10 Ways to Get Rid Of Gas in Babies Fast

A baby with gas will cry due to the pain. It can be stressing if your child will start crying yet you cannot figure out the cause of her cry. Babies will cry because it is the only method they can sue to express their discomfort. Gas pains in infants can be sharper or even more intense.

You should start by figuring out the real cause of the pain so that you will know the right measure you can put in place to avoid the development of the gas in your baby. Among the causes of gases in babies include: Incorrect feeding, overfeeding, lactose overload, food sensitivity, immature digestive system and excessive crying which can make the child take in too much air.

1. Proper Position When Feeding The Baby

If you are breast feeding your bay, you should ensure you keep the head and neck of your baby above the stomach. This will help the milk to settle at the bottom of the stomach while the air on the top. This makes it easy for the baby to burp out hence getting rid of the gas which if left can lead to pain. If you are bottle feeding, you should ensure you raise the bottom of the bottle slightly in order to prevent air from accumulating around the nipple.

2. Use a Suitable Feeding Bottle

The best feeding bottle should have a nipple that fits perfectly into the mouth of the baby. This helps in preventing air from getting into the stomach of the baby alongside the milk. You should ensure the milk flows slowly and evenly so that it does not trap air particles as it passes. When feeding the baby using a bottle, ensure the baby does not gulp the milk from the bottle because it can lead to swallowing of gases which will disturb her later.

3. Try Helping the Burp

Burping helps in pushing excess air out of the baby’s body. You need to help the baby in burping by having her seated in a comfortable position after which you will make her have soft rocking motions. Holding the bay up on your shoulders will make it easy for the baby to burp. You need to help your baby burp in the middle as well as at the end of each feeding. If the baby does not burp immediately after eating, try to have her rest for about 20 minutes while laying down after which you will wake her and try to help in the burping process.

gas in babies

4. Try Tummy Time

The baby should be left to lie on her stomach as long as she will be comfortable. Tummy time is very necessary in helping the baby get rid of gas problems. Lying on the tummy also helps the babies in developing motor skills. You can facilitate the air removal process by rubbing your child tummy in a circular manner. Gravity will help in getting rid of trapped air after you let your baby relax on her tummy.

5. Give Tummy Massage

Tummy massage is very helpful in getting rid of baby gas. You will just have the child lying on her back after which you will rub with circular clockwise motion. After making the motions, you will then have to pull the hand down the belly. You can repeat the massage of your baby tummy several times till you have all the trapped air expelled.

6. Do Some Bicycling Movements

Just lay the baby on his back and start moving the legs of the baby back and forth by imitating bicycle riding motions. The exercise is very helpful in expelling trapped air in the intestines which is very helpful in getting rid of trapped air in the baby’s stomach which leads to gas pains that are making your child very uncomfortable.

7. Gripe Water

Gripe water is very helpful when trying to help baby with gas. It is also very helpful in treating colic and other stomach discomforts. The treatment consists of water mixed with different herbs such as chamomile and dill ginger. If you will like to buy the drug, you should ensure you have bought one which has been clinically proven to be safe for use. This is necessary to avoid exposing your child to side effects.

8. Pediatric Probiotics

If your baby has started eating solid foods then the problem of gas sets up, you can help the baby in dealing with such a problem through use of pediatric probiotics. You can give the baby a little yogurt. This is very helpful because it will help the baby intestine create the right microbial ecology which will support digestion without the effects of gas pains.

9. Check on Eating Habits

Try to feed the bay when he is calm. This is necessary to avoid cases where the baby will swallow a lot of gas which will later expose her to the pains. There are some foods which can expose your baby to dangers of gas. These include foods such as cauliflower, beans among others. You can know the type of food which makes your baby develop the gas pains through observation. After you note such foods, you can prevent feeding your baby with such foods so that you will prevent formation of the gases. Prevention of formation of the gases will avoid cases where your baby will cry when due to the pains caused by excess gas in stomach.

10. Apply Gentle Pressure

Your baby’s digestive system is immature. This makes it easy to be affected by swallowed gas. The gas becomes trapped in bubble form in the stomach hence causing the pain. You can easily release the gas from the stomach of the baby hence help the baby in stopping the gas problem by applying gentle pressure on the stomach of the baby. You should ensure the pressure is gentle enough not to make your baby uncomfortable. Through gentle press on the stomach, you will force out the gas hence achieving gas relief for your baby.

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