoons of vinegar, cotton ball, soap and lukewarm water. Wash the affected area after soaping up. After washing the area, dry it up and soak the cotton ball in apple cider vinegar after which you will apply on the affected area. After repeating the process three times in a day, you will finally get rid of the skin tags at home.

2) Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Fast

You can use tea tree oil for skin tags as a solution for your benign growth problems. Dry up the tumor before applying the remedy. Prepare about 3 drops of tea tree oil, a cotton ball and water. You need to clean the area first before you start applying the remedy. After applying the tea tree oil, you should massage slightly for the oil to get into the tissues for quick removal of the skin tag. You can repeat the process three times in a day to achieve quick relief.

3) Black Walnut Hull  To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

This is a natural remedy which can be used to get rid of skin tags. The black walnut can also get rid of moles, warts, impetigo, ringworm, acne and eczema. Juglone which is a natural ingredient in walnut hull is very effective in making the cells in the skin tag toxic so that the body rejects them hence getting rid of the skin tag. You can prepare about 10 walnuts, water, a saucepan, plastic gloves and a teaspoon of vitamin C powder. You should wear gloves because black walnuts can stain. After removing husks, you can put the walnuts in water and heat the saucepan. After heating the mixture, put it in a bottle and add vitamin C to preserve them.

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4) Oregano Oil To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Fast

The oil has phenolic compounds which have properties such as antibacterial, ant oxidative and antiseptic. You can apply the oil to easily get rid of skin tags. The preparation method is very easy, take about 3 drops of the oil and add 6 drops of coconut oil. Mix the oil and apply the mixture on the affected area at least thrice in a day. The tags will start changing color from purple to black after which they will fall off.

5) Lemon Juice To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

The citric composition in lemon juice is very helpful in enhancing the decomposition of skin tag cells. You can cut a lemon fruit into two and extract the juice. With the help of a cotton ball you will have to apply the oil on the affected areas. After applying the oil on the affected areas you should leave it to dry. After repeating the process twice daily, within a period of two weeks you will see the tags dropping. You should try to avoid too much sun exposure after applying the juice because it can irritate the skin.

6) Pineapple Juice To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Pineapple juice is very effective in getting rid of skin tags naturally. Just cut pineapples and extract juice. With the help of cotton wool you can apply on the affected areas twice daily. Through application of the juice you will be able to get rid of the skin tags within a period of two weeks. The juice is acidic hence it will react on the skin cells leading to the dropping of the disturbing skin tag cells.

7) Castor Oil To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Castor oil is very effective in getting rid of the tags. You will have to apply it on the affected areas and within a short period of time you will see great improvements. You should make an initiative of rubbing the seeds on the tags at least five times in a day. The more you apply the faster you will see results. You can as well make a thick paste out of baking soda and castor oil. You can apply the paste on the affected area and wrap it with a bandage. In the morning you can wash off with lukewarm water. Repeating the process daily for 10 days you will achieve great success in your struggle to remove skin tags at home.

8) Garlic To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Garlic has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This makes it among the best remedies for skin tags. Prepare about 4 garlic cloves and bandage them on the affected areas. You can crush the cloves and apply them on the affected areas before you go to bed. In the morning you have to remove the bandage and wash off the cloves. You can repeat the process till you get rid of the skin tags.

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9) Banana Peel To Get Rid Of Skin Tags at Home

Use a banana peel bandage. You will just cut small pieces and put them on the affected areas. The white parts of the banana peels should touch the tags while the yellow part faces upwards. You can secure the peels to the affected areas using a first aid tape and leave them in position overnight. By repeating the procedure every night you will finally get rid of the skin tags at home.

10) Onion Juice To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Fast

Take one onion and a teaspoon of salt. After cutting the onion you will have to mix with salt. Apply the mixture on the skin tag and leave it overnight. You can wrap the area with a bandage so that the mixture will stay in position. In the morning you can wash with warm water. By repeating the process in 10 consecutive nights, you will eliminate the skin tags easily.

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