Video: Is it Safe to Shop on


German customs don’t believe «gift» declarations anymore. Even when a plausible value is declared, they require the buyer to bring a printout of the original order to prove the declared value is correct.

It was kinda good then my bank stopped issuing temp cards and the mailing service stopped delivering from china.

Bought a phone case, I live in Norway. Got it a week later. Flexiable TPC (I think that’s how you spell it) arrived in the mail excellent case cost me less than 3 dollars. Keep in mind this is ultra cheap in Norway. AliExpress is great for cheap small items. I wouldn’t buy bigger items though.

Only got ripped off once. Aliexpress definitely worth the effort.

Here in Norway we don’t paying taxes for prices lower than 350 Norwegian kroner including porto! That will change from 2020!

YES. Shopping on Aliexpress for 5 years now, absolutely nothing got undelivered.

I bought some NFC tags before, the seller listed a certain type in the product title. When I got it they were not that type, opened the product page and the product was edited after the fact. Filled a complaint and basically got told to get lost

i buy stickers and washi tapes and basically just stationary

Absolutely not!! Don’t do it.

I love a well reasoned argument like this.

Nice video thanks. Don’t like English using» dollars » petty I know but yeah

I bought over 20 items until now in New Zealand. I got no problem at all.

only trouble found is the size of item are bad

That’s why product dimensions are written. That’s your fault.

I never paid at custom Malaysia using Allexpress.

Bullshit. I do really know there is some cheated seller, and you must take note at your order protection period just not let them expired, before 5 to 10days if seller didn’t extend for you then you just open dispute. Easily get back your refund.

Could you do a video about import tax? It seems really interesting and you’d be great for explaining it

Sadly, it varies a lot by country, so I could only speak about UK. It’s also a game of chance sometimes, which makes it really tricky to pin down definitive advice other than «it might be an issue, so factor it into your calculation of prices».

I got Some gold Chains from there until i realized that iT was Just painted And my Neck was gold for a whole month defently not buying that again

ToTech well i did know that they were fake but i was expecting it be like not sprayed

let me guess, You payed like 2$ and expected get real ones

I often find items on Alibaba that aren’t to be found on AliExpress or similar websites, unfortunately. My first order was three current transformers, worth a total of 10 euros. After shipping, tax and import fees, i had to pay around 60 EUR. Whether it’d be AliExpress, eBay or any other webshop outside of the EU, whenever customs sets eye on my parcel. The costs seem to double.

Ouch. I suspect they thought the value was wrong, and decided to make a number up, then add on their handling fee. But yes: AliBaba is the B2b side of the business, Aliexpress is internation consumer side; Taobao is internal China consumer site. The prices on Taobao are astonishing, but can’t buy from there without a Chinese address!

I have bought 100’s of items from them and I only had 1 issue. This is way better than eBay and Amazon when purchasing. The only complaint I have is tracking the shipping.

Ive used alibaba for over 8 years and aliexpress for at least 4-5 years and have not had any problems, but i record package from getting it to its opened and to watch it work before stopping recording. Its all to be on the safe side

I bought the lps on my pic it is pretty safe don’t scam