Category: Cough

mucus cough pictures

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Mucus Cough Fast

Mucus coughs can be annoying and extremely painful at times. A cough that lingers makes one feel miserable and strive to get rid of it as fast as possible. Coughs...

whooping cough pictures

How to Get Rid Of Whooping Cough Fast

Whooping cough is a kind of cough that is caused by getting infected with the highly contagious bacteria medically known as Bordetella Pertusis. Mainly unvaccinated adults and young kids having...

wet cough pictures

6 Ways to Get Rid Of a Wet Cough Fast

Whenever you get affected with flu or common cold then cough can be one of the most probable ailments experienced by you until it can be controlled effectively through various...

get rid of a bad cough

6 Ways To Get Rid Of A Bad Cough Fast

While coughing is a natural way of getting rid of foreign material from your lungs, throat and airway, too much of it can be pretty annoying and distressing. Trying to...

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