10 Ways To Get Rid Of Allergies Fast And Naturally

Many people suffer from various types of allergies like seasonal allergies or allergies from certain utility products or foods as well as from pollen and other natural allergens. Most of them use various measures to get rid of allergies fast but some of them do not find them effective as they may have some side effects also.

In order to avoid these side effects most people prefer to use natural methods to get fast relief of these allergies. Some of the natural remedies for allergies are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

1. Modify Your Diet

Your diet plays huge role in influencing your allergies caused by seasonal changes. It has been proved through various researches that various essential fatty acids like hemp seed oil and flax seed oil can help in reducing the effect of seasonal allergies. You can avoid dairy products, processed wheat, milk and sugar to avoid the development of congestion and mucous. Moreover you can improve your overall immunity to fight with allergies by eating healthy diet. foods like nuts, cold pressed olive oil, vegetables, fruits and fish can help in avoiding nasal allergies due to their anti-allergic and anti-oxidant properties.

2. Use Natural And Non-Toxic Organic Cleaning Products

Most of the cleaning products you buy from market contain chemicals that can trigger allergies on your hands and other body parts that come in their contact especially during spring season when the chances of allergic reactions increase considerably. So in order to avoid such allergies you should use non-toxic natural and organic cleaning products as they are safe as compared to traditional chemical based cleaners.

3. Use Organic And Non-Toxic Bedding

According to various health experts the quality of your bedding can also be a great cause of allergies. These allergies can be avoided by using allergy free mattresses and their covers along with high quality pillows while sleeping on your bed. You can also prevent the build-up caused by dust mites by washing your bedding at least once in a week.

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4. Honey

Though enough scientific evidence about the effect of honey on allergies is not available but still lots of people use honey for allergies as an effective remedy on the basis of their personal experiences. In fact your body become familiar to the environmental allergens by consuming honey, especially locally derived. It works as a natural antidote to the seasonal allergies. You can consume one teaspoon or more unprocessed raw honey daily, at least once a day to prevent allergies caused by allergens in the environment. You can get better results is you start taking it a month before the starting of the allergic season.

5. Keep Your Living Environment Clean

You can buy an air purifier containing negative ion filter and UV to eliminate the dust mites and pollens that cause allergy. You should also clean your carpet frequently to avoid allergies as they contain various allergy boosting elements like dust, pollen and pet dander among others. You can also replace the flooring made of cork or non-toxic hardwood or carpet made of non-toxic wool, if possible, to get rid of the collection of allergens in your living place. So, you should keep your living environment clean and green for living an allergy free life.

6. Use Essential Oils

Many people use essential oils for allergies due to their anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antihistamine feature. Though technically there is not treatment or cure for allergies but certain essential oils like oil of oregano can help in reducing the symptoms of typical allergies and make you feel happy. The use of essential oils can also help in reducing the amount of histamines present in your blood causing allergic reaction and swelling in your body.

7. Disinfect Your House From Pollen And Molds

The molds and pollen start building-up in the corners of your home and office with the increase in heat on the arrival of rainy season. So you should check your home and office with the change of season to get rid of pollen and molds by disinfecting them through professional service providers. You can also control the infestation of molds and other unwanted allergens by installing a high quality dehumidifier in your home or office.

8. Wash Your Clothes Thoroughly

If you have been out of your home for sometime then after returning to your home you should remove your clothes and wash them thoroughly. It will help in preventing the spreading of the allergens and pollen collected by them from external environment in your bedding and furniture. Moreover you can also avoid spreading of pollen in your hair on your pillow if you take a bath before going to bed.

9. Spend Your Vacation Near The Sea Or Water Body

It has been proved through various researches that the levels of allergy causing pollen usually remain low near water bodies. If you usually get allergy during spring season then you should spend your spring vacations at some sea beach or near a lake instead of visiting rural area.

10. Do Terra Oils For Allergies

Some people also use doTerra oils for allergies as it is the brand name of one of the commonly used branded anti-allergic essential oil. Though it received positive comments from lots of its users but its effect on every individual can differ as every individual is unique by nature. But still you can try it as nothing can be predicted unless you use it. you can use it while traveling, participating in outdoor events or visiting the locations with high environmental elements to avoid allergic reaction on your body. The existing allergies can also be cured to some extent by using doTerra oils daily.

Dos And Don’ts For Get Rid Of Allergies

  • You should change your diet.
  • You should keep your environment clean.
  • Clean your clothes thoroughly after returning from outside.
  • Consult your doctor before using essential oils and other natural remedies as they can cause allergies.
  • Do not use chemical based cleaners.
  • Do not use herbal products wit.
  • Do not use herbal products without consulting your health care provider.
  • Do not allow the collection of allergens in your carpet.
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