10 Ways to Get Rid Of Warts on Hands Fast

Warts are benign skin growths which are caused by viruses. Human papillomavirus is the main cause of the unsightly growths. They can appear on any part of your skin. Warts which form on hands are referred to as common warts. They are rough, gray brown and dome shaped.

They can become irritating, embarrassing and depressing. The human papillomavirus infects the top layer of the skin hence making it grow fast hence creating a wart. You can easily spread the viruses to others if you will cut your skin and touch others. It is also possible for you to spread the warts from one hand to the other through touching the affected surfaces. Sharing of towels and other personal care items with people affected can lead to the spread of the virus.

1. Boost Your Immune System With Olive Leaf

The warts are caused by viruses, among the best ways you can fight the root cause of the unsightly growths is to boost your immune system. You will easily boost the immune system through eating olive leaf, turmeric and foods rich in zinc and elderberry. Having enough sleep will also contribute towards improving your immune system. Exercising regularly will help your body keep fit. This will in return help you in boosting your immune system which is very helpful in getting rid of the viruses which cause warts on your hands or get rid of calluses on hands.

2. Stop The Spread By Avoiding Touching Other Areas Of Your Body

Sometimes you can find yourself tearing the wart due to its irritation on your hands. After you tear open the affected area on your hand, you will have contaminated the hands or fingers which you were using to tear the area apart. You will easily spread the wart to other hands or even other parts of your body if you will touch the area directly after tearing the wart. You should at all times ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after tearing a wart. This is necessary to avoid the spread of the warts to other hands which will make your struggle to get rid of them hard.

3. Use Pineapple

You can easily get rid of the wart on your hand by applying pineapple juice directly on the affected area several times in a day. Pineapple has natural enzymes and acids which will help in killing the viruses which cause warts hence it will easily help you in finding a solution to the warts which are popping up on your hand. You can apply the treatment 5 times in a day for you to achieve quick results.

warts on hands

4. Applying Garlic

You can mix fresh garlic with water and apply the paste on your hands affected with warts. After applying the paste, you can use a bandage to secure the solution in place so that it will act on the affected area. For the solution to work, you can repeat several hours till the wart disappears.

5. Baking Powder

You can mix baking soda and castor oil into a paste. After making a paste you will have to apply it on the wart at night. With the help of a bandage you can secure the paste in position till the next morning. You can as well use basil instead of baking powder or mix the two for you to achieve quick relief.

6. Using Vitamin C tablets

You will be required to crush up vitamin C tablets and mix them with water. You should just mix drops of water to make a thick paste out of the tablets. After making a thick paste, you can apply on the affected hand to cover the wart. Apart from vitamin C, you can as well use vitamin E capsules. You will have to make a paste just like the case of vitamin E and smear the paste on the warts after which you will cover with a bandage.

7. Aspirin

Crush aspirin and add a little water to make a paste. Apply the paste on your hand where you have been affected with warts. You can buy aspirin for you to apply on the affected skin. You should avoid applying expired drugs because they can expose you to side effects. You can cover the paste with a bandage and leave it overnight. In the morning you can remove the paste and wash with clean water. By repeating the procedure each day for two weeks you will finally get rid of the warts from your hand.

8. Tea Tree oil

The oil is antibacterial and has great power in fighting germs. It helps in treating several skin conditions warts among them. You will have to apply the tea tree oil directly to the wart and cover with a bandage. You can as well mix the paste with clove or frankincense so that you will achieve great healing power. The application should be repeated several times till you get rid of the warts from your hand completely.

9. Bee Propolis

Through applying bee propolis directly on the warts you will eliminate the warts. You need to apply several times in a day if you will like to remove warts on hands completely. You can as well apply the propolis at night and cover it till morning for you to get rid of small warts on hands. The remedy has been applied by many people and they have found it very effective.

10. Applying Aloe Vera

You need to take a fresh leaf of aloe Vera and extract the gel. After breaking the leaf of aloe Vera, you will then have to rub it on the affected skin several times. Aloe Vera contains malic acid which is very effective in burning away the affected tissue hence leaving your hand free of warts. If you cannot find the aloe Vera plant, you can as well look for packaged aloe Vera gels and apply on the affected area several times in a day. You need to cover the area with a bandage after each application so that the malic acid in the gel will act on the arts.

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