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My Aliexpress order list

  • Last Updated:
  • Jul 15th, 2017 10:01 pm

Jul 10th, 2017 9:07 pm

My Aliexpress order list

My aliexpress order list over the year

I bought many items over the years from Aliexpress. I like to try new stuff. I buy stuff almost daily and everyday is Chrismas to me. Here is a list of what I have bought over the year (not complete, but might give you an idea).

All item are from random seller, some of my item isn’t available from the original seller I bought from: . .11.3zNcm5
This is my Superman costume for Halloween or when I want to be wild. Very nice costume. Be aware that this is brief underwear and this is mandatory. man, you can’t hide much with thiss suit! . 71823.html
I bought maybe 20 sets over the year and love giving them to my friend. Now I don’t buy the Knife holder but just the knives with the case. Usually around 10 to 12$ for 3-4 knives. They cut very well but can break if not handled correctly. . 0.0.MFCwMn
Zebra Store! I once had a company that bought many of them. Fair quality, cheap price. I was able to sell them 10 times what they cost me. Now it’s less and less expensive.. Still a good buy if you need custom size IMO. . 0.0.14xGTC
This projector was awesome! Very cheap, I was able to plug my Media Center and my Wii and set-up a nice home theater for not much. Used it 1 year and sold it $100 on Kijiji. Now that I saw I liked this, I bought a better one. . 0.0.14xGTC
Nope Nope Nope.. Just useless nothing grow out of this. . 0.0.14xGTC
Nope Nope Nope.. Just useless nothing grow out of this. . 0.0.14xGTC
Nope Nope Nope.. Just useless nothing grow out of this. . 15671.html
Very nice product! Very cheap! Each one doesn’t last very long but you won’t have a disgusting sponge laying on your counter. Use it, Trash it. It works very well! . 0.0.Lsqjqm
I wanted to try black toothpaste. It does the work. I guess but I can’t tell if it does anything to your teeth. I had only one tube of it and I brush my teeth everywhere and I don’t bring this tube everywhere.. But that was a cool product, but pricey.. From my dentist friend, he told me that’s as good as everything else but he wouldn’t put a thing like that from china in his mouth. I did! . 0.0.ljWOIz
I bought some of those. Very neat to have a net over the hammock, can’t stand the bugs while I try to relax. A must have! . 0.0.ljWOIz
Very nice tools to open your watch and change your own batttery.. I recommend it! . 0.0.d4zc9O
Nope Nope nope.. It break the first time I wanted to usse it.. Looked very strange with that on the pier. Don’t buy. . 0.0.d4zc9O
I tought it was bigger drill bit than that. VERY SMALL. or just too small. . 39441.html
Nope, useless again.. can’t hold anything in place.. They are now on my fridge holding a picture of sad me. . 0.0.ytfIrw
This exist? ooohhh nice! It does what it is suppose to do. Really like that.. not too expensive. . 0.0.ytfIrw
Nice filler when I have coupons. But it’s very small.. smaller than expected. . 0.0.ytfIrw
It seems nice isn’t? Never used them yet, but I think I’ll look cool when I will. . 0.0.ytfIrw
Nope.. it doesn’t work well.. it’s almost not washable and does a really bad job. . 0.0.THJWpx
Very cheap, did not had a chance to try it because all my friend steal mine when I get a new order. . 0.0.THJWpx
Good one, comfy. Might buy some more. . 0.0.THJWpx
Nope, lowrise boxer. unless it’s 1 or 2 inches, it won’t fit. I bought the black and red.. they are black and flashy pink. . 05216.html
I liked them very much. Weird brand name but very comfy and nice color. . 0.0.THJWpx
Nope, lowrise boxer. unless it’s 1 or 2 inches, it won’t fit. . 0.0.SdY633
Not sure yet how to clean that aand how to keep that clean in my kitchen? I don’t recommend it. . 39105.html
Awesome, it works well and it is very cheap! . 0.0.QHN4KZ
OMG.. run.. this is sooo much useless. It doesn’t work at all how you would expect or like.. If you really think you can do a window with this 1x1inch towel.. forget it.