What to buy on AliExpress – Survival Guide


What should I buy on AliExpress? This is probably the most frequently asked question by new readers, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as many parts of the world still haven’t heard a lot about AliExpress. In fact, a lot of people start readings us with a certain distrust of the Chinese webpage, having only heard about it recently.

What is AliExpress?

The best way to start this article is to explain and give an introduction on what AliExpress is all about. It has become quite a bit of a cliché, but the best way to understand AliExpress, is by comparing it with Amazon: it’s a platform for suppliers to come together and sell their product online.

Obviously, any shops or sellers wanting to be a part of the AliExpress platform have to follow its rules, its transparency policy, and its protection and customer service. And they are very strict.

If the sellers don’t follow the rules, AliExpress will take them out of the platform, ensuring a safe shopping platform for its users. In essence, AliExpress is a platform that connects sellers and buyers and works as an intermediary that protects the customer from any scams or problems that may arise.

Interesting fact: just to give you an idea of how quickly the platform is expanding worldwide (Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Italy, Brasil, Portugal, United States…) and is growing to incredible dimensions, last year AliExpress invoiced four times more than Ebay and Amazon together.

What to buy in AliExpress?

AliExpress has 100 million products, you can find literarily anything: from cheap necklaces for mere cents to fiber optic fusion splicers that can cost thousands of Euros.

The AliExpress catalogue is so wide, we are never going to be able to cover every kind of product in AlixBlog, but we intend to keep on writing about different products so you can be as informed as you can when you go to the platform.

The most popular products in AliExpress

The following links will take you to a few of the articles we’ve been writing here on AlixBlog. In them, we’ll tell you exactly how to find these products, the acronyms you need to use and recommendations on the best rated sellers in each department.

  • Cellphones – Everyday more people are choosing to buy their cellphones from AliExpress, they are cheap and customers tend to be very satisfied with the quality. The best selling brands are Xiaomi (with the Xiaomi Mi4 at the top of the class) and iPhone (yes, original), but there are also a lot of good Chinese brands such as Huawei, Jiayu, HTC, Meizu or Lenovo.
  • Cheap Tablets: Tablets are another one of AliExpress’s star products. Because most tables are made in China, you can find incredibly cheap prices in AliExpress.
  • Converse All Star – Not all Converse models are as easy to find in AliExpress, but if you are looking for classic Converse All Star, you’re in luck. Lately the original Converse catalogue is getting massive, and for half the price than in usual shops!
  • Nike – In AliExpress there are thousand of Nike product sellers, especially sneakers such as the
  • New Balance – New Balance sneakers are one of AliExpress’s star products. (There aren’t very many left now)
  • North Face – AliExpress sellers offer very good quality North Face products, as can be seen by customer reviews, they couldn’t be happier! Click on the link to go to a list of acronyms for North Face products (Not many available lately)
  • Handbags – Handbag are also quite popular in AliExpress.
  • Cellphone cases – Being small and cheap, they are the perfect product to buy in AliExpress. You can’t complaint about lack of variety: there is more than 10 thousand different kinds of cases!

We are here to help!

This obviously is only a small sample of all the stuff you can buy on AliExpress, so the best thing you can do is to go in and take a look around yourselves. Finally, do remember that here at AlixBlog we work hard to help you, so if you have any doubts left, please leave us a comment or send us an email, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.